How to Increase Download Speed? 5 Steps That Give You Big Results!


Complete Tutorial On How to Increase Your Download Speed

Today I’m pretty excited to share some working methods on How to increase download speed 2017.  As you know with the internet you can download anything in anywhere at any time, if you have stable and high bandwidth plan. Are you getting the maximum speed allocated by your Internet Service provider? If Yes then your ISP doing a great job, If your answer is No then it need some work to increase your internet speed for free of cost! To overcome speed capping issue and to get succeed in achieving the maximum speed that allowed by your ISP you need to follow some of the below-mentioned tweaks to increase download speed.

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How to increase download Speed

As you knew there are various ways to connect to Internet, like Broadband, WiFi, 3G Dongle and shared Internet..etc These methods of increasing the download speed works for all the above mentioned modes of connecting internet. Please not these tweaks doesn’t make any difference when you crossed your FUP (Fair Usage Policy) limit. it works only to increase download speed when your speed is not capped by your ISP. There is no way to increase download speed when you’re ISP capped , unless you upgrade for higher plans.

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Why Will Your Download Speed Suck?

Yes, you often heard or even experienced the slow speed while you’re downloading any stuff via internet. It difficult to guess how your download speed get sucked, it may be of poor network coverage or Router and dozens of other factor which either directly or indirectly affects your internet speed. In this step by step guide we’ll walk you through the steps to increase download speed, it may computer PC or Android smart phone.


How To Increase Download Speed In 2017

So here we’ve some of the ethical cum permanent ways to increase download speed. Follow this complete checklist to get succeeded to speed up your internet speed.

Check your Internet Speed and Note it Down

Before you begin to increase your download speed, you need to check your Internet speed right now before you  implement these techniques. I recommend you to check our post which has best online speed test tools you need to test right now.  Once you got your average down and Uprates, You need to note it down somewhere so that we can compare it with later results.


A Beginner Guide on How to increase Internet Speed

Here we’ve 5 ethical ways, by which you can increase download speed. If you need better results I say should try to complete these steps for higher result. Let us dive In!


# 1. Use IDM: Easy Way To Increase Download Speed

Internet Download Manager (IDM) is the old and best way to manage all your downloads using one software. According to a survey says it increase download speed by 101% when it compared with same ISP without IDM.  The reason behind this huge difference is it splits your files that you need to download into different parts to increase download speed along with full resume support. With the help of IDM it has become an easy task to download required files with full speed without any hassle. Best part it is free along with 1-week trial, you can buy the original license to get pro features with lifetime validity.

Features of Internet Download Manager (IDM):

  • Case study says that it increase download speed by 100% .
  • Full resume supported.
  • Advanced queue options to schedule your downloads.
  • Capable of multiple downloads.
  • Proxy and Socks supported.
  • Equipped with secure site logins.
  • All file formats are supported, you can even add your desired file format.
  • Site grabber added for user convenient.

I’ll recommend you to get Download Manager right now and install it in your Computer so that it’ll take care about your all your downloads without anywhere else!

Link to -> Internet Download Manager


#2. Use The Fastest DNS Servers – Increase Internet Speed

DNS servers play a key role to increase your download speed. Since long ago Open DNS had the lion share in the DNS industry, but now Google acquired by launching Google Public DNS ( or . There are many tools to find the fastest DNS server’s, but Myself I love DNS benchmark by GRC which far better tool to find DNS servers.

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How to Increase download Speed with DNS


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How to find fastest DNS according to your ISP:

  • First of all you need to download DNS Benchmark. (only 150 KB)
  • Just click on the software that you’ve downloaded. ( No installation, it just run’s )
  • Then it check your internet connectivity, you need click on the “Run Benchmark”.
  • Expect to wait for around 5-10 minutes, it scans for fastest DNS servers and give the best one.
  • Choose the 2 DNS serves which has shorter bars.
  • Then you need to Goto Control Panel > Network and Internet > Network and Sharing Center > Change Adapter Settings  (In left-hand Side).
  • Choose your local area network and right-click on it, then click on the Properties >  slide download and Select Internet protocol 4 and enter your DNS server. then click OK.

