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Today I’m excited to share the best video player for android 2017 edition. Smartphone’s are transforming as an essential product that we use in day-to-day life, as a result the apps count in the PlayStore increasing gradually. It has become a difficult task to select best android apps among them, here we’ve listed the Best android video players 2017. Though there are tons of media player app are available for android phone, It is necessary to have the best media player for android 2017 in order to run video playbacks smoothly. We have shared some of the Best Android apps to get started with your Android Smartphone for newbies. We recommend you to root your android phone, then you’ll get root access by which you can install any android app which require either root permission or without it.

Moreover, I was getting many emails regarding which is best video player for android? As it is one of basic thing which plays important role in every smartphone. So, without wasting time let’s move on to best android video player which you can try out.

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With the help these best HD video player for android 2017 you can able to watch almost all the videos with any formats like AVI, MP4, HD (High Definition) smoothly without any hassle. We tested this Video player apps in various Android mobiles and tablets which turn your android phone into the mobile theater. So download and install any one among these best android video players 2017. You can also read our recent post on best android battery saving apps, to save your battery life from being drained.

5 Best video player for android

Here we have a Complete guide regarding the best video player for android and other video players related FAQs. Go through this post thoroughly to get Idea in selecting the best android video players 2017.

What is Android video player?

Android video player are nothing but the App or Software or even Application which are developed to play the multimedia files. Most of the best video player for android plays many familiar multimedia formats like MP3, MP4, AVI, 3GP, FLV HD…etc. If you are smart in choosing the best video player for an android smartphone, then it takes care about all your multimedia section. Without video player app, you can’t able play multimedia in an android phone even it a high-end or low-end it doesn’t matter. In this list, we’ve added the Best HD video player for android for better user experience.


Why do you need the Best video players for Android?

The Inbuilt Media player app that come with your android phone aren’t powerful to play all types of video formats. Though in the default Video player are decent for playing the casual video formats. But when it comes for playing the HD, MKV, FLV video formats the default sucks!. It is better to have the best video player for your android phone to solve all the multimedia related problems.

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Default video player v/s Separate Video players?

As I said above default video player are decent for casual video playbacks. But if you are like me Who like to watch HD movies or Video in my Smartphone. Then a Best Android video player is essential to get most out of it. It is best to have a Separate App for the Multimedia Purpose to Satisfy you with great playback and features.


Advantages of video players?

  • With the help of these best android video player, you can able to play any kind of videos in your smartphone.
  • Video players help you to play Videos from Local (From Phone or SD Memory) and Online from YouTube.
  • By installing the Video player users can Manage All the Multimedia Files including Audio and video files using same App.
  • These are best video player for android which runs smoothly in any Android versions like Jellybean, KitKat, Lollipop (Even Android ‘M’) .etc

So we Talked a hell lot about best android video player 2017, Now it is the time to move towards the android video players list.

Which is the Best Video Player for Android in 2017?

Here we’ve top 5media players for android, with their pros and cons. I recommend you to install any one among these best android video player for better and smooth video playback in your smartphone.

#1. MX Player

Best video player for android

MX player is the top best android video player available in the PlayStore. The best part it’s free! but with some ads, which will get disappeared when you upgraded for Pro version by paying $6 (Worth for upgrading). This MX Player is the top class video player which have all the features should have in order to become a best of best! This is the best video player for the android tablet to play videos HD movies in the android tab without going anywhere!

Features of MX video player:

  • Great playback, MX player is the Top line one among the best video player for android which can play any video format that you threw to your smartphone.
  • Network streaming is supported which makes it stands first.
  • Great onscreen control feature makes it top. ex: Long press to Zoom while playing videos.
  • Best audio boost among all best video player for android.
  • Almost all the Subtitles are supported which makes it premium.
  • Need to Download the Manual Codec for some kind of video playbacks like Videos with DTS Audio.etc

There are many other features are hidden in the MX player, When you consider my words it is the best-paid video player for android.

|| Download MX player ||

#2. VLC for Android

best android video player

VLC media player is Giant in the Video playback and also the android best media player. VLC is the Best media player is available in many platforms to reach most. VLC video player supports all video format and all subtitles. many features like onscreen control and lock options.

Features of VLC video player:

  • Capable of playing all video and audio formats.
  • Onscreen controls like Brightness, volume..etc
  • Onscreen lock for accidental pause or stop a video from playing.
  • No codec installation required for video playbacks,

Though it is the best HD video player for android, when it comes support or updates it stays a bit backward and the UI is bit laggy and Sluggish due to these drawbacks it stands next to MX player.

|| Download VLC player ||

#3. BS player

Best video player for Android - BS player

BS player is the another best video player for android. The features like gestures support and best user-interface makes it Premium and stand one among these best media player for android. We recommend the BS player as the great alternate for both MX and VLC  thought they are the best android video player.

