Hulu Plus Vs Netflix – Which Movie Streaming Site is Better?


Welcome, Dear Reader on Ashik Tricks. Here I have come up with another new and interesting review based post that is Hulu Plus vs Netflix. Hope you will like this comparison of Hulu Plus and Netflix. As the number of movie streaming sites are increasing day by day, so most of the guys are looking for a guide in which all of these giants are compared. So today, we are comparing both Hulu Plus and Netflix or you can say we are posting on Hulu Plus vs Netflix.

We are living in a modern era, our all generation are over the internet. We are doing all the essential things online. We do listen to music online, we are doing shopping online, online bill payment and many things. For the entertainment purpose, in our home, we use to watch Television. But in this modern era, why we are running behind T.V, cable, and Dish. Just use an awesome resource “Internet” which is available to us.

hulu plus vs netflix
hulu plus vs netflix

Hulu Plus & Netflix:

Yes, there are many apps which provide online streaming of the T.V shows as well as Movies. Hulu Plus and Netflix are also the same apps. These both the app provides streaming of movies and shows. So you can watch any of the movies or show without D.T.H and cable, either on your phone or on your Smart T.V which supports the internet.

But here in this post, we are for review of the Hulu Plus and Netflix, we will discuss that which is better Hulu Plus or Netflix. So now let’s come to the comparison part. First, we will cover the features, pros, and cons of Hulu Plus, then further we will cover Netflix.

Hulu Plus:

Hulu Plus is a streaming app, which provides streaming of the Television shows as well as movies. So now I will put out some Good features of the Hulu plus and also I will figure out the disadvantages of the Hulu Plus.

Current TV Shows

Hulu Plus offers a huge collection of current-season TV shows, so if you are a lover of T.V shows then you can go with Hulu Plus app. The main advantage of this app is that its provide current season T.V show. So you may enjoy current ongoing season serial on Hulu Plus.

Current T.V shows are the strongest point of the Hulu Plus. In some of the current shows, with Hulu App, you can only watch current five episodes. So you can not watch long that T.V shows.

Hulu Plus, now also working on providing all episodes of the old T.V shows too. So Hulu is now offering some old shows with full episodes.


It offers a short collection of Movies too, the collection of movies are short but not worst. The collection of movies provided by the Hulu Plus is amazing you will enjoy the movies collection.


Now come to the price of Hulu Plus. The price of Hulu Plus app is  $7.99 per month. That mean you can enjoy huge features and services in only $7.99 per month.

Disadvantages of Hulu Plus

The main disadvantage of Hulu Plus is, it provide ads in the app. We all know that ads annoy users. So sometimes you may get some problem due to the advertisement in the app. But not to worry more it will not create more disturbance. The user has authority to customize the ads. You can choose, which kinds of Ads you want to see on Hulu.

The collection of original content in Hulu is not so huge, but they provide huge collection of current shows by arranging them.

You can focus on the features of the Hulu Plus rather than disadvantages.


Welcome to the section of Netflix, here I will review the Netflix. As I am also a Netflix user since last 3 months. So on the base of my experience with Netflix, I will share features of Netflix and some of the disadvantages.

Netflix has a huge collection, we may say a huge library of the original content, which includes movies, TV shows, and comedy shows etc. Netflix offers original contents.

The one of the main advantages of Netflix, which I want to mention here that is it is ad free. That when you will watch streaming on Netflix you will not see the advertisement anywhere in the app. Ad free app, improve the user experiences.

T.V Shows

If you want to watch any old T.V shows then all the original episode of that show will be available in the Netflix app. Netflix provides a huge collection of T.V shows. They also provide some current season show episodes, but you will get episodes after a couple of or single week in your Netflix subscription Plan.


NetFlix is best known for their movies collection. Any type of movies, any movies collection you can probably watch on Netflix. They have a wide range of all movies collection. You will almost all the movies in the Netflix. So you can watch your favorite movies in the Netflix app.

DVD Series

Netflix also offers DVD series of any T.V shows series and movies which are available on Netflix. But additionally, they charge some prices for the DVD.


The price is the same as Hulu plus. Netflix also charges 7.99$ for their services. So you can enjoy the amazing services by Netflix in only 7.99$ per month.

Disadvantages of NetFlix

The main disadvantages with Netflix are that they do not provide the latest T.V shows episodes. They have an old collection of the T.V shows episodes, but they do not have the current season shows episodes. The reason behind this disadvantages of Netflix, that they focus to provides original content.

Wrapped up:

Thank you so much for being on this post in this post I have given a complete review on Netflix and Hulu Plus. So both the app are best at their own place and at the rate of their own features. All the features, pros and cons of both the app I have mentioned above. So you can judge which one is the best suited for you.

The price of the same of the both the apps. Hulu plus strong point is, they provides current season T.V shows. Netflix has a huge collection of the Movies. One more advantage with Netflix is, it is the ad-free platform of streaming app.

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