Use Pendrive As RAM In Windows For Optimum Performance


Today we are sharing a tutorial on how to use Pendrive as RAM in your Windows computers. Most of us are using the Desktop in our daily routine whenever we are busy with a couple of works we’ll notice somewhat sluggish experience unless your PC is of top notch. As you knew MacBook Pro is remembered for its superior quality and high performance which is considered as best in its class. As an Indian, we can’t able to own high-end PC or Laptops for your work unless your Richie Rich. When it comes for performance, RAM plays a significant role in increasing your desktops overall performance. If you are a Windows computer user with less RAM installed in your PC, here is the solution to make your computer run faster by using RAM as Pendrive. You can check out the guide on how to Boot from Pendrive, to draw the huge benefits from your Pendrive.

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 Whenever you thought of increasing in PC performance you need to understand the root factor that influence your PC for running in the snail pace. I’ve noticed that the speed of the Windows may decrease drastically after few months of its fresh installation, this may be caused by many of the reasons which include are accumulation of temporary files, presence of virus, Running killer games and software’s..etc.  Hope you got an idea on how to speed up your computer, here I’m only discussing how to use Pendrive as RAM, we’ll discuss much on other factors in the upcoming posts.

Use Pendrive as Ram For Windows Computer

All You Need to know about RAM 

What is RAM?

RAM is the shortened form of Random Access Memory. It is most essential component of your computer when it comes for performance. It also known as temporary Storage. Then life span of the files stored in your computer RAM is only till its next reboot. There many types of RAM available for the PC like DDR2, DDR3..etc which are narrow chips that can be directly inserted into the RAM slots in the Motherboard.

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Why RAM is Essential for Computers?

When ever you open any software or program or even any files in Windows Explorer it is stored in your RAM for instant access to that file whenever you look for it. This is the reason when you open many software’s your system get slows down gradually, If you have higher amount of RAM installed in your computer faster it is.  Minimum of 4 GB of RAM is ideal any computers when you are not a hard core gamer.

If you have a computer with around 2-4 GB of RAM the all you need to have is the pen drive to boost your computer performance by use Pendrive as RAM. Even the latest High-End Best Smartphones are equipped with 2-3 GB of RAM for breathtaking performance.

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How Do The Pendrive Acts as RAM For Your Computer?

The concept here is to use pendrive as RAM, But actually it works as the Virtual Memory, This Virtual memory not perform up to the mark, when you compare it your system memory (RAM). It mainly increases the paging memory which influence the overall performance to run better without freezing your computer or any non-responding issues.


A Complete Guide to Use Pendrive As RAM | Windows Computers

Yes, we’ve arrived with core area to start using your pendrive as RAM, before you begine you need to identify which Operating System is currently installed in your country. Onece you’ve got to know which one, you are ready to begin. We’ve splited this guide infor various Windows OS.

How to Use Pendrive As RAM in Windows XP 

Before let us move forward, suppose if you have Windows XP Os installed in your computer then the Pendrive can be used as RAM by Virtual Memory concept. So  I’m here to show for Windows XP using Window 7, Since Window XP is outdated OS and it is almost ruined. So follow the Complete Steps to Use the Pendrive as Ram in Window XP.

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  •  First insert your Pendrive to the computer’s USB port (Recommended to insert in ports that you’ll no longer use it. ex. Back of your CPU).
  • Then go to the “My Computer“. right, click then goto the “Properties“.
  • Then click on the “ Advance System Settings” click again click on the “Advanced” tab.

Use Pendrive as Ram


  • In the advanced tab click on the “settings” again click on the “Advanced” tab.

Using pendrive as RAM For Windows

  • Then click on the change button, then you need to Untick the “Automatically Manage Paging“.  choose your pendrive in my case it is named as “AshikTricks“. click on the custom size enter the initial size and maximum Size to 4090 according to your pendrive size. click on set >OK >apply. You need to restart your computer to take effect the changes. ( Without unplugging your pendrive)

Use Pendrive as RAm in Virtual memory


 How to Use Pendrive As RAM In Window 7 and Windows 8 

The above mentioned method also works on the Window 7 and 8. But it is quite long and time consuming method. Here is the quick way to use Pendrive as RAM in Windows 7 and , withoiut any need for reboot. There is an inbuilt service in the Window 7 and 8 named  “Ready Boost” change the paging size. So follow the steps to configure your pen drive to use as RAM.

  • First insert your Pendrive to your System.
  • Then Go to My Computer right-click on your pen drive and click on the properties.

Use Pendrive As Ram in Window 7


  • In the Properties window click on the Ready Boost tab. Then tick  “use this Device” and Drag the Reserve System memory to the maximum. In my Case, it is 4094. Then click on the apply. after Ready boost will configure to Cache on your Pen drive.

Use Pendrive as Ram using ready boost


Note: My Pendrive size is 8 GB, So I’m using only 4 Gb due to some files present in my Pendrive. Always eject the Pendrive before you unplug from your computer.

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Final Words,

Faster and smoother computer performance is everyone’s dream, as a tach geek we made it easy and simple for those users who are suffering from snail pace performance. So we’ve shared a guide on how to use Pendrive as RAM, by doing so your computer will get boosted and becomes hang-free. Rush to to use this tweak to use pendrive as ram. If you face any difficulties or any issues to use pendrive as RAM feel free to ask via comments.


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