How To Fix This Copy Of Windows Is Not Genuine Error


Before we start finding solutions for your problems, you should be aware of what the problems actually is.

Firstly you should be aware of what Genuine Windows actually is; Genuine Windows is published by Microsoft, properly licensed, and supported by Microsoft or a trusted partner. It is the original product that is only available at authentic Microsoft stores, sites or in the possession of trusted partners. Any other source or third party from which you have taken the Windows software is considered not-Genuine or pirated.

Only customers with genuine Windows have access to all optional updates and downloads available from Microsoft, which are designed to help you get the most from your PC.

Now coming to the problem that is faced by many people on a daily basis is common error named as “this copy of windows is not genuineIt isn’t necessary that this error being displayed on your screen is an indication that your Windows is not genuine. At times this error also occurs on devices that have Genuine Windows in them. In one of the cases of having a Genuine Window and still getting this error message, might be that when a command that is being executed it requires an elevated command prompt and is unrelated to the issue discussed here.

**This guide is for educational purposes only; we do not promote the use of pirated windows or the software being bought from third parties. The best and most fool proof method is to buy windows from the official seller. It will cost a little money but save you the inconvenience. (Link to the official site:

Now starting off on how to remove or fix this error, you should know that this method works on both 34-bit and 64-bit versions of window 7.

Symptoms: These are few things you will see when this error appears.

  • A fully black screen will appear.
  • An error message on the bottom right corner will be displayed: “This copy of windows is not genuine.”
  • And If you try to use vbs /dlv to view the licensing status, you receive the following message: Error: 0x80070005 Access denied: the requested action requires elevated privileges.

this copy of windows is not genuine error

This image is what you will mainly see on your screen. The error 0x80070005 comes for the “Windows 7 build 7600.” This in turn is not a big issue and can be resolved; there is no need to panic.

Also Check: This video is not available in your country Fix

Why do you need to get rid of this error?

  • Some of the features are restricted unless you remove this error in your computer.
  • You can’t change the wallpaper of your computer; you are left with the black background. (Not very necessary, but a black wallpaper isn’t much appealing).
  • This error gradually reduces the performance of your computer; making your computer slow.
  • It is said that your laptop’s battery can be drained quickly because of this error.

We bring forward to you a step by step guide of how to resolve this problem with ease. There are basically two methods of how you can resolve these problems. This will increase your understanding of the software to some extent.

3 Steps To Fix This Copy Of Windows Is Not Genuine Error:

Step 1: Uninstall update KB971033

This update is known as the windows 7 activation checker update (KB971033) As mentioned earlier this error message may occur because a command prompt requires a higher level of update then as to what it already has; means your windows has an updated file which can detect your Windows OS. And you need to uninstall that update. If only you see this update KB971033, then only you need to uninstall it. Otherwise you skip this step and move to the next step.

  • Go to the start menu; open control panel form there.

open control panel

  • Go to “Security System” (skip this step if you use windows XP)
  • Go to “Windows Update Section”
  • Click on “View installed updates” (link at the bottom left corner). If that link isn’t there, click on “view update history” and hit the “installed updates” link at the top. 

view installed updates

  • You’ll find a section named “Microsoft Windows”, scroll down and look for an update named KB971033.
  • Right click it>click “uninstall”>click “okay”. 

uninstall update

  • Restart your PC, and check again that this update is uninstalled.
  • **Note- You can also do a system restore, it will bring this update back. No need to worry.

Step 2: Use SLMGR -REARM command

This is the main step to remove the “This copy of windows is not genuine” error. You need to run a command know as SLMGR- REARM command. We have prepared a step by step procedure of how run these commands.

  • Go to start menu
  • Search “cmd” in the search tab, right click it
  • Select “Run as Administrator” (this will run the command prompt with administrator privileges)
  • A page with a black background, will popup; Type SLMGR -REARM and then press enter.  (SLMGR is a tool which manages Windows software license. REARM is a command which resets license status of the machine.)

use slmgr command

  • You will see a window which displays the following text “Command completed successfully. Please restart the system for the changes to take effect”. Press “okay”.
  • Restart your computer, and check to see if the error has been removed or not.
  • **If for some reason the “This copy of windows is not genuine” error hasn’t gone away; repeat the same procedure but this time with “SLMGR /REARM” command. 

(“SLMGR – REARM” works for 32-bit version perfectly, it also works for the 64-bit version, but if for some reason the command doesn’t work then use “SLMGR /REARM”.)

Now even after following these steps properly some you still might have encountered a few errors. No need to panic, as we bring forward to you; what might be the errors and how to solve them.

