You May Be A Victim Of Software Counterfeiting Error Fix


Doesn’t your heart skip a beat every time your computer screen just turns black? I bet it does. And after it goes black, a pop-up window usually pops out of nowhere– “You may be a victim of Software Counterfeiting error” or “This copy of windows did not pass genuine windows validation”. Currently, more than 1 billion PC users are using Microsoft Windows, and not all the Window versions are real. At present more than 50% of PC users are using a pirated version of Microsoft Windows. Such big occurrence of piracy has left Microsoft with no option, other than to track all the non-genuine window users and bug them with the knowledge that they are not using the genuine Windows version or they are using Windows without any genuine license by showing up the above message on the screen.

Lots of people are scared over this incident, and sometimes they freak out too. But there’s nothing to be freaked out. To remove the whole occurrence, you just have to follow some simple steps, and you will never face this problem ever. What are those steps? Let us enlighten you with the details of this problem with a better canvas.

When and why does anyone see this message on their screen?

The message or pop-up mentioned above show to all those guys who are trying to update their pirated version of Windows. You may wonder why you see this message at the time of updating– because you are trying to update a pirated version of the Windows. The whole system of showing the message on your screen is called ‘Windows Genuine Advantage’ or in short ‘WGA’.

What is WGA? Windows Genuine Advantage is a system with anti-piracy feature created by the Microsoft that enforces validation of the license while you are trying to update your pirated Windows version or downloading any other Windows component from the Microsoft Centre.

Not all Windows users see this message; rather the problem occurs mainly with Windows XP users. However, currently, Windows 7 and Windows 8 users also face similar error known as “This Copy Of Windows Is Not Genuine“.

How To Fix You May Be A Victim Of Software Counterfeiting Error

It is no good to ignore this popup message because it will keep bugging you until and unless you update your window. There are better ways to solve this problem other than ignoring and here we are going to prescribe that problem. Let us have a look.

Note: We are not promoting piracy at all. We recommend all of our readers to buy genuine license of Windows. This method is shared just for educational purposes.

Step 1 –

In the first step, you have to remove the WGALogon folder using the Registry Editor. For that purpose, you have to click on the ‘Start’ button and go to the ‘Run’ button or else you can press ‘Windows+R’. After you are done pressing, spot the box of Run dialogue like the following image.

2017-08-27 20_10_28-Run.jpg

In the ‘Open’ box of the Run dialogue, write ‘regedit’ and press ‘Ok’ in the below corner side of the box. Once you are done with clicking, you must notice a rectangular box of ‘Registry Editor’ opening on your PC screen.

While you are on the ‘Registry Editor’ box, you have to follow seven steps to get your work done. Follow the below list as mentioned–

2017-08-27 20_11_15-You may be a victim of software counterfeiting - Easy Fix - Whatvwant.jpg

• Firstly, click on the symbol called ‘HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE’. You will notice many sub-folders opening below.

• Expand the folder named ‘Software’ by clicking on + symbol.

• Expand the folder ‘Microsoft’ similarly.

Similarly, expand the folders in following sequence:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE -> Software -> Microsoft -> Windows NT -> Current Version -> Winlogon -> Notify

After you have completed all these steps, just do right click on the WGALogon folder and click the delete button. You are almost done. Just restart the PC, and you will not see the message mentioned above ever again.

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Step 2 – Delete All WGA Files

To remove this error permanently, you need to follow few more steps. In the second step, you have to remove other WGA files for better protection and security. 2017-08-27 21_06_14-You may be a victim of software counterfeiting - Easy Fix - Whatvwant.jpg

Click on ‘Drive C’ and go to ‘Windows’. You will find a folder named ‘System32’. Open that folder.

Deleting WGA files is a little bit complex as those files are hidden by default in Windows. So to view them, follow below steps:

  • Click on Tools in menu bar.
  • Open Folder Options.
  • Now from various tabs, select View tab.
  • From there, tick Show Hidden Files And Folders.
  • Click on Apply & OK.

Now that you have found the hidden files, search for every files related to WGA (There is option in left sidebar – Search For Files & Folders). Once you do search, you will see all the WGA files up there such Wgasetup.exe, Wgalogon.dll etc. Delete all those files that have WGA in their File Name.

Again follow these whole same steps to delete all the files of WGA from the C/Windows/System32/dllcache folder.

Step 3 – Stop Future Updates

Now that you do not have any WGA files on your PC, you will not be getting any error message. However, if you again install updates in your computer then those WGA files will be downloaded again by Microsoft. So, to be absolutely free from this error, you have to disable all future updates in your PC.

2017-08-27 21_18_23-You may be a victim of software counterfeiting - Easy Fix - Whatvwant.jpg

To disable updates, Open ‘Control Panel’ and click on ‘Automatic Updates’.

Click on ‘Turn off automatic updates’ button and hit Apply button. However, you can also opt for the middle button to get notification before downloading too (Not Recommended Though). Just click ‘Ok’, and you are done. (See above screenshot for reference).


By following the above steps properly, this error will be fixed permanently. But remember to complete all the three steps carefully; otherwise, you might face the same error in near future again. If you are using pirated version of Windows, then I highly recommend you to buy original version of Windows as using above tutorial will disable all the future updates, which will affect the security of your PC. As Microsoft pushes latest security patches for your PC via updates so that your files remain secure.

If you are facing any issue in above tutorial, feel free to comment your queries in the comment section below.


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