Tubi TV Review – Your Alternative to Cable TV!


Gone are the days when people used to wait for their favorite TV serial episodes to watch on television or stand in a queue to watch a movie. Well, the craze for watching TV series and movies is still the same but the medium has changed. With the advent of online streaming booming across the world, People has changed the way shows and movies are watched. You do not have to leave all your work and watch the episodes at a fixed time or run to a multiplex for watching a movie. Now watch all the movies and TV series episodes at your own convenience. With many online streaming sites available for users to watch, paid or illegal, Tubi TV comes as a breath of fresh air. The free online streaming site is what this brilliant video on demand service is providing to its users.

Well, how does it work and is it worth to install and watch the content on it, we will let you know in the article. Let us dug deeper about Tubi TV.

About Tubi TV:

Tubi TV is a free video on demand, ad supported online platform, which was launched in the year 2014 with an aim to provide its users the best in house media entertainment without any the glitches. It lets users watch Full-length movies and TV series all for free. Even though it was launched, just a couple of years back but Tubi TV has seen an enormous popularity among users and is reaching new stature. With new partnerships and contracts with every country, it has expanded, Tubi TV is sure to provide a new dose of entertainment to its users.

Type of Content:

Tubi TV boasts of over 50,000 titles in its media library, which is vast in free online streaming services. In such short span, Tubi TV has cracked deals with around 200 content partners namely Starz, MGM, iTV, Conde Nast, Paramount Pictures and many more. With movies categorized based on genres like Action, Romance, Horror, Thriller, Sci Fic etc, users can easily tap and watch it. Some of the popular movies on Tubi TV are True Grit, Gladiator, The Silence of the lambs, Pride and Prejudice etc. You can check latest movies in “New Arrivals” section or movies under section “Not on Netflix”.

Talking about the TV series content, then Tubi TV has some rare and good TV series, which are hardly available on any other online streaming sites like Drug wars, Mad Boys, The Shores etc. TV series are also categorized in genres like Comedies, Reality TV, Crime, Kids Dramas etc.

The content is vast but some of them are unheard and not so popular. It cannot be compared with paid service platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime or Hulu but has a decent collection of movies and TV series.

Premium Features At No Cost

•    The content is updated every week on Tubi TV thus enhancing the media library.

•    Users can queue titles and unlock the Hollywood viewing experience.

•    Compared to other online streaming services, Tubi TV charges nothing to watch great Movies and TV series.

•    Users can Resume playing from where they left the last time thus not breaking the continuity.

•    Tubi TV is compatible with almost all platforms thus it can easily sync to any of your devices and can be shared to your social media platforms.

Compatible Platforms and Devices

If the platform is free that does not mean it would support only a handful of devices. In fact, Tubi TV took a plunge and provided access to almost all devices like Amazon Fire TV, Xbox 360, Smart TVs, Chrome cast, Android and iOS Devices. The Tubi TV can be viewed on your Mobile Phones, PCs and Smart TVs with its App as well as Web platform.

Talking about the accessibility, Tubi TV is available for US users only but limited access is available in countries like Canada, UK, Australia, Germany, and Italy.

Android App | iOS App


As stated, Tubi TV is absolutely free platform for users to download and watch. There are no extra or hidden charges for even downloading and watching it in offline mode.

Quality of Streaming

The quality of the videos listed on the Tubi TV is quite good. Most of the media content has HD quality and it can be adjusted as per user preference. Users can watch content in low, medium and high quality and can even download it. There is hardly any issue with buffering and without any glitches; you can watch the videos smoothly.

User Interface

Talking about the user Interface, then Tubi TV has hands on one of the best user Interface. It is simple, easy, attractive and more importantly user-friendly. The theme of the app and web is Orange and Black, which makes it look more appealing. The home screen of the Tubi TV provides access to featured shows movies etc with just a single slide/swipe. With new updates of live streaming and sharing option, the viewing experience just got better.

Visit Tubi TV Site

Interesting Trivia

•    Tubi TV recently (May 2017) raised $20 million with an aim to expand and accelerate the growth to be the market leader.

•    Tubi TV has been ranked no 1 in Free Entertainment app on most of the platforms.

•    Tubi TV active subscribers have seen a 9-fold increase from last year i.e. 2016.

•    Highly rated movie streaming app on both platforms, Tubi TV is rated 4.1/5 on Google Play store and 4.5 on iOS.

Final thoughts

Started with an aim to be the best platform for free online streaming services, Tubi TV has achieved its goal to an extent. The user Interface of this site is at par to most of the paid on demand services making the performance swift. The ad-supported platform can prove great to certain businesses to earn decent profits but it may be annoying to the viewers. Although ads may not harm until viewers get to see the content for free. It has decent collection of Media but if you desire for popular and highly rated TV shows and movies, then you might be disappointed. If subscription fees is your main concern then Tubi TV solves your issue.

There is no harm in checking out the content provided by Tubi TV, which is absolutely free to access in HD quality. Do check out and let us know your Experience!


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