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Today I’m sharing the best way to run android apps on PC with Bluestacks. Most of us uses the android smartphone, it has been became a prestigious affair of owing a smartphone. Which are very essential today for any one who lives in this Technology World. Have you ever thought about to run android apps on PC or mac? If you ask Me I’ll say big YES, it is possible with the bunch of best android emulators for PC available in the internet. Bluestacks is the best among them to run android apps on PC and even for Mac computers. This a just a software which turns your PC into handy android device. It doesn’t replace your entire Operating System, It just installs as other. Isn’t it sounds cool, Let me explain.

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As you know, I’m fond of android devices, it is difficult to work on android and my in laptop simultaneously, in order to overcome this I went in search of android emulators then I found Bluestack perform well then Youwave and Andy…etc. After performing the 1-month usage of this software, I’m going to review it today. You can also check here for Bitdefender Internet security 2015 free key.

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Whats is Bluestacks?

Bluestacks is just a software or Android emulator that helps you to install  and run android apps on PC for free without any installation unlike Windows or Mac OS X. You can also root your bluestack with the one click android root for optimum benefit. It is designed as the android phone works! so you won’t find any difference between those. Bluestack is officially available for both Windows and Mac computers. It is the best ways to run android on PC according to my experience with it.

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Why Bluestacks is best software to run Android apps on PC?

As you know, Smartphones are handy devices, No longer how expert you are, If you make any mistakes while rooting, installing custom ROMs or flashing it may completely destroy the inbuilt software and make the phone useless. As a technology blog admin, I should try the various apps for android and test them, It is difficult to test in android and to take note in PC, for those folks like me Bluestacks is the best software to run android apps on PC.

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How to use BlueStacks to run android apps on PC  Mac

This is a freeware software you can download it for windows here for mac users download Bluestacks here. By the default Bluestacks is an online installer size around 200 MB can be downloaded to your PC with few minutes according your internet Speed. It is also available in the offline installer you need top search a bit in internet to find a working one.

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Open the Bluestacks after installed to our PC, for the first time installation it takes some time to load android with inbuilt apps. Then you’ll get the Android home screen in the Bluestacks. All you need to do is use your mouse a finger to navigate in your computer. Then rush to the Play store and install best android apps for your bluestacks. If you’re a student like me then install college student apps. It same as you do with your android phone. It is easy to install and uninstall android apps in Bluestacks. Using Bluestacks you can  perform all the actions that can be done in the android devices, If you have touch screen laptops then it you can easily transform your laptop to android without breaking your bank with the help of bluestacks. It looks something like below.

Run android apps on PC with Bluestacks


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Wrapping It up,

By this way you can install and run android apps on PC, If you’re a tech geek who tries out all new apps and make most out of android then Bluestacks is the best way to make it true. With the can play android games run android apps on PC without any android devices. We’ll come with the new software’s to run android apps on PC so request you to bookmark this page for upcoming updates.

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