Error 1: Also called (Error 0xc004d307) This maximum allowed number of rearms has been exceeded. Now let us find a solution for this problem. You get this error because you have used the command for more than three times. Follow the steps below

  • Press “Windows + R” you will see Run dialog. Or open Run from start.
  • Now type: exe
  • Now click on the arrow mark which is left of “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE”.

registry editor

  • Now click the arrow mark which located on the left of “SOFTWARE”.
  • Now keep on clicking the arrow mark which is located on the left, in this order; Microsoft -> WindowsNT -> Current version.
  • Now click on the word “SoftwareProtectionPlatform” not on arrow mark.
  • Now, look for SkipRearm; it will be located on the right hand side. Once found, click on modify, then change its value data from 0 to 1.
  • Now just restart your computer.
  • Now try the SLMGR –REARM command again. You won’t face the errors again.

The second type of error that you can face is given below, the solution is as follows:

**NOTE- You can apply same procedure for any command error which is not recognized as an internal or external command

Error 2: SLGMR is not recognized as an internal or external command.

  • First: First of all make sure you have entered the command properly. The command being SLMGR –REARM (Many you may have overlooked the fact that, there is a space in between the “-“and the “R” of SLMGR.); this may be the reason for the error.
  • Second: Another reason that this error has occurred may be because you haven’t opened command prompt in administrator mode , make sure that is taken care of. (If not then repeat Step 2, properly this time by making sure you open command prompt in administrator mode.)
  • Third: vbs file might have some other extension. To get rid of this you need to remove the extension by renaming the file. You can do that by the following steps:
  1. Open “My Computer”> “C Drive”> Windows folder> Search for “System32” file.
  2. After that scroll down until you find “slmgr.vbs.REMOVEWAT” (or any other extension of this file).
  3. When you find it just rename the file to slmgr.vbs.
  • After doing this, repeat the above procedure again and this in turn will remove the “This copy of windows is not genuine.” But for those who don’t have genuine windows your work doesn’t end here, you have to complete another short step. 

Step 3: Disable Auto Updates

You have to disable the auto-update feature of Windows which has been installed in your system, to make sure that windows not genuine error will not pop-up again.

To disable auto-updates follow the steps given below:

  • Open Control Panel > System & Security > Turn Automatic Updates On or Off.
  • Select “Never Check for Updates”

**NOTE- Don’t update your windows manually, as the OS will find out that your window’s isn’t genuine and the error will appear again.

ConclusionThat’s all folks. Hope this step by step guide was helpful for you, and helped reduce your inconvenience. If any of you do have any other methods be sure to comment and let us know.


    • It’s a fix for everyone. I don’t have a pirated copy and this error came out of nowhere after a windows update. I have a genuine copy on my Samsung all in one, but have disabled updates…been doing them manually. I can’t upgrade to windows 10 even though I am approved as Samsung easy settings will be lost and also Samsung says not to on their site for my model pc. The quick fix worked perfectly….the second SLMGR /REARM option. I had tried scanning with Malwarebytes, Trojan Remover, Webroot, Malicious software Tool, and looked for that KB971033 update with no luck. thank you for posting this….what a relief to have my p/c back to normal…and so simple.

      • Donna – I am having the exact same issue as you. Bought my machine in 2013, legitimate everything, and the error started out of nowhere last week. Wouldn’t surprise me if MS was doing this in an “update” to drive people to Windows 10. ANNOYING.

    • I have FACTORY INSTALLED Windows 7, and am having issues like so many others,,, NONE of the fixes enumerated here have helped… WHAT THE FUCK?????????????

    • The first one with SLMGR /REARM worked for me and I guess my os was pirated but I am gonna get the original win 10 soon

    • For Jim, I don’ t have a pirated copy. That’s an invalid assumption, and I know lots of people just like me who started getting this message some time ago.. Microsoft just started this error message after I unintentionally upgraded to Win10 (at one of their many annoying pop-ups to get you to install it), then backed it out. Since then, I get this annoying and frequent pop-up telling me my Windows version is not genuine–it is. I bought the laptop with it.
      Microsoft wants you to upgrade! (I have WIndows 7 that came on the HP laptop I bought at Costco)

  1. I cannot make changes to rsop.msc plug and play. It says nothing is defined for everything and all the options are greyed out and i cannot change. What can I do? I have done other fixes listed and the error comes back. Bad thing is my windows IS genuine!

  2. I uninstalled the update and turned off auto-updates, and it turned off the messages for about a week or two, but the messages are back. I’m not sure how to permanently remove this annoyance?