By Changing the DNS server you’ll notice rapid increase download speed, when it compared to past without suitable DNS server. You can also enter the Google open DNS which is fastest DNS servers in my city, better you give a try!


# 3. Scan for any Virus or Spyware – Must To Increase Your Internet Speed

Remove virus to Increase Download Speed

Do you know even virus can be the culprit to cause slowing down of your internet download speed. Even I don’t know a virus can cause this kind of problems in the both computer or smartphone, I became to know when my PC got infected by virus and almost I’ll get 0 KB/S download speed even in IDM. Then I scanned my system with Good antivirus and killed the culprit who diminished my download speed. I’ll recommend you to scan your Computer or PC with a best antivirus software and clean the virus if you have. It may increase your internet speed as well as download. I prefer Bitdefender which is considered as best antivirus. You can grab Bitdefender internet security free Key, which will help you for great extent.

4. Use fastest Router or Modem for Better Results – Increase Download Speed

This will often a big problem behind your Slow download speed. Assume your Modem has maximum bandwidth allowance of 21.1 mbps, then how will you expect more than 2.5 MBPS download rate!. This is another great aspect to check if experience slower internet speed than your ISP promised. You need to update either Modem or router to increase internet speed or download speed. If you found your Modem has enough power, then I’ll say skip this step. In order to know your Modem or Router’s maximum bandwidth you can check your warranty or box for details. Either if you know the model number you can Google it!

>> Get Fast and reliable Modem Or Routers <<

5. Upgrade your Computer configuration- For Better Speed

Yes! even the computer hardware’s matters when it come for internet speed. If you’ve low computer configuration but high-speed internet connectivity, you’ll be ended up with slow internet or download speed. You’ll notice that your PC will be frozen when you download multiple files simultaneously, even there is no wonder if your computer restarts without any prior warning. I recommend to have the decent configuration for a decent internet speed that you’ve paid for. To check your Computer configuration Download the program called CPU-Z, to know what your PC made up of.

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I’ve mentioned the Minimum and decent computer requirements to increase internet speed without upgrading your current plan.

Minimum requirement:

  • 1 GB of RAM.
  • Dual Core processors for optimum performance. ( Pentium or Core 2 )
  • Integrated Graphics for best video playback in online.


Recommended requirement:

  • 4 GB of RAM.
  • Quad core processor. ( Intel i5 or AMD)
  • Dedicated Graphics for best performance.

You can also check out our post on how to use pendrive as RAM to boost your computer performance when you are not capable of upgrading your computer to increase download speed.

Check Your Internet speed once again

Once you’ve successfully adapted these tweaks to boost your download speed, you need to check your internet speed once again. Compare the results with previous one, you’ll notice a significant increase in your download and upload rates. If your comparison results is negotiable, then you need to carefully look after the changes you’ve made earlier to tweak it for optimum output.

Some of the Tips to increase download speed

  • Don’t download more than one file simultaneously.
  • Don’t download any file in Peek hours like afternoon and evening. Try to download in Morning of Night for maximum speed.
  • If you’re using proxies or VPN, then use Elite or High-anonymous proxies for high speed.
  • Don’t upload any data while downloading, this may diminish your Download rate.

Note: I don’t guarantee you that these methods works 100% for you. I my case I increased my internet speed with these techniques. Ashik Tricks is not responsible if you are not able to increase download speed.


Some units you need to know:

  • MBps = Mega Bits Per Sec.
  • mbps = Mega Byte Per Sec.



Fastest and unlimited internet is everyone’s dream. With the help of internet you can download anything if you have decent download speed. We’ve provided some of the best and working methods to increase download speed so that you get maximum Speed offered by your internet service provider. You can use all these methods to increase internet download speed when you feel your internet speed sucks!

I recommend you to bookmark this page, as I update it whenever I found some useful information about How to increase download speed”. 

Is there any other method by which you can increase download speed? Let me know


  1. The situation could be frustrating and can go a long way to slowing down your system’s speed. What do you do at this time? There is need to delete those unnecessary files.

  2. Do not worry if you want to remove the blocked files or too long path files from your system, here I suggest a smooth way. Use “Long path tool” software and keep yourself cool.


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