5 Different Methods To Fix Your iPhone Stuck On Apple Logo


Buying an iPhone is a dream for everyone.If you have $500+(price varies with versions) in your hand to spend, then you will surely try to grab an iPhone. Okay, now you have your iPhone with you.What if the phone suddenly get stuck on Apple logo. Have you ever faced such situation where the iPhone get stuck on Apple logo while booting? Today, Ashik Tricks is sharing 5 ways by you can easily fix your iPhone stuck on apple logo.

iPhone is one of premium phone in market currently. Most of guys want or own this trendy phone.  Undoubtedly, it is one of most secured phone with one of most finest and secured Operating System (iOS) ever. Though, there are some common problems in iPhone which is iPhone stuck on Apple logo. In this problem, you will face a bootloop in your iPhone and your iPhone will simply stuck at Apple Logo. So, in this post we are sharing multiple methods to fix iPhone stuck on apple logo.

iphone stuck on apple logo fix
How to Fix iPhone Stuck On Apple Logo

Many of my friends have reported about such issues to their iPhones, and hence, I decided to come up with an all in one solution guide to fix iPhone stuck on Apple logo.

Have you ever thought why the iPhone that was working all these days get stuck on Apple logo? To fix any problem, you need to know about the same. I’m going to explain precisely why iPhone get stuck on Apple logo.

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Reasons For Getting Stuck On Apple Logo

1. iOS updates: One of the main reasons why iPhone stuck on Apple logo is iOS updates.Sometimes when you update the software and installs it, the software won’t install completely due to various hardware or software issues.This causes the operating system to get corrupt and ultimately makes your phone stuck on the Apple logo screen without booting further.

2. Data transfers between iPhone and computer: When you move your files and data via a faulty USB cable, the software will get corrupted due to unnecessary interruption by computer on your iPhone. So, always make sure you have the best and reliable USB cables to transfer the data to your computer and vice versa.The USB port on your computer can also damage the iPhone and make it stuck on the Apple logo screen.

3. Security Issues: Other security issues such as using an expired beta version of iOS or trying to run unknown apps can also make your software corrupt and get stuck on Apple logo screen.

4. Jailbreaking: In most of the cases reported by iPhone users, the reason for iPhone getting stuck on Apple screen was because the users were trying to jailbreak their device.So it is highly risky to jailbreak your iPhone without proper knowledge.

When you jailbreak your device, you need to restore all the files that you had taken backup earlier.But while restoring the files, there is a high chance of getting file corrupted, and gradually ends up by iPhone getting stuck during boot.

Not only jailbreaking creates restoring problems, but also it make security flaws on your device since you are using third party software to work on your iPhone.Since jailbreaking is an activity that is opposed by Apple company, you will also lose the warranty and won’t be able to repair your phone from Apple stores.

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5 Ways To Fix Your iPhone Stuck On Apple Logo

There are different ways to fix your iPhone stuck on Apple logo without taking it to a servicing shop.The method of repairing depends on the model of iPhone and type of error occurred.Now I’m going to list out the best and working methods to repair your iPhone from home itself. 

1. Fix iPhone stuck on Apple logo by Hard Reset (Method 1)

iphone stuck on apple logo fix method 1

This is one of the simplest methods that will help you to recover your phone in most of the cases.But for most people this method didn’t work, and I cannot promise about that though you can give a try.

The method is very simple.You just have to take your iPhone in your hand.Hold the home button (the round button on the center) and the power button(button on the right side in iPhone 6/6+/6s/6s+ and on the top on iPhone 4/4s/5/5s/5c) for 15-30 seconds. If you are lucky, this is going to work like a charm. Else don’t worry, follow the steps mentioned below.

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2. iPhone Stuck on Apple Logo Fix by DFU Mode (Method 2)

fix iphone stuck on apple logo method 2

DFU (Default Firmware Update) is yet another way fix iPhone stuck on Apple logo to work normally as it was earlier.To do this, you have to connect your iPhone to your PC (that have iTunes installed on it). Now, you need to press the home button and power button for about 10-15 seconds.After 10-15 seconds you can leave the power button, but you should not leave the home button that you are holding.After few seconds, the iTunes will pop up saying that it has detected an iPhone in DFU mode.This will reset and restore the firmware completely.

One thing your should care about DFU mode is there is a high chance of losing all your files.So if you had taken a backup then, you are safe.Otherwise, you have to suffer the loss. You can also try the recovery software mentioned later in this article.

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3. Fix your iPhone by Reset it To Factory Settings (Method 3)

This is another method that can erase all your data, but can get your phone fully working again.It is always better to keep a working phone than a dead one.

-> In this step, you have first to connect the USB cable to your phone(do not connect to your computer now).

-> Now, press, hold the home button and along with it connect the other end of the USB cable to your PC.

Now the iTunes will automatically start and iPhone can be kept in recovery mode.This will restore the iPhone to factory settings.This method will fix the iPhone stuck on Apple logo, and you can reinstall the files if you have the backup.

4. Fixing the iPhone stuck issue using TinyUmbrella fix recovery (Method 4)

tiny umbrella method to fix iphone stuck on apple logo

This is yet another best working method to fix the iPhone stuck on Apple logo.In this method, you have to download the TinyUmbrellla fix recovery app that is available for both Mac and Windows.You can download the app from http://blog.firmwareumbrella.com.Once you install the app, you can open it and use the recovery tool to fix the issue of iPhone stuck on Apple logo.

5. Using Switch On Method (Method 5)

This method is very simple and can fix the issue of iPhone stuck on Apple logo.First of all, you have to try to switch off the iPhone by pressing and holding the power button and home button simultaneously.

Once the iPhone switch off, you can turn back the iPhone by holding the power button and volume up button simultaneously.When the iPhone reaches boots to the logo screen, you can leave the power button.But make sure that you are still holding the volume up button.It might take a little time, but this will work mostly.

Final Verdict:

I have discussed different reasons that can make your iPhone stuck on the Apple logo.You can fix the issue by the four methods mentioned above.All these methods are tested and confirmed working unless there arise any external issues. If you know the issues very well, you can repair the issues without any worries.If you are extremely confused, then you can take your iPhone to the nearest Apple service center and avail the warranty if you have.

You can also try some other third party recovery tools to fix the iPhone stuck on Apple logo screen. Hope you liked the article and let your friends and families who are using iPhone know the issue and recovery method before they are facing it.Use our share buttons to spread the word within your circles.


  1. Hello!

    I’ve been spending hours researching how to get my iPhone to work again after a failed upgrade. I followed Step 1 of your guide and it just worked! Saved me a lot of time and effort. Also I didn’t need to take my phone to a dealer or download data restoration software. Thank you – such an easy fix!


  2. Thanks so much posting this! My iPhone 6s+ was stuck in the boot loop and wouldn’t go past the Apple Logo. Step 5 is what fixed it for me; and I didn’t even end up having to restore my phone! Much to my delight. Was able to plug it up to tunes after following step 5, and just follow the instructions on the screen.

    You are so awesome, this saved me a lot of scouring the internet + a huge panicky headache.


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