  3. Amigo you are a Genius…one of your fixes worked.

    This one worked for me: SLMGR/REARM.


    Thanks a million…my copy is genuine by the way…

  4. Thank you so much for this information!!!

    I’ve had Windows 7 GENUINELY installed on my old desktop for over three years with no problem, then in early January I suddenly got the Build 7601 Error message.

    Every other website I tried for a solution didn’t work, or was aimed and computer geeks ( I am NOT one!)

    I did ther simply trhree step solution you’ve shown above and yay!! It worked!!!


  5. Last option is not working plug and play and setting on automatic is not working:(

    Its disable I just cant click it. and also even after renaming slmgr.vps in sys32 folder CMD is not recognizing the command !!!!

  6. Hi, I opened control panel, windows update section, But, I didn’t see “KB971033”. It’s a big list of updates for windows and security updates from year 2010-2016. The oldest update is KB976902 (2010) and its not showing uninstall option when I right click on that row. The newest update is of Feb-2016 KB2952664 and its showing uninstall option. What should I do now?

    I also tried doing,
    1. slmgr -rearm OR slemr/rearm (in Admin mode)
    2. Changing regedit skrem key from 0 to 1 (At times getting reset to 0 again after I restart)
    3. Try changing slmgr.vbs to slmgr.vps (Its not allowing me to do it)

    What should I do to remove that warning.

  7. Well , I tried all 3 methods, followed the instructions to the letter.
    Nothing worked.
    kb971033 is not installed and updates are off.

    Windows defender is installed, could this be checking for WGA?

  8. thank you so much, this appears to have fixed my laptop. this happened to the last instillation of windows 7 and i reinstalled windows 7 because i thought it was a virus.

    not to put on a tinfoil hat, but i don’t feel like this is just an error. with how much they’ve been pestering people to upgrade to windows 10, this feels like a very intentional stunt on their part to make people feel like windows 7 is somehow obsolete from a security standpoint. i say this because my copy of windows 7 is 100% genuine. it is an OEM license provided by Dell, who made my laptop. on a fresh instillation of windows, it shows my product key and says that it is genuine.

    • I also have a fully-legal, paid-for license for Windows 7 Ultimate that keeps putting up this nonsense at startup. I’ve had to deal with it twice now in a month. The only mistake I have made is cloning a failing hard drive.
      One of these fixes worked for me this time. I’m expecting more difficulty as the Windows 10 dealine approaches in July. Microsoft started this nonsense way over twenty years ago to try to force us to use only “Microsoft-captive” products. Now it seems they are after our private information for their enrichment – much like Google and Apple – by offering a “free” Windows 10. Like many of you who replied, I suspect another trick.

      • Hello I have tried all these steps and it’s not working, nor will it connect to my Internet. My router keeps saying it’s password has changed. I’m pretty frustrated. I didn’t have this issue until after I had a guy repair my charge port.

        My luck huh?

  9. I have had this error a few times in the past months, and in the past, I was able to get rid of it simply by doing the SLMGR -REARM command. however, today, i tried it again, and it doesn’t seem to be working any more.

    first i hit the error “This maximum allowed number of rearms has been exceeded.”, i fixed that and was able to put in the command again. I still get the same response as always, with the “command completed successfully, Please restart the system for changes to take effect”, but when i restart, its still not genuine.

    second, i tracked down that update patch KB971033, and uninstalled it (was from 2012). restarted again, nothing, rearmed, restarted, nothing.

    third, I deleted the slui application, restarted, nothing, rearmed, restarted, still nothing.

    fourth, i tried looking for rsop, but ‘run’ didn’t even recognize that.

    I also tried to just resort to taking the free upgrade from windows 7 to windows 10, but it says that I need a genuine copy of windows 7 to get it. this is the same windows 7 copy that came with my computer, almost 4 years ago.

    Am I am missing something here?

  10. Microsoft deserved to get fecked in the eye with this. I have since late 80’s – my Win 3.1 1.44 disk, Win 95 / 98 / Office 95 / 97 /2003 / 2010 Cd’s and Win 7 Pro. So, I did not use my home pc for about 3 months, was using a company laptop and when I decided to use it – Microsoft decide that my legally paid for stuff is not genuine. They will never get another cent of me!

  11. Well, I was skeptical, as it’s never usually this easy, but it was! The first method of slmgr /rearm successfully fixed the error first time!

  12. Thanks for providing this tutorial. I do have one suggestion to update “Method 2 to fix this Windows is not genuine permanently”:

    – After reboot, manually run Windows Update
    – Look at “Important updates” (important updates are not installed automatically)
    – Locate KB971033
    – Right click and choose “Hide update”
    – Click “OK”

    This will permanently hide the update and prevent accidental installation in the future.

