8 Best Snapchat Secrets and Tricks 2017


Aren’t you a Snapchat user? Well, you have got a reason to jump out of joy now as I am going to share some of the cool Snapchat tricks and secrets through this post. Being started in 2011, Snapchat has come a long way to become one of the popular social media apps in the world. A few months after the release, only in October, the number of images that get shared each day crossed 20 million. You may already know that there are secret Snapchat tricks, not everyone knows of.

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Snapchat Secrets and Tricks 2017

snapchat secrets for iphone 2016

So you are up to know Snapchat tips and secrets, don’t you? I have collected a bunch of tricks to entice you up. You can amaze your friends by making use of them.

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#1. Switch between Cameras while Recording a Video

Here comes one of the simple yet awesome Snapchat secrets.

I assume you have the habit of uploading videos to Snapchat. Chances are you used either the front camera or the rear camera, didn’t you?

But it is possible to switch between cameras during the process of recording on contrary to your phone’s default camera.

Even after changing the cams, you will never feel any interruptions in the recording no matter how often or how many times you do it.

#2. Add Multiple Lines of Text

snapchat secrets 2016

Do you think it is impossible to type texts in multiple lines? Then, this Snapchat trick is going to change your mind.

I hope you have a memo or notes app on your phone. Open it and go to New Note option. You will get a text field here. Tap on the field and hit Return key (on iOS) or Enter (on Android) multiple times (3 or 4).

Now, copy the entire thing (you may think that the field is blank. But it’s not!). And, head over to the Snapchat app and choose the photo on which you want to add the caption.

Paste the copied thing into the field there. You can navigate to any line to add text now.

#3. Skim through the Boring Snaps

Sometimes, you wish to go back to 240 seconds back after watching a snap. But not anymore!

Now, you can skip through boring snaps to save time. In order to do that, you have to tap on the screen. You will get a concise version of the snaps so that it becomes easy to decide whether to open it or not.

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#4. Uncover Hidden Colors

snapchat secrets and tricks 2016

Drawing on your photos is one of the coolest things one can do on Snapchat. But you might have already noticed that not all the colors are available on that rainbow panel.

That’s where this one becomes one of the best Snapchat secrets.

Whenever you want to try out the unavailable colors like black, white or pink, you need to drag your fingers from the color panel to various corners of the screen. Then, you will get the colors that are not present on the panel.

#5. Blowup Emojis

You have read four Snapchat secrets no one knows about.

The next Snapchat hack helps you resize emojis to look appealing as sometimes the default size of them seems less sensible.

You have to choose an emoji first. Just tap on one from the set to have it on your image. Then, you have to hold on the ‘x’ button on the top-right corner of the screen. After that, you need to use your both fingers to pinch in and out to make the emoji smaller and bigger respectively.

#6. Save Snaps from Your Friends

It was possible to save snaps from your friends with the help of third-party apps. But about a couple of years ago, Snapchat have shut down the apps that helped us save the snaps, leaving us with a dilemma.

Do you think it is impossible to save snaps now?

Have you ever thought of taking a screenshot? Yeah, Snapchat notifies the snap creator with the info that you took a screenshot. But following the Snapchat secret tip below will be a rescue here.

Just open any snap, which you want to save. Now, turn on flight mode (or airplane mode). By the time you activate the same, the Snapchat app will not be able to contact the server and at this very moment, you can go back to the application for taking the screenshot.

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#7. Add Multiple Filters

Don’t you know you can add multiple filters to your snaps? Wonder how?? Just read further.

When you choose an image, just slide to left or right to select one filter. You know it is not a new feature. But here, you can see a filter. To add the second one, you have to tap on the snap with one finger and slide similarly with another one. Then, you will see two filters on the same image.

#8. Night Mode Camera

Low lighting conditions cause trouble to even the best smartphone camera out there. That’s why Snapchat has integrated a night mode camera. You can activate this option for brightening up the media you capture.

snapchat secrets tips and tricks android

Additionally, you can turn on the front-camera flash that adds an extra bit of white level to the image so that, the image becomes brighter enough. And, you will not find the image with washed-out colors or excessive brightness level.

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Wrapping Up

I hope you have found these eight Snapchat secrets tips and tricks useful. If you know more, don’t forget to share the same over here as it will help both me and other readers as well.

I know a few other tips are out there. You can easily uncover most of the hidden Snapchat secret features just by dedicating time to use the app. Most of the tricks shared here are found accidentally during the usage.

In case you find any difficulty in enabling any of the tips given above, feel free to share it with me. Before that, you must make sure that the app is up-to-date.

Don’t forget to share these awesome Snapchat secrets with your social media fellas.


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