Does Facetime Use Data? – Data Usage Report 2017


Today it is the right time to share the Apple’s Facetime data usage reportFacetime is turned as a powerful mode of communication. As a tech geek, it is necessary to know the about Facetime data usage and make you know about it. As all, you knew Apple Inc which stands first when it come for desktops (iMac) and Laptop (Mac Books) manufacture. Most often you’ll use FaceTime when you own Mac or any other Apple products. Many of the Ashik Tricks readers frequently ask the question. Does Facetime use Data? How much data does Facetime use?  for those Queries this post will answer you. Here we have the complete transparent Facetime data usage report.

Does Facetime use data is one of most searched keyword now a days. So guys, Today I will share Facetime data usage report 2017. First of all, for guys who are thinking that does facetime use data? My answer is Yes. Facetime uses data for calling and video conferencing.

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facetime Data usage report

What is FaceTime?

Apple’s Facetime is an amazing feature that are integrated with all Apple products like iMac, iPhone, iPad, iPod (Touch)..etc. Using the Facetime, it is easy to Make video calls from the one Apple product to another ( Front Camera is needed). The best part Facetime is Completely free! but Internet Connectivity (Use WiFi for best results) is necessary to make video calls, Although the Data usage is minimum and a bit less when compared to others, here we walk you through the Facetime data usage.

The arrival of the Facetime ruined the Skype among the Mac users. So folks who own an Apple computers use the Facetime rather than other 3rs party video calling clients.

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Advantages of FaceTime?

Here we have listed the most familiar and popular advantages of Facetime according to the user rating.

  • Facetime is available for almost all the Apple product which has inbuilt Facetime camera.
  • Facetime is responsive for stable and steady streaming.
  • Switching your camera from front to Back without rotating your device. (only In iPhone, iPad, iPod)
  • You can make video calls from Mac to another Apple products and vice versa.
  • Facetime integrates your Contact list to reach most people via Facetime.
  • It is not essential to have the Facetime client installed to make video calls, It is just a fantastic option in Mac World.
  • Facetime data usage is less when compared others Especially Skype.
  • Facetime is easy to Setup if you have Apple ID and Email Address then you are ready to rule.
  • Facetime camera’s are HD, which are capable of recording the Videos in Full HD (720P)

Disadvantages of FaceTime?

The disadvantage of Facetime is lesser than the Advantage. So I don’t concentrate much on this part.

  • Facetime lacks the chat conversation feature, Which are included in other great App named iMessages. (Hope it’ll get it soon in the future)
  • Somewhat pixel drop in the iPad or iPod during the streaming.
  •  When you run Facetime You’ll face a bit laggy experience. ( Not much )

Does FaceTime use data?

Yes, It uses data pack for call. Let’s come to the main part about How much data does facetime uses? Facetime is heaven when you use the high-Speed internet ( 3G, 4G or WiFi) Here we have the Average FaceTime data usage report from iPhone 6 to iPad. So, I hope its clear that Facetime uses data pack.

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Facetime Data Usage Report From iPhone to iPad

Well, I guess you have already got answer of your question that does facetime use data or not? So without wasting time let’s movie on facetime data usage report 2017.

Video Call from iPhone (Using 3G )

Video Call to iPad (Using 3G )

Internet Speed: Around 4 MegaBits / Second

Duration: 20 Minutes

Network connectivity: 3G to 3G

Total Data Sent: 29.5 MB (Data out)

Total Data received: 30.8 MB (Data in)

Sum of the Data usage:  61.3 MB

Wrapping the Facetime data usage Test: 

After observing the Above report, we’ll conclude the following statistics.

Below is the Facetime data Usage report,

 per Second: 0.051 MB

 per Minute: 3.01 MB

 per  hour:  183.9 MB


Hope we’ve provided an idea regarding the Facetime data usage. Although the results vary upon the Devices, Network Speed, and Software Version. But average will be around 3 MB/minute. When it compared to Skype which consumes more data when compared to Facetime. It is not accurate, but this report is average If you Still feel wired about Does Facetime uses Data? feel free to comment below or Contact us. Please bookmark this we’ll update the FaceTime data usage report on a Weekly basis.



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