    Thanks again,


  13. I’ve attempted SLMGR /REARM the first time this happened and it worked. But the second time I tried, I also tried replacing value 0 to 1 on SkipRearm but nothing changed after trying everything else.

    I wasn’t able to try removing Plug and Play ’cause when I searched for rsop.msc it said it didn’t exist.

    Please help.

  14. i tried all the steps and it successfully show that message and i restart my pc but again it showing that this copy of window is not genuine …i tried all the 3 methods but my problem does not solve… what to do…please reply me

  15. Thanks a million buddy. My copy IS an original one, but for some reason I got that error msg and just could not get rid of it. Yours was the ONLY advice that managed to do so. Incredibly grateful for all your tips. Really well explained too! Thanks again.

  16. Hey,
    I’ve tried every single method except the last one. None have worked. When I do method #3, I reach the part where I set the Plug and Play to automatic, but it won’t let me change it. It doesn’t let me tick the boxes. Any solutions? I would really appreciate the help.

    Thank you very much

  17. i have done this last time and its worked perfectly.

    but this time when i entered this comment SLMGR /REARM.
    getting an error

    windows can’t open this file slmgr.vbs

    Please help.

  18. I cannot make changes to rsop.msc plug and play. It says nothing is defined for everything and all the options are greyed out and i cannot change. What can I do?

  19. >>Method 1
    I have a genuine WIndows7 from Dec2009.

    I first got this message today, 26Apr2016

    There is no windows update since 29Feb2016

    When I run your method 1, i get the following error: “On a computer running Microsoft Windows non-core edition, run ‘slui.exe 0x2a0xC04FE00″ to display the error text. Error: 0xC004FE00”

    >>Method 2
    I do see a KB971033 installed, but it is from 18May2010 (six years ago). Could this really be causing trouble now? (Or is this come kind of band aid?

    >> Method 3

    when I go through the rsop menus, the options are all grayed and I cannot select “Automatic” (or anything else)

    thanks anyway. I’m going to try to reboot and putting in the WIndows number (I didn’t do this on this reboot, because i thought it might be some kind of virus, and I was reluctant to give any personal information that might be used against me)

  20. I rearmed successfully few times before but this time Genuine text doesn’t go away.

    I have updated Windows just yesterday, but i already removed KB971033 & hid it long time ago.

    Windows update is turned off.

    I do have the update KB976902 which cannot be uninstalled.

    I redgedit the Skiprearm from 0 to 1.

    entered command SLMGR -REARM with pop up saying Successful

    restarted windows, Not Genuine text still there. I’ve even disconnected the internet.

    It’s not a problem with the text but i’m wondering if it will develop to multiple pop-ups + Black Wallpaper + slow performance issue over time?

    It’s pretty frustrating.

  21. That was clever mate!!Thank you very much.

    fixes 1 and 2 worked for me together (I got errors after applying the first fix),removed the extra text in the slmgr.vbs file , worked fix 1 again (steps 1-3)…..restart

    then remove the installed update…..voila 🙂

  22. None of these methods worked, and when i tried to change the name for the slmgr.vb i didnt have permission and it wouldnt work, and it also didnt work wheni tried changing the plug and play to automatic. What do i do?

  23. Hi, I opened control panel, windows update section, But, I didn’t see “KB971033”. It’s a big list of updates for windows and security updates from year 2010-2016. The oldest update is KB976902 (2010) and its not showing uninstall option when I right click on that row. The newest update is of Feb-2016 KB2952664 and its showing uninstall option. What should I do now?

    I also tried doing,
    1. slmgr -rearm OR slemr/rearm (in Admin mode)
    2. Changing regedit skrem key from 0 to 1 (At times getting reset to 0 again after I restart)
    3. Try changing slmgr.vbs to slmgr.vps (Its not allowing me to do it)

    What should I do to remove that warning.

  24. Many libraries and other businesses use a security package called DEEP FREEZE. It will prevent any changes to the PC, including KB9720133’s communications with Microsoft. Legitimate, purchased installs of WIN 7 will report as “not genuine” when they are. The only way to prevent that is to hide that 971033 for legitimate reasons: IT’S PLAIN WRONG. After it does label the system, enjoy your hours on the phone getting another key number as your PURCHASED ONE is D.O.A.

  25. Thanks a million. SLMGR/REARM worked perfectly but after checking my properties on my computer it says that I have 30days to activate windows. How do I fix that permanently? Please help.