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 Features of BS Player:

  •  Hardware Acceleration for Smooth video playback with less battery consumption.
  • All video formats supported for Clatter free playback.
  • Create and manage your playlists with this best video player for android.
  • Automatic Download the required Subtitles over WiFi or Mobile data.
  • Using BS player you can Play videos from uncompressed RAR files.
  • Video streaming supported from YouTube.

|| Download BS Player ||

#4. Dice player

Best Video player for Android _ Dice Player

Another great Android video player which let make your overall video playback experience better and Smoother. Dice Player is best android video player and Suites great for MKV video formats. Great for Low-end smartphones. Which is considered as best for Multitasking.

Features of Dice Player:

  • Supports all Video formats and Subtitles.
  • Fits perfectly for low-end smartphones.
  • Best video player for android 2017.
  • Hardware acceleration for Smooth video playback.
  • Basic video player for Android with well designed and great functions.
  • POP-UP tray for seamless Multitasking. ( Best feature )
  • The pop-up can be re-sized or moved anywhere over the Screen while running any other app.

|| Download Dice Player ||

#5. Mobo Video Player

Best Video player for Android - Moboplayer

Best media player for android which is great for both playing online and offline videos. It offers Stable video playback option with the variety of video formats and subtitles with hassle-free. with features this App stands one among these best video player for android.

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Features of Mobo player:

  • Steady Video playback for Both Online and Offline.
  • All video formats and Subtitles are Supported.
  • Great User Interface ( UI ) for easier navigation.
  • Library Management feature.
  • Floating Window for Easier Multitasking benefit.

|| Download Mobo player ||

#6. Feather

feather video player for android

Feather is one of best video player for android that features continuos playing of videos by using it’s playlist feature. Using feather video player, you can create your own videos playlist like Music apps. Interface of this video player is totally sleek on which you will fall in love.

Features of Feather Player:

  • Play support to create your own playlist of videos.
  • Small in size – Size of app is just 400KB.
  • Sleek design – Feather features a minimal design which will take your wallpaper as it’s background which looks beautiful.
  • Compatible with all android versions.

|| Download Feather Player ||

#7. RockPlayer2

rock player is best android video player

RockPlayer2 is one of best android video player. Using this video player, you can play 720p, 1080p, 2K/4K Ultra HD videos. If you likes to watch HD videos on your phone and if it is not supported by your phone, then RockPLayer2 is solution.

Features of RockPlayer2:

  • Can play ultra HD videos with ease.
  • Can exchange files over WiFi as well.
  • Gestures support.

|| Download RockPlayer 2 ||

#8. G Player

g player for android

G Player is one of best video player for android which you must install in your android mobile. It is one of advanced video player for android by which you can watch videos in floating mode and G Player for android also gives you option to theme video player according to your taste. Free version of G Player has all required features but you can buy its pro version to get ad free interface.

Features of G Player:

  • Supports most of video extensions like avi, mp4 etc.
  • Can be used as online player to stream online videos.
  • Supports ARMv5 and ARMv6 both.

#9. mVideo Player

mVideo Player is one of best video player and my favourite too. Moreover, design of this video player is far better than other video player which you can get currently. Moreover, if you likes to watch videos with subtitle support, then mVideo Player is best video player for your android mobile now.

Features of mVideo Player:

  • Supports high quality videos.
  • Supports subtitles.
  • Creation of playlist is also supported.


As you knew video playback is another great way to kill your time with Android phones or Tabs.  If you doesn’t have the best video player for android which is capable of playing all videos then why to to use Android phone? So it is better to install any one (Only) among these best Android Video player for your Android phone. These video player works perfectly in your Android lollipop without any issues. hence these are best video player for android lollipop.

So hope we provided an idea regarding the best android video player. If you like this post feel free to share with your friends and relative. Since a Like, Share or Tweet doesn’t costs you any bucks! Please bookmark this site for frequent updates when you need help while choosing best video player for android.


  1. Hey bro ,
    Just found your post on google i was thinking any of the Video player supports 4K? because i am having Nexus 6 and used Mx player but it stuck too much ,
    If you know any please reply
    Ashutosh kumar

  2. I just played a 1080p .mkv on my Lenovo A7000’s Android 6.0 @60fps using my default video player! It looked so smooth and clean I uninstalled Bsplayer.

  3. impressive article about android media players. i recommend all to use mx player thys the best player i ever known

  4. Hi dear Ashik i m using 3eyers MX Player Good work But some file HEVC not good work please suggest me about better 100% work all in one videos HD 1080p. 720p 480p i mean all in one
    Thanks again for very usefull info. About Better video player

  5. MX player is best in playing all format like avi ,mkv n other format u can see avi movies while downloading on MX player but fail to play mp4 movies so I want to know whether there is any video player that play mp4 movies while downloading.


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