18 Best Sports Streaming Sites to Watch Live Sports Online


We all love watching sports every time.All are a great fan of either football, cricket, baseball, basketball and so on.But work and time have made us so busy that we are unable to watch our favourite sports. It is so sad when we don’t have any idea to watch the derby rivalry or an el classico or a match between New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox or an NBA match between Miami Heat and Boston Celtics.

In this post, you will find 10 best sports streaming sites in which you can use their live sports streaming feature. All of listed sports streaming sites are free and you can use them anytime on any device like your android phone, PC or tablet.

sports streaming sites

Well, I’m here with a solution for it. Sports streaming sites has been growing rapidly nowadays.The reports from various sports channels state that they have been facing some loss in the viewers count of major matches.The analysis done by those channels reports that it is because people are more widely using the sports streaming sites to watch the matches. Now you can guess how much beneficial it is because you don’t have to move away from your workplace or bedroom.You can sit and watch your favourite matches just by entering a sports streaming site.

Hundreds of sports streaming sites are available on the internet.Each day so many new streaming sites are added.Most of the streaming sites are fake and they force you to click different ads.Finally, you’ll end up without watching the match and wasting your valuable time. So today I’m listing you the 9 best sports streaming sites to watch live matches and highlights.

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Features of these sports streaming sites:

Here, we are listing some of the common features of below listed best sports streaming site which I hope you will love to hear about as well.

  1. Free Sports Streaming: It is the first thing which we had kept in mind while listing 10 best free sports streaming sites. Team of Ashik Tricks has visited each of sports streaming site before listing it here.
  2. Less Number of Ads Preferred: Though, each and every site listed below has some ads but still we have ranked all sites in order of better user experience too. Sports streaming sites which was providing good user experience is ranked higher.
  3. Variety of Sports: As there are tons of different sports which are available on below sports streaming sites. So, those streaming sites which was providing free sports streaming of more sports is ranked higher in list.

Top 18 Best Free Sports Streaming sites to try out now:

1. WatchESPN – espn.go.com

espn is one of best sports streaming site. Moreover, it is official so you can expect a good user experience too.

I don’t want to introduce this site to you because if you are sports fan you won’t have any day in your life without watching this channel.This time, ESPN had done a great move by providing the live sports streaming site to watch your favourite sports.But these features are limited to only US users.ESPN had partnered with major TV providers in US to stream live matches.

You can watch any sports like football, hockey, basketball, baseball, cricket and other sports as well.There are 3 categories named Live Now, Upcoming and Replay.They also stream HD videos on mobile and computers.So you can watch the match with full clarity and quality. They also have their own app for Android, iOS and Windows users to watch the match instantly from the mobile.

Feature of this site:

  1. One of best sports streaming sites which provide high speed mirrors.
  2. User Interface of this site is completely clean.
  3. You can watch live matches, Replay and can check Upcoming matches also.

2. StreamSports.me

streamsports provides free sports streaming for various sports.

StreamSports is yet another best sports streaming sites to look onto in 2017.They have entered into the streaming world recently, but within this stipulated time, they have attracted a lot of visitors by their good services. They stream almost every sports in the world.You can know all the information about the live watch right from the home page.You can also check if there is any link to the live streaming.

One of the standalone features about this site is they don’t show any kind of irritating ads and links in their website.The site is totally clean and easier to navigate.

Features of this site:

  1. Check your favourite shows in two sections – Live Streams & Highlights
  2. Provides live streaming of Football, Basketball, American Football.

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3. LiveTV.sx

top sports streaming site is livetv

Sports streaming sites with a better and easier navigation is a blessing and LiveTV fullfills this wish.This superb sports streaming site gives you full information about all the upcoming and live matches. They also show the major match of the day on the top of the website.On the left side, they show the sports category to choose.On the right side of the homepage, they display the schedules of the matches and below they also show the point table of the major leagues like EPL(English Premier League).

Registration in LiveTV is mandatory and once you get registered you will get full access to the site to enjoy the upcoming matches.

Features of this site:

  1. It is one of best sports streaming sites which provide free access to various live sports events.
  2. Provides option of Live Score also.
  3. You can also do betting there.

4. BossCast.net

free sports streaming service provided by bosscast is simply amazing.

BossCast is one of the cleanest sports streaming sites I had ever visited. The site is structured in a simple way so that you can access every feature easily.

On the centre of the site, there is a schedule list from where you can choose your desired match to stream live.There is a timezone button on top in which you can change the timezone(by default it is matched with the location).On the right side, there is the chat room where people who are interested in sports come online to chat with people of similar tastes.The chat room is strict and you are only allowed to talk sports.The site loads fastly due to its simple design.

