Top 23 Best Torrent Sites (New Torrent Websites) April 2017


Hello Everyone, Today we’re sharing some best torrent sites 2017 to explore the torrent world and to get your desired file at any cost. Torrents are the old yet reliable way to share a large amount of data over the Internet. It is possible to download any files like Games, Software’s, Movies.etc no matter whether it is banned or pirated, you’ll get it in the torrent for free! It is the beauty of the torrent. Ever wondered How torrent works? It works on the Peer to Peer file sharing method, which is connected with over 200 Million worldwide users. It made the data sharing easy but quite slower using this protocol. So you need to know the top torrent sites to download any torrent file without any hassle.

Here we’ve some of the best torrent sites that have been performing well in the torrent industry since long.

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Torrents are the big network, it is possible to circulate any file across any country in overnight using Torrents. It is essential to know about the torrent and best torrent download sites to make use of it in the right way. Before we begin our list of top torrent sites, let me break down this guide into several parts which may help you in better understanding.

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 Top Best Torrent Sites 2017 For Movies, Games, Books, Mac Software, and TV Shows

Let me walk you through the basics about torrents first, before listen to the top torrent sites 2017. Then you can proceed with these torrent sites to get your stuff downloaded.

What is Torrent?

Torrents are nothing but files with .torrent extension. Which contain all the information regarding torrent tracker and other related details. This file is used either with Torrent Clients or other torrent download options like Zbigz. Generally the speed of the torrents depends on the Leechers, Seeders and Peers of the selected torrents. When you download the torrent via Zbigz or Boxopus, the speed will be maximum and doesn’t depend on these factors. To download the required torrent, you need to know the best torrenting sites.

Almost all the Computer programs, Games, and eBooks are pirated. Even you’ll get Movies, Music, TV Shows, Android Apps, and games much more via torrents. These torrent sites make you easy to find these stuff.

Top Best Torrenting Sites 2017

Torrent websites, that used to get your desired torrent file. There’re many top torrent sites are available on the internet. But for the sake of you, we’ve hand-picked the best torrent download sites according to their popularity and no of the torrents. You just need to visit the site and start downloading your Torrent file.

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# 1.

The pirate Bay is top among these sites. Pirate Bay is started in mid-September 2003, for sharing files among co-workers. Pirate is the largest directory for Computer Software’s, Games, Musics, Movies, TV Shows and other stuff. Even it is the piracy king, It is SSL encrypted to stop spam attacks. Using this site you can download Mac software and other stuff, I would say this is Best torrent site for mac software. Overall Pirate Bay is the linkable resource when it comes to torrent download sites.

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# 2. KickAssTorrent

Edit: Kickass Torrent Mirror Link :

Update: Kickass Torrent New Address –

Kickass is another old yet one among these best torrent sites. KickAss is started in late 2008, but it gained its pace within few period of its launch. KickAss is the new name, but the initial name is KickAss is a Good torrent site with the lot of recognition and reputation in piracy World :). I’ll recommend this fastest site for my beloved readers. Although KickAss torrent is blocked in most of the countries, you can use Elite Proxy servers, VPN (Virtual Private Network) to bypass the restriction to unlock this top torrent site. I mainly download the games via Kickass torrent, I coin this as top torrent site for games.

# 3.

Extra Torrent is another top website with tons of torrent files in their directory. You’ll get any kind of file like Musics, Videos, Movies, Software’s, Games, Apps for various platforms are available in Extra torrent. Even you’ll get all pirated software’s, games, and Smartphone apps. This is the reason that Extra Torrent is banned in certain countries. Still you can access Extra torrent by hiding you identity. Overall this is one of the sites to download torrent files.

# 4.

Torrentz is another great Best Torrent search engine which performs same as that of the Google! Torrentz helps you to grab your desired torrent files without searching for them manually in torrent sites. If you search for some files in Torrentz it’ll provide related files with Size, Uploaded date, No of downloads, No Peers and Leechers details. I love to download Hindi movies using this torrent site. This is my only hope when I found lost myself in the Torrent World.

