100+ Psychedelic and Trippy backgrounds to use as Wallpapers


Trippy Backgrounds

So guys, on special request of our users We Ashik Tricks is back with trippy backgrounds which is also known as Psychedelic backgrounds. Many of our readers don’t even known about Trippy Backgrounds, So let me introduce Trippy background to our users. As, trippy backgrounds and psychedelic backgrounds has a lot of searches now a days. Most of want to set psychedelic wallpapers and trippy wallpapers in their computers, mac and mobiles. So, if you are looking for awesome trippy wallpapers or psychedelic wallpapers, then you are at right place.

Trippy Backgrounds which we are sharing here are of different resolutions and are of different size. In this post of Trippy Background and Psychedelic backgrounds, we will share our whole collection of trippy background. I hope you will love these Psychedelic backgrounds, and will use them as your desktop or laptop wallpaper. So before sharing trippy backgrounds and psychedelic backgrounds, let me tell you what is psychedelic background and trippy background basically.

What are Trippy backgrounds or Psychedelic backgrounds?

Trippy Backgrounds or Psychedelic backgrounds are basically optical illusions and indiscriminate patterns which is totally refreshing to use as desktop wallpaper. But, still If you are interested read more about trippy background or Psychedelic backgrounds, than you can refer this guide on Wikipedia.

Features of Trippy and Psychedelic backgrounds:

There are some exciting features of Psychedelic backgrounds & Trippy background like:

  1. Trippy Wallpapers denotes creativity.
  2. There are some trippy backgrounds that move also.
  3. Trippy & Psychedelic are simply awesome backgrounds.

Trippy backgrounds create some issues of dizziness issues sometimes. So, if you are facing this issue continuously, then you must try out other wallpapers like nature wallpapers, animal wallpapers etc.

How to save below Trippy & Psychedelic backgrounds?

If you are a Windows user, then follow below steps to use below trippy background as your Windows home screen wallpaper.

  • Just, Right click on any of below wallpaper.
  • Click on Save Image as.
  • Enter any file name and Click on Save.

If you are visiting our blog from an android mobile, then follow below steps.

  • Just, Tap on any of below Psychedelic background.
  • Click on Save Image as.
  • Click on Save.

Psychedelic backgrounds

Below, you can check out best psychedelic backgrounds which our team has hand picked manually. These trippy backgrounds are of different resolutions as I have stated earlier also. So, you must try these Psychedelic backgrounds and trippy backgrounds.
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trippy backgrounds 2015

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Above, we have shared psychedelic backgrounds and trippy backgrounds which you will like for sure.  You can also call them as psychedelic wallpapers and trippy wallpapers. So, it was latest trippy wallpapers and psychedelic wallpapers which I think are best and you must try them by applying these backgrounds as wallpaper of your computer. Which trippy background or psychedelic background you liked much?

We would like to listen it below in comments.


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