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Today I’ll share you something really cool that’s on how to choose best android phone in 2017. With the each days passing the number of android users are increasing vigorously. When it come for selecting a best android phone 2017 almost 60% of the folks fails. To get rid of this problem Ashik Tricks provides you the guidelines for choosing the best value android phone for your bucks!. If you are one among those peoples who confused in selecting right best android smartphone, follow this advanced post. After finished reading this article, you are eligible for choosing best android phone in 2017. You can also check out our recent post related to best android apps 2017 which will surely gonna help you when you own a smartphone.

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best android phone 2016

Why do you need the best android phone?

Google’s Android is the best Mobile Operating System, which takes your smartphone performance and user interface to the next level. Unlike legendary Apple’s iPhone which is considered for the tech geeks and Rich. On the other hand, Windows needs still improvement. So the other great alternative for these mobile OS giants is ANDROID.  It is highly customizable with the tonnes of android apps available in the playstore. There is no limitation for the productivity and enjoyment.  If you root your android phone then will get maximum benefit out of it.

There are huge number of android phones available in the market, but you should know some of the basic things before selecting the best android phone in 2017 as you will not get second chance after the purchase. Since “First impression is the best” We should make it good one-time investment.

 Things to consider to buy best android phone in 2017

1. What is your budget or investment?

Budget for choosing best android phone 2016

It is the basement for selecting your best android phone as per your requirement. It decides mainly the configuration, brand, a features of your android smartphone. If you are a passionate about android geek or tech guru who make a living out of Technology, you need to invest much on you android phone. I recommend to set the budget to above 25+K for best high-end smartphones. On the other hand, if you willing to buy a best android phone for the casual purpose with moderate gaming along with some cool features, invest around 15 – 20 K for medium end smartphone. So if you neither a tech guru nor a rich fellow, but willing buy the best value android smartphone then you need to invest  around 5 – 8 K for best value Low-end smartphone. So purchasing the android smartphone is the quite long time investment with lasts for 1-2 years, so don’t be the miser in this case!

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Wrapping it up: Then the final decision is in your hand, follow the below budget according to your choice. Whether it is Online or Offline consider theses factors.

  1. High-End mobile:  You need to invest 25+ K for high-end.
  2. Medium end mobile: Still you will get Medium end in the range of 15-20 K.
  3. Low-End mobiles: It is easy to get Low end from 5-8 K.

2. “Brand is the King”

Branding for the Best android phone 2016

Another great factor for deciding your best android phone stands next to your budget is the Brand. When it come for blogging “Content is the King”, the same rule applies here for android smartphones ” Brand is the King“.  Go for better-branded smartphones like Samsung, LG, HTC..etc. Even though the regionally branded smartphone manufacturers like Karbonn, Micromax, Intex, Lava..etc are performing well. When it come for customer support these smartphone companies sucks. Now days the local branded and Chinese companies running in the race for marketing their smartphones. Those Cheap branded smartphones have immense inbuilt features which lack in the branded smartphones. Always prefer Quality No Quantity.

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Wrapping it up: If need smartphone for the small run with almost all the feature. I prefer the local brand. If your Android smartphone is the one-time investment for long run go for branded android phones.

  1. High branded: Samsung, etc, LG,  Microsoft,
  2. Medium Branded: Intex, Karbonn, Micromax, Lava,
  3. Low Branded: Chinese high-end smartphones.

3. Look for sufficient amount of RAM :

Ram FOr best android phone 2016

RAM(Random Access Memory) plays a vital role in the performance of your android smartphone. No one likes an android phone which lags even for playing the casual games and for regular smartphone usage. If you need an hang-free best android phone. Then go for the higher amount of RAM Smartphone. So the minimum RAM required to run the android that is KitKat is 512 MB. Don’t go for the RAM which is less that of this requirement. Probably this is the minimum RAM for an android phone nowadays. 1 GB of RAM is recommended for the gaming and also hang-lag free Android smartphones.

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Wrapping it Up: If you ignore the above, then your smartphone will be heaven for hang-lag and also you can’t update to the latest Android version when your android phone doesn’t satisfy the minimum requirement for that version.

  1. High-End Smartphone: 2 GB + RAM to play the high-resolution game without any hassle.
  2. Medium End Smartphone: 1 GB + RAM for Casual gaming and hang the free phone.
  3. Low-End Smartphone: 512 + MB RAM for Smooth running.

4. Brain of your smartphone (Processor): 

Processor for choosing best android phone Smartphone

The processor is considered as the brain for your smartphones, which you should choose between Single, Dual, Quad and Octa core android processors. Which makes a huge difference in the multitasking activity. I’m not going in-depth about the processors. All you need to know is the number of cores and the processor speed (in GHz). A good processor along with the GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) makes the games run smoother, and the video performance will be up to the mark. So make you sure your smartphone has great CPU + GPU for optimum benefit out of your smartphone.

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Wrapping it up: Since it is the brain of your Android smartphone goes for the at least dual core for best performance. You can also use the Quad core and Octa core for optimum performance.

  1. High-End smartphone: Hexa or Octa core processors.
  2. Medium end Smartphone: Dual or Quad core processors.
  3. Low-end smartphones: Single core processors.

5. Display, Screen size :

Screensize for best android phone 2016

Yes, we have arrived with a most important factor which decides your smartphones size and look. So typically people often try to purchase the best android mobiles with larger screen, Some folks use these mobiles as the symbol of their status !. If you are those then go for Screen size with 5″ and larger. These phones are also called as Phablets introduced by the