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# 5.

EZTV is the best torrenting site that specialized to download TV Shows for free. One of most hot favorite feature that impressed me towards the EZTV is even without registering you can download torrents files. Finally, I can conclude that it is the top torrenting sites 2017 list.

# 6.

YIFY is another great torrent file downloading site with its huge database of torrents. Though it launched three years back, then all of sudden I’ve noticed that YIFY torrent site started going viral among the torrent freaks. It is damn near impossible to get tons of exposure and audience within the short duration, but YIFY torrent site made it possible. I’m using this site, since past 6+ months I’ll say this is the safe site to download your torrent files.

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IsoHunt is another best torrenting sites to download your desired torrent file without any hassle. It was started back in 2013, soon after a couple of weeks after its launch the admin of this site closed this due to some of the copyright issues. Then again he started an IsoHunt to serve for torrent addicts. You’ll notice better user experience and clutter free environment in this good torrent site.


Bitsnoop also remembered in this list with its millions of torrent files its directory. Best part, this site had a team which removes the Trojans and virus rich torrent files. Also ban the spam users who upload the Trojans and virus in the form of torrent files. I’ll recommend this safe torrent download site for my loyal readers.  

# 9.

Actually 1337X is the community which later turned into torrent website. Here the community users upload the torrent files. This site is most popular and well-known in the UK, you’ll notice that most of this site users are from the United Kingdom. I love to download movies using this site, I’ll say it is the best torrent site for movies.

# 10.

Lime torrent is another old member of the Best torrent sites, It captured its popularity in the recent times. It has the huge database, which contains your desired torrent file. With the help of Lime torrent, you can download any torrent file either with magnetic URL or using the torrent clients. You can also download books using this torrent sites, I will call this as top torrent site for books. Recently, I have also shared free movie apps to watch free movies on your Android phone.

# 11.

Mini Nova is another good torrent site which you check out once. This site is best for you if you are looking to download latest hollywood  movies for free. Else, you can use this torrent site for android mobile downloads as well like Android games, apps etc. You can also contribute to this torrent site by sharing torrent files there to help them in increasing their database. So, don’t forget to visit this torrent site once if you are not satisfied with other sites which are listed in top torrent sites list.

# 12.

Summo torrent is basically a torrent search engine from which you can find your favourite torrent from list of various torrent sites which is sorted on basis of your keyword. So, if you are not getting success in finding the file of which you are looking for, then simply enter it’s name in the search box and according to them it’s a safe way to download torrent files also.

# 13.

Tor Lock is one of best torrent site if you want to get rid from fake torrents. As, many sites publish fake torrents which harms our PC and sometimes install spyware or trojans in our pc. So, if you are looking for a torrent site from which you can download safe torrent files, then you must give a try to Tor Lock. You can also read user comments or can check user ratings before downloading any torrent.

# 14.

Rarbg is undoubtedly one of best torrenting site from which you can download torrents for free. Rarbg provides torrent files of Movies, Games, Music, Software, Trailers etc. The thing which I don’t like about this torrent site is that this site uses pop ads which is very annoying. So, I suggest you to install Ad blocker plugin before browsing this site to prevent high bandwidth usage as well.

# 15.

Torrent Hound is best torrent site for safe torrents, which you must try for torrenting. As, Torrent Hound is one of safest torrent site which I personally believe on my experience. So, if you are looking for safest torrent sites from a long time, then you must try out Torrent Hound once. Moreover, it is one of best site for latest Bollywood movie downloads because this site uploads latest Bollywood movies almost on the same day of release.


TorrentBox is one of best torrent site which you must try out. I had updated this post of top torrent sites to add this site into list especially. UI of this torrent site is modern and well polished. You can search for your favourite files from Search Box. To be frank, this is my favourite site for torrenting.


