Easy ways to Fix Water Damaged Phone


So today we’re here to explain how to repair Water damaged phone with simple and easy steps. Is your Android smartphone accidentally dropped in water? Here is a complete guide to fixing water damaged phone. Smartphones are transforming as the lifeblood today due to its portability. The same portability is the main reason behind the android smartphone destruction. We most often use the mobile phones today. As you know no one is perfect suppose if your android smartphone fell into the water ! what to do? Can’t we offer for the new one? then we started searching for the can a water damaged phone be repaired? similar queries. So don’t panic here we have included the Complete best ways to fix water damaged cell phones. Read the tutorial till the end to recover your water damaged the phoneYou can also check out our new post on selecting best android phone 2017 with waterproof

Fix water damaged phone even iphone

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What are the parts that get damaged when a phone is dropped in water?

Smartphones are handy devices, in which a single motherboard is a room for all essential other components like CPU, Ram, and others minute parts are attached. The main pores by which the water flow in the phones are Charging port, headphone jack, microphone pores and Speakers eventual these are the top parts in the list, get damaged in water dropped phones. Once the water enters into the phone, the parts like phone screen, and motherboard get damaged. If the motherboard get damaged which make the android phone a playing toys for children’s.  It is nearly impossible to give life to the water damaged the phone. If it is possible it would near to the cost of the original phone price.

Note: Longer the phone stays in the water, Impossible it to get repaired.

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how to fix water damaged phone with 2 methods | iPhone or Android

#1. How to fix phone water damage repair with rice | Evergreen method

Rice ! yes, you can repair water damaged phone with rice. So it is a simple and easy method to save the wet phone. Let us assume you have accidentally dropped your android phone into water, Follow the steps carefully to fix the water damaged phone to give a life for it once again.

immediately  take the phone out of the Water

This is the first step in saving your android phone after dropped in water, take it as soon as possible. Since it is handy devices which as many minutes holes, when water enter through these pores and riches the motherboard before that you have to take your phone out. If phones stay longer in the water it gets damaged a lot even short-circuit may occur if water enters main board circuit. Your will not damaged if it taken immediately out the water.

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After taken out remove all removable parts

Once you have taken out your phone from the water you need to remove battery, SIM cards, memory or SD cards, back panel, stylus…etc and place it in the tissue paper or cotton cloth or any soft piece of clothes. Recommended is tissue paper, it has high absorption rate. After that wipe your phone gently with soft cloths try to remove water in externally.

Note:  Never ever try to power on or boot your Smartphone. It may lead to the completely ruin your phone. Because when you power it on water content in the mother reacts with electric charge caused the short-circuit.

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Dip your wet phone in the bowl of rice

After following the above guideline to fix water damaged phone or iPhone. Next step is crucial, You need to take the bowl of rice, then immerse your damaged phone in it. Leave it for around 24 hours to dry. Change the position or posture of the phone that placed in the rice every 4-6 hours for complete drying.  While this step don’t try to power up the phone.

iPhone in rice to fix water damaged phone


If all is correct then your phone will be, after 24 hours power on your smartphone. It will power on if you followed the above guidelines carefully. If it fails then try the below alternate method to fix water damaged phone.

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#2.  How to fix water damaged phone with rubbing alcohol

For this we are using the Isopropyl alcohol, to fix water damaged phone. This type is not going to work for all it works for some. If the rice isn’t best fix water damaged phone, All you need in this process is isopropyl Alcohol which is available in the chemist shop.

Take a container larger than phone

Take the container that’s larger and deeper than the phone size. Take the transparent container to observe the action. take a clean and tidy container without any water or moisture content in order to fix water damaged phone.

Pour the isopropyl alcohol


Then you need to pour the isopropyl alcohol in the container. submerge the phone inside the alcohol for around 20-30 Minutes.The Isopropyl alcohol removes the moisture and water content from the phone. then take the phone out from the container leave it overnight, After put your phone battery and boot your phone it will power up! this method is used to fix water damaged iPhone.

This method is considered to the fast and easy to fix your water damaged phone when it compared with rice. If even this both methods doesn’t help you to fix water damaged phone the better you take it to the Service center to get it back.

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Do’s and Don’ts to fix the water damaged a phone.


  • Immediately take the phone when it dropped in the water.
  • Remove battery, SIM cards, memory cards and back panel.
  • Gently wipe the phone with Cotton or the soft cloth.
  • Dip the in the bowl of uncooked rice (or)
  • Submerge in the water damaged the phone in isopropyl alcohol.
  • If still the problem exists take to the service center.

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  • Don’t panic!
  • Don’t Power up the phone after taken out from the water.
  • Don’t let your phone wet phone dry in the sunlight.
  • Don’t use the hair dryer to dry up your phone.
  • Don’t try to remove the motherboard and other parts.

Precautions to take care of your phone.

  • Never take your phone near water resource like Swimming pool, ponds or any others.
  • Don’t give your phone to the children’s.
  • Avoid to take liquids, while holding your phone.
  •  Try to have the phone covers and flip covers it will reduces the maximum when your phone dropped in any liquid.
  • If you have high-end phones, don’t take even if you dropped and taken it in water after 20-30 minutes.
  • Always take care of your phone whenever , wherever and however you are !

Final words,

Once you have followed these tips your phone will last for next 2-3 years. Although this guides is about to fix water damaged phone. Smartphones are sensitive devices, even a small damage can cause them to work unusual.”Precaution is better than cure” so take care of your phone for long run. If it happens follow this tutorial. If you like this article please bookmark this we will update this “how to fix water damaged phone ” frequently.

Hope you all like this, Then what are you waiting for free feel to share with your friends and relatives. If you still have any queries, suggestion don’t hesitate to leave a comment below.


  1. my phone was dropped in water for nearly 15 min and i dried it for 20 min in sunlight and after that even there was water content on my screen but i tried to on it. will these steps wok for me now

  2. Will definitely refer to this the next time I have a water damage problem. I went swimming with my last iPhone 5 for about 5 minutes without realizing it, tried the rice in a bowl method, and I failed. Probably because I didn’t move it around every 4-6 hours and because I tried turning it on several times in the process. Ended up bringing it in to a repair shop for the last attempt and by then it was apparently too late. Thanks for the read!


  3. The rice method is not so effective. Isopropyl alcohol is the way to go when it comes to cleaning corroded parts. You can check out an article I wrote recently on my website.


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