  26. It still saying this copy of windows is not genuine
    I tried all the method but it still saying that
    Please help me

  27. RSOP.MSC can be used only to check the resulting policies applied to your system.

    To change policies the right command is GPEDIT.MSC

  28. i right clicked on KB971033 but the only options that appeared were: View details and Copy details. What should i do?

  29. I tried method 1 & followed the instruction for error 1…..but it still says this copy of windows is not genuine after restart my pc…..what can I do now? ><
    P.S. I cannot found KB971033 update for method 2 and cannot change to Automatic for method 3……..

  30. 1st step works like a magic thanks much 🙂

    im currently trying to manual windows update , should i ignore all KB******** ? sorry noob here.

  31. – I’ve did the SLMGR /REARM, it worked but in Control Panel -> System -> Windows activation it now says “3 days until automatic activation”.
    – There’s no KB971033 in my Installed Updates
    – When I right-click on Plug and Play, all the options are greyed out, so it’s impossible to change anything there
    What should I do?

  32. I cannot get rid of the the “This Copy of Windows Is not Genuine” build 7601. The SLMGR -REARM command has always worked for me, when needed I just refreshed the number of rearms with the procedure described above, but suddenly it stopped working. I dont have black screen, but in the bottom right corner there is the note that its not genuine (build 7601). Ive tried literally everything but nothing works.
    Could anyone help me out? Or is the only solution to download some remove WAT program?

    • I have had this issue ever since my friend installed downgraded to windows 7 on my pc without my permission.
      I have tried this technique and it worked!!
      Thanks for the article ☺

    • After an update I experienced the same issue and used same fix.Worked straight away.Nice one guys!Remembering how to run as administrator was the tricky part!Site now bookmarked.

  33. step 3. cant check automatic startup its not defined.
    i run gpupdate /force and closing rsop popup a message save to rsop,msc?
    Clicking yes chosing sustem32 directory klik yes to replace existing file but cant save rsop.msc because this snap-in was saved in an earlier version of MMC.
    And asking to update tto MMC 3.0
    Clicking Yes says “MMC cannot save console”

    Any thoughts?

  34. For this most recent rash of “Not Genuine” occurrences, first try updating your Java and Silverlight. I had this issue with two separate product keys and after updating Java and Silverlight, it reactivated and seems happy now.

  35. I’ve tried this before and it worked fine, but now it does not work at all. Yes all 3 methods. Now I can do method 1 after doing method 2 and it says it was successful and to restart. BUT the damn “not genuine” pop up is right back when I restart the pc, did Microsoft adapt to your methods? Please help me this is so aggravating since I have a valid copy, but I bought it used from a Radio Shack that no longer is in business.

  36. ” Windows is the far better Operating System that what I recommend for any kind of business works, for personal needs go for Mac. ”

    Welcome to 1990’s thinking.

  37. Method 2: cannot find the KB971033 update file to uninstall? Method 3: “Automatic” is grayed out — how do I make the change??? Thanks!

  38. I am unable to make changes to rsop.msc plug and play because it is in the greyed out colour. How to proceed further?

  39. Thank you, thank you, thank you… Microsoft started bugging me to upgrade to 10 and I can’t computer is too old. Suddenly, after an upgrade! I get windows is not genuine. Called Microsoft, they said my OS 7 was being blocked by Dell!!!! The program came with my computer. Called Dell, they said my computer was 8 years old and that it should not be running 7, only Vista. They said the motherboard was triggered to give the error there was nothing they could do.
    What??? The motherboard was triggered to give OS 7 message because I was not running Vista but had upgraded to OS 7 with a legit operating system? How do you spell conspiracy to get people with old computers to buy new one and upgrade to 10.

  40. when i type that comand in CMD, i get a message “windows script host access is disabled on this machine. contact your administratorfor details”

  41. I had not powered up my Laptop for several months and when I did I got the Windows Is Not Genuine Error… My first attempt was to re-register with my Product Code, but all that got me was a reply saying it was not valid when I know it was as I had purchased a retail copy of Win 7 Pro. So I went to the next option and that was to find out if others were having the same issue. And of course it was yes… I read several sites that promoted “the fix” for this issue. And based on my own experience I chose this site and the fix that Ashik Tricks offered. Well, I can report that it worked the first try and it was a pleasant surprise. Thank you!!!! Keep up the great work!!!

  42. Wow.. Awesome tricks. I was worried so badly :).. Method 1 worked for me.. Thank you so so so so so much Ashik.. Have a good day.!!

  43. My Windows 7 is genuine but this error came up. The SLMGR/REARM worked but when I right click on My Computer and click properties,the system page comes up and it says you have 30 days to activate windows.