Features of this site:

  1. Provides live streaming of various channels like ESPN, ESPN2, EURO Sports, NBA TV etc.
  2. You can check list of event sorted on basis of date.
  3. It is one of best sports streaming sites.

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5. FirstRowSports – gofirstrow.eu

FirstRowSports is yet another best sports streaming sites where you can watch all your favourite sports easily.The site provides live streaming facilities for games like ice hockey, volleyball, handball which none of its rivals don’t provide.

You can also watch all other major sports.This site shows the schedule of the day when you select a sport.From there you can get the link to the live streaming page.  One negative thing about the site is the site opens various ads for each and every click in the site.That’s so irritating and can also reduce the speed of the internet. The site streams high-quality videos for free.

Features of this site:

  1. Provides live streaming of football, tennis & boxing etc.
  2. Completely free sports streaming site.
  3. You can also check Time Zone from site.

6. Laola1.tv

laola 1 is another free sports streaming site.

Laola1 is yet another best sports streaming sites that stream almost every matches around the globe. At the first visit, you will feel utterly confused due to its congested user interface.Everything is disordered and you can merely identify the login and live buttons.So just click on the login button and sign up/login to the site.After some time, you will become familiar with the site and you can watch all your favourite matches. They also provide a premium account which give access to you to stream in HD quality and the advertisements are also very less as compared to the free version.

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7. VIPbox.tv

If you want to access every sports and game under one hood, then VIPbox is the best place for you. VIPbox is a sports streaming sites where you can watch all the live streaming sports available.The homepage displays different sports categories and you can choose your desired game.The games vary from football to NASCAR racing to Snooker.

There is a live now button on the navigation bar to see all the live streaming matches available at a particular time.You can also change the language of the site to your native language(few languages are available).

8. FootyFire.com

If you are an avid Football lover, then FootyFire is for you.FootyFire is a superb sports streaming sites that allow you to watch all the sports matches online. This site directly displays the match schedules along with the link to streaming page.Although the site is made specifically for football, you can also watch other sports like rugby, tennis, baseball and many other games.

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9. Stream2U-tv.me

Stream2U is a good sport streaming sites.This site is similar to other sports streaming sites.You can watch basketball, football, rugby and many other sports.You will get good quality streaming for free. You can see the schedules of the matches right from the homepage.

10. AllSport-Live.net

Here, we are back with a new sports streaming site on which you can watch live watches online. Moreover, you can watch matches of different countries USA, Dubai, Romania etc. You can also check live score on this sports site for free. There is no need of sign up to watch live matches on this sports streaming site. Don’t expect much from this site, but still you can give it a try.

11. VIPLeague.tv

Here comes another one of top free sports streaming sites on which free sports streaming of various sports like Soccer, Football, Basketball, Baseball, Formula 1, AFL, Rugby and boxing etc. Recently, Vip League was banned in India and some other countries too, but still you can enjoy these sites using proxy servers.

Best thing of this sports streaming site is that there is no need to put any credit card details to enjoy free sports streaming. This site is having millions of monthly Page views as they are leader of free sports streaming. You must give this top free sports streaming site a try if you want to enjoy free sports streaming.

12. StarSports.com

StarSports is a official sports streaming site on which you can enjoy free sports streaming of every sport which is telecasted on Star Sports. This site provides live matches streaming, highlights of old matches, sports news, scorecard and matches predictions too. For mobile users, they have their android and iOS apps too so that you can enjoy free sports streaming anywhere, anytime on your mobile phone even. It is one of best sports streaming site for guys who are interested in cricket, football and kabaddi especially.

More sites:

13. fromhot.com

14. stream2watch.co

15. batmanstream.com

16. streamwoop.com

17. footywire.com

18. myp2p.ec

Final Verdict

Watching sports is very interesting for all of us. You will become impatient and sad if you miss your favourite team’s match. We have listed you the 18 best sports streaming sites that will allow you to watch all the sports matches live. But the only thing you have to take care is you must need a good internet speed since you are watching the matches live. Else it will be very boring to watch the buffering game. All the sites mentioned above are free(some also have the premium account) to stream all your favourite live matches. But some of the official sites like NBA, MLB and UEFA also streams every major match is super HD quality. But you have to pay for it.

Hope you enjoyed the reading and do share with your friends to make sure that they also know about live streaming sites.


  1. Its a Awesome collection of best free sports streaming sites, I use TEN sports and Watch ESPN to watch live sports online. Thanks for sharing this list..

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