SeedPeer is one of best torrenting site to download verified torrent. SeedPeer provides Torrent search, Browse categories, Verified torrents, statistics. Moreover, you can upload torrent as well. SeedPeer is available in many languages like English, Chinese, Russian etc.


Torrent Funk is one of my favourite torrent site. Torrent Funk provides verified torrents and that’s the reason that I have listed it in list of best torrent sites. Alexa Rank of Torrent Funk is 4192 (which is super awesome). I am damn sure that you will love this torrent site after trying it once. The only thing which we do not liked of this site is that this site has clutter of ads which is a bit disappointing other than this problem it is one of best torrent site ever launched.


Torrent Reactor is best torrent site if you are looking for a site with cool interface which has huge database of files with less number of ads. You can find most active torrents over web on this site. You can also check health of any torrent from health meter which can give rough idea of any torrent file.


Update – New Address –

Demonoid is one of best torrent forum site. Basically, this torrent site is for you if you likes to interact with people who are having similar interests to you. Moreover, you can discuss with other people before downloading any torrent file if it is virus free. Using Demonoid is a bit time consuming task but it’s best torrent site from where you can get high quality torrents.

Some Torrent Websites Worth Trying:




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Wrapping it up,

These websites will help you to find your desired files. Knowing the best torrenting sites will help you a lot as you will not waste your precious time on spammy websites. These torrent downloading sites are personally tested and reviewed by our team, so don’t worry about virus or spam sites. We don’t review or list without any prior knowledge or background about it. Hope you all enjoyed it, I recommend you to bookmark this page, We’ll  update it whenever we find some new torrent sites 2017.

Do you know any torrent site other than mentioned above? if Yes, Let me know in comments section below.


  1. great list of torrent site. I mostly use pirate bay. Sometimes it get banned but I access it through proxies. Btw, thanks for sharing. You have added some extra knowledge among the web community.

  2. Hi Ashik
    List of torrent sites shared by you is quite good. I use KickAss Torrent most of times its one best torrent site you will ever find.

  3. I just want to say that you have listed simply best torrent sites. Personally, I think Monova and are best torrenting sites.

  4. To use blocked download websites and blocked torrent websites. Use opera browser with turbo mode. Turbo mode is under menu.

  5. Hi! My I know the best torrent for hidden objects game? I am using demonoid but my anti-virus (Avira) keeps blocking it. Thanks!

  6. Thanx Brother… I really needed a new mirror link to kickass as it was blocked again on the link I have been using…
    Thanks a lot, it helped.

  7. Well.. isn’t working well in India, and it is redirecting to another site to download the torrent file. Piratebay and torrentz2u are only way to download from torrent. Other torrent websites are working, though.. I hope Kickass come back soon, guys.

  8. Thanks for the article. One of the most unbiased I have read so far.
    Can you also mention what uploaders are good for popular categories such as movies, applications, music, etc please? A separate article would be nice.

  9. I used to download from isohunt but then i came to know about kickass, torrentz and 1337x.. They are really godd but YIFY is best for movies…Will try to use other sites you mentioned above…

  10. yify quality is very poor compared to other 720p and 1080p groups, yify is for people who can’t see quality difference and the files are very low bitrate and encoded fast with 1 pass lol I just can’t find a good hidden objects game site, I’ve downloaded them all it seems from extra torrent, kickass, tab hmmm where to next!!

  11. They take best torrent page KickAss Torrent but that pointless Pirate Bay is still online 🙂 How insane Pirate Bay was always worse Torrent page no one care for torrents no one check torrents. I will never use it even if is #1 I don’t care. KickAss had votes, comments even verified which was awesome.

    No matter what but KAT will always be the best Torrent page it was easy to navigate perfect!!! They are other Torrent pages but they are not even 20% good as KAT was. Some Torrent pages are so complicated or ads when you click Download Torrent and is open new tab with some pointless things. KAT never had this… KAT was and will be the best Torrent page!!!

  12. im looking for spongebob torrents and since KAT isnt with us anymore i’m literally dying. Anyone know of verified torrents for SPONGEBOB ?


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