Top Free MP3 Music Download Applications For Android


Hey Fellas! Nowadays everyone buys Android mobile phone. There are many other mobile phone available in the market with other cool functionality. Why does Android has so much neutrality? The answer is that there are tons of developers are there who creates good applications. If you will look in the music option you can find out many songs applications available on Play store. There is a huge trend nowadays people’s loves to download music and listen. Android is having applications which allows you to download free songs from the application no one likes to download music from the websites. Because of the advertising and fake download buttons. In today’s article we are going to share you about some application which will allow you to download unlimited free music from various applications. Recently, we have also shared free mp3 download sites.

In iPhone you cannot download the songs you have to download those songs from your Desktop / Laptop then later you need to transfer it your iPhone. This case is not with Android mobile phone. There you can download the music from anywhere and that music will be available in your phone music library. Lets checkout some amazing application from which you can stream online music and even listen to music download apps for android

6 Best Music Downloader Apps for Android 2017

1. 4shared Music

This is the best application available on internet from which you can download music and with the simple and easy function. This application is best for those who are really interested in music, you will find millions of songs in the software and one can easily stream the music online from this software. Because of some issues developer has pulled out this application from play store but you can still use this application by downloading it from below. For downloading the music you just have to hold the Music name which you have to download and you can then download the song in your device by clicking on the download button. This application is supported in all android devices which are above 4.0x and tablets.


2. Music Maniac

If you are the music lover then this is the best software from which you can download the free music of your choice. Basically you search for your music and download it in your device. This software saves the downloaded files into external memory card. Which will not lack your device. The good quality of music is given by this software which is really very good for any music lover


3. Tunee Music Downloader

This is another best application which will allow you to download the music. With the same this application is having 4.4 users stars rating which is really very good. You can download this downloader from an external site given below. This is having a search box which will allow you to download the music of your favourite singer, Album, or the artist which is really a preety good feature


4. SoundLoader For SoundCloud

Nowadays peoples are uploading their sanged music on soundcloud most of the peoples have heard this amazing name of SoundCloud. In this software you can easily stream the music and even download it. There are around 175 millions of users, who uses the soundcloud everyday which is really a good thing for any developer. One can easily sing the songs and even check out the songs. This software is free to download and you can download this software from here


5. SoundCore MP3

This is the another software which allows users to download the music from the application. Again this application is not available on play store but you can download it from external link given below. This software developers have focussed on search engine just because they want their user to search faster any music which is really a good thing and the focused by developer is on right place. You can get paid, free mp3 from this software.


6. Google Play Music

As we all know about the Google Play Music this application is nowadays available in your Android smart phone that too preinstalled in your device. So you can choose any music and there is an Ad-Supported Radio so that you can here music anywhere and any time and this is the best unique feature given by the play music you can download this application from play store and this application has a unique feature of saving about 50,000 music in your mobile phone. Which is the great advantage of this application.



This were the best music player available aroud the internet you can download those music in your mobile phone that too in the great sound quality which important for any song lover around the world. If you think we have left any important music player so you can shoot a comment below in the comment section. Thank You for visiting and keep visiting for more updates and tricks.


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