    Any idea?

  44. well i tried to do it and for some reasons al the three didnt work pls help
    in first it shows it cannnot find the path
    the second thar kbis not there
    and the third well i cannnot do it there is no option to make it startup

    “his maximum allowed number of rearms has been exceeded. Well, then let’s discuss how to fix this error.” – I RESOLVE THIS AND CHANGE IT FROM 0 TO 1 . THE SLMGR -REARM SAYS THAT SUCCED THE THING IN CMD, BUT WHEN I RESTART ….IT IS NOT RESOLVED…PLS HELP ME.

  46. In the “rsop.msc” method, the Plug and Play file does not (after opening) allow a change in automatic/manual/disabled, (the letters are grey and not black), any suggestions?

  47. I said No to a Windows 10 update, 1 month later Windows Build 7601 error appears*!*
    Thank you for the information, that erased this blandness ~*~
    First Fix Option worked for me:: removed error message 😉

  48. I did this and it worked at first. Now even after doing those steps it’s still coming up my version is not genuine. anyone help?

  49. Thank you so much. It worked perfectly 🙂 🙂 I lost my genuine windows due to some updates and was having so much trouble. Thanks again

  50. thanks for these details but I am having a problem
    I did everything according to the video but not able to go forward after the typing slmgr -rearm it says I have no command whether internal or external
    what to do now please reply to me.

  51. i dont have the activation code for my old restore disk that i used to save my computer i cant resolve the genuine issue without these steps.It worked the first time with just the rearm command, but then i got the issue again so i found the kb97011 or whatever and deleted it, and i was fine for a while. i have followed another guide that got me to delete slui but even after that and the slmgr -rearm command, my os still isnt genuine. any thoughts?

  52. mine isn’t working as its not letting me change to administrator? Can anyone tell me how to do this? I cant run rsop option as it says it doesn’t exist. My computer also says no updates installed????? Can anyone help me as it wont even let me check my back up’s . My copy is genuine and running on Dell computer. As per others i was asked to upgrade to 10 and then when i declined keep getting this message.


  53. Microsoft is constantly harassing customers to upgrade to Windows 10, so that they can kill support for other versions and force those users to use the forums, but also to take away your desire to spend money with a competitor. My Windows 7 is quite genuine, but I get all these harassing ploys constantly now. And you might even upgrade to Windows 10 to “oh, brother, fix the problem already”. But in a short few years Microsoft will do it to you again. And again (because you fell for it the first time, and they declare that this works, and it is “good” marketing). The average American consumer doesn’t seem to get that they control, by simply buying or not; if you continue to buy from Microsoft, this is what you will get, but stop buying, and watch Microsoft stop their shenanigans. Show the market that someone else can make money with a better operating system, and somebody will put it out there. Systems like Umbutu are not that substitute, because they are built for techies, and the common man doesn’t understand the stupid names they give everything, and we don’t now how to piece it all together, and we certainly can’t easily fix it if it breaks. Smart-ass names for files and file structures don’t help anyone. Who is gonna man-up to do this? Who will put a reasonable, low-maintenance, non-extortion-based operating system on the market? Anyone? Beuler? Beuler?

    • Microsoft is moving towards a subscription-based paradigm. Win 10 is the first step. You will soon no longer ever own any software, you must continually subscribe or lose access. Adobe is already doing this. You will never stop paying. It’s a more profitable system for the software companies.

    • I disagree with your assessment of Ubuntu. Going “under the hood” is a techie thing, but so is Windows. I used to run a PC repair business and a lot of the problems with Windows were easy fixes, but people didn’t know how to do it.
      Ordinarily, the average PC user has no clue about how their OS works. They just want it to work when they turn it on and if it doesn’t they just take it to a repair shop. Ubuntu is the same, only most folks have had Windows for many years and know a FEW of the tricks but Linux is completely foreign to them so they don’t know anything about it.

      Best thing to do is download a copy of Ubuntu to a bootable disc and try it out. You don’t have to wipe out Windows or even install Ubuntu. Just run it right off the disc and decide if it’s good for you.

  54. Ashik,

    I have a big problem. Any help is appreciated. I had the Windows not genuine message for quite some time. I was using a pirated version of Windows 7 Ultimate that an IT guy gave me to update from Vista, which was the original operating system with the PC. I was looking into buying a legit copy to go to Windows 7 professional or even to Windows 10, but every site said that it can’t fix non-genuine software issues. So I was stuck. I came across your site today and did the following step, since it fell inline with what I was going through:

    1. Error 1: This maximum allowed number of rearms has been exceeded. Well, then let’s discuss how to fix this error.

    Open Run from Start menu or press Windows button + R.
    Now type: regedit.exe
    Follow this path now: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE -> Software -> Microsoft -> WindowsNT -> Current version -> SoftwareProtectionPlatform.
    Now, look for SkipRearm and click on modify, then change it’s value data from 0 to 1.
    Restart your computer now.

    I re-started and have had black screen since. Did diagnostics and the error for the hard drive keeps coming up. I tried recovery disk that I made and nothing.

    Any suggestions would be awesome!.

  55. I posted my issue a couple of days ago and my post was taken down… second try.

    I did the following step since it matched where I was with my issue. as soon as I restarted, I have black screen and hard drive failure. I need help asap, since this is my business computer. Thanks!

  56. Thank you for the fix. The computer all of a sudden years after install of Windows 7 started saying it was not valid. This fix corrected that problem. I hope it stays that way.

  57. It works for me however it keeps prompting and tried the regedit.exe move it all went well but after I restarted my PC it doesn’t change at all.


  58. I have exceeded my number of rearms. Tried the method of changing skip rearm. Said success but then still would not allow rearms. Removed update KB971033. Still didn’t work. Went to Method 3 and found the Plug & Play, right clicked and got a box that listed Properties or Help as my two choices. I chose Properties. Automatic, Manual or Disabled were the three choices in this box but all were grayed out–not selectable. None of the Methods worked for me.

  59. Awesome fix! What an annoying error. I have genuine MS 7 ultimate and this happened (I think) after an update this past month. Your fix worked! Thanks a bunch. I use this third laptop as a central station automation software emulator for troubleshooting IP based alarm panel communicators. I really needed it to run for my job.

  60. I have used SLMGR -REARM command in the past bt the msg pops up saying the slmgr.vbs file not found on that location..i, did the Modified the skip rearm from 0 to 1 then restarted the computer. I have also removed the windows update KB971033, but nothing is allowing me to get rid of that ‘Windows 7 Build 7601 this copy of Windows is not genuine’. Is there something else I can do that might work?

    plz help me

  61. I have this problem and I was wondering if I should do this before upgrading windows 7 to windows 10 and if not should I do a clean install or a standard upgrade?

  62. This doesn’t work for me with Build 7601.

    I followed all the steps as directed, but no luck, still the cancerous “Not genuine” garbage. I would love any help on this, I’m at the end of my rope…

    • status changed: after 5 mins from restarting,mark disappeared mysteriously….no info in system about expired time of rearm… i have removewat instaled for 6 years,update disabled from now. Tomorrow I’m going to try on second one …So happy ! Thanks !

  63. Does anyone have the problem where when this happens it won’t let you access ANY of your personal files? I’d I have to buy the full version to get my files back i would do so but I don’t want to spend $100 only to find out it was something else.

  64. Thank you for this easy fix, something that works after Microsoft gives so many complicated and unworkable “fixes”.
    I’ve had a legitimate copy of Win7 (2 PCs custom built by a local (MS certified) shop for about 6 years and this has happened twice with ZERO help from Microsoft, a company I have come to despise. And Win10, with its many security holes (I’m very suspicious of an OS this company gives away for free) is an unacceptable replacement.

    The moment they stop supporting Win7 is the day I switch to Ubuntu Linux, a good, free and stable OS that’s close enough to Windows to make it a very small learning curve.

  65. My problem quit same like RyanB problem:
    I cannot get rid of the the “This Copy of Windows Is not Genuine” build 7601. The SLMGR -REARM command has always worked for me, when needed I just refreshed the number of rearms with the procedure described above, but suddenly it stopped working. I dont have black screen, but in the bottom right corner there is the note that its not genuine (build 7601). Ive tried literally everything but nothing works.
    Could anyone help me out? Or is the only solution to download some remove WAT program?

    • I got exactly the same problem. I don’t see this kind of error anywhere else in system. Is there possibility that everything is OK, but only watermark stays?

  66. Hi, I have Windows 7600 error. I do the commanding prompt and that’s not showing restart message. it gave this error message.

    Error 0xC004f025 Access Denied. The requested action requires elevated Privileges. What is that meaning? How i can fix this error?

  67. HELP !!!

    Before this I already try method one and thanks god , it works successfully , my windows fix . But for several months later , this error occur again , I used method 2 and yeah it works again .. But then the same problem occur .
    Now it is worst cause I cannot run slmgr -rearm coz it said my task host disable and i already delete KB folder before this so both of that method won’t work . Is there any other method ? btw i cannot run my regedit.exe cause there is no enable setting there , i myself dunno why .. is there anyone who can help me ? I will really appreciate it

  68. Hey Ashik Tricks ,
    Can You Just Help Me ?
    -— Is The Above Methods Working For all Windows Versions like Windows 8, Windows 10 ….
    I have a DELL INSPIRON 5000 / 5555
    Sorry i am not sure that is it 5000 or 5555 above

    Plz Tell me That Is The Above Methods Also Working For Windows 10 … Plz plz help me ASHIK TRICKS AND ITS COMMENTATORS

    PLZ HELP ME ????

  69. I followed the steps and was able to get rid of the “not genuine” error, however, as soon as I restarted my pc I got a message saying I need to activate windows. Unfortunately the store didn’t give me a windows cd when I purchased my pc. And when I asked about this problem their solution is for me to pay them for an activation key (but they still won’t give me any cd). Any advise would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advanced!

  70. Hi Ashek, I got rid of the not genuine error. This is my second time doing this. I’ve removed the kb1033 file, but my question to you is, how do I update my pc with the pirated version? I did it before, but it was so long ago I have forgotten how to.

  71. Method 2: Steps of fix using Command Prompt WORKS FOR MY GENUINE COPY OF WINDOWS 7 HOME PREMIUM.

    Method 1 didn’t do the trick unfortunately.

  72. Positive my Windows 7 is genuine my dad purchased the laptop from Best buy 5 years ago. I’ve had to do a factory reset before but for the most part it has worked fine all these years. Did a command prompt sfc.scannow and after I restarted I got the Windows 7 Build 7601 not genuine error and have tried all your methods including method 1 multiple times. Since I’ve gotten the error I can’t connect to the internet via WiFi or Ethernet but nothing is wrong with my connection, I don’t know what to do.

  73. HI.
    If i install new windows 7 version than what about my previous version 7’s data?
    its erased or still in system?
    i already have windows 7 and i am getting error.

  74. I tried with comand prompt(as an admin) but it didnt help, next i tried by uninstalling KB*****1033 but the update is not present my computer. RSOP.MSC is too not present. Help!!!!!.

  75. Guys, Can any1 help me to fix this? I tried all the steps and all the suitable methods you have shared..

    I’m getting the ‘command successfully completed’ pop up after doing slgmr -rearm but after reboot I’m still have the ‘windows build 7601 THis copy of windows is not genuine’ notification at the bottom of my screen.

    In addition to that now am also getting a notication pop saying ‘this computer is not running genuine windows’ each time i open control panel or any os components like my computer recycle bin.. so on..

    Pls help fix this. Its driving me crazy ! :O

  76. This has not provided any fix for me can any assist?? can you share your email address. I’ll forward my queries; I’ve tried all the steps but the genuine notification wont go off

  77. The SMLGR/REARM is not working, I’ve tried the rsop.msc but I can’t access the plug and play to change anything, and I’ve deleted the KB971033… help!!

    • And I def don’t have a pirated version… I bought Parallels for my MAC… could it have something to do with being in Parallels?

  78. Thank you so much. This suddenly popped up and the page it sent me to was either a bing search page full of unrelated sites or a verify page that wouldn’t work. There was no way out. This fix worked.

  79. hi i am facing same problem in windows 7 ultimate… i have tried every steps that u have mentioned above… but UNFORTUNATELY I CANT ABLE TO FIX THIS PROBLEM WHY THIS IS HAPPENING…. PLZ HELP ME… i cant able to remove that msg that windows 7 build 7600 the copy of………..not geniune….. what should i do?

  80. heyy. when i entered SLMGR -REARM my system is displaying “this system cannot find the file C:\Windows\System32\slmgr.vbs. “what should i do now.

  81. none of these methods worked for me, let’s start with method 1 when i type SLMGR -REARM OR SLMGR/REARM? a popup shows up with error like this”on a computer running microsoft Windows non-core edition, run ‘slui.exe 0*2a0*c0000022 ”
    for method 2 when i go to view windows updates, it says :No updates are installed on this computer.
    for method 3 in that plug and play properties everything is grayed out and cannot be interact with so i can’t make any changes to the service startup mode.

    PS: sometimes i think if i bought a cemetery, people would actually stop dying. (get it? it’s my bad luck!!)

  82. Thanks much!!! but none of these worked for me. So found the below one, perhaps worth listing as 4th method to resolve this issue.

    1. Find and delete C:\Windows\System32\slui.exe (supply necessary permissions thru file properties if delete fails)
    2. open cmd as administrator and execute slmgr -rearm
    3. Click OK for the popup and restart. you are done.



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