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So guys, We Ashik Tricks is back again with Google chrome offline installer. As, recently I was searching about Google Chrome 64 bit Offline Installer, but I was unable to get required thing. So, I thought of searching Google Chrome Full download, but that time as well I was unable to get required Google chrome offline installer. At last, I tried with few keyword searches like Google Chrome offline versionChrome Standalone 64 bitGoogle Chrome EXE installer. But, with all of these searches I was unable to get google chrome offline installer.

Google Chrome Offline installerToday, I’m happy to provide the Google chrome Offline Full installer download 2015 links. Google chrome is far better browser according my knowledge for faster, smoother and better browsing. Chrome is the power house for many feature and wide range of the extension make it stand first among of its competitors. Chrome is one among the most successful product from the Google. Here we are sharing the Google chrome offline installer, which can be installed when your disconnected from the internet. From this post, you can do chrome full version download or you can also say that on this post Google Chrome Download Full version free is available.

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Features of Google Chrome Browser:

  • It is most light wight and fastest browser among all.
  • Chrome enable the signing feature, which stores all your History, bookmarks and other settings which can be accessed in any where when your sign in.
  • Google chrome maintains your security in the internet from the hacked sites.
  • Google chrome safeguards your privacy in the internet using incognito modes.
  • There is a wide range of customization available for the Chrome.
  • Much more.

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What is Chrome Offline Installer?

Chrome offline installer is the Complete setup file to install the Chrome whenever you want, even if your are not connected to the internet. Google Chrome Offline installer can be installed  in as many computer PC.

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Features of Google Chrome offline installer.

  • Can be installed anytime without internet connectivity.
  • It can be installed in as many Computer pc you are willing to install.
  • Google Chrome offline installer can be installed in Window 7, 8 and the latest window 10.

For which guys is Google Chrome offline installer beneficial?

If you are having slow internet connection, then you must download Google Chrome offline installer. As, Google Chrome online creator creates many issues especially for slow internet users.

More details of Chrome Offline Installer:

Size of Chrome offline installer: 44.8MB

Name of Chrome Offline Installer: Standaloneinstaller.exe

Extension of Chrome offline installer: EXE & MSI

Chrome offline is freeware means this browser is totally free to use.

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So what are you waiting for grab the Chrome Offline setup from the below links,


Google Chrome Standalone Offline Installer (32-bit)

Google Chrome Standalone Offline Installer (64-bit)

Alternate to download the offline setups 2

Google Chrome Offline Installer (32-bit)

Google Chrome Offline Installer (64-bit)

Download the fastest browser in the world that’s chrome !. please don’t forget to subscribe and bookmark this page for more updates on Google Chrome offline installer.


So, We have shared google chrome offline installer which is working totally fine for both 32 bit and 64 bit Windows user in both extensions (EXE and MSI) especially for slow internet users. As, it creates many problems for slow internet users to install chrome by online installer. So, I have decided to provide chrome offline installer to try out, if chrome online installer is not working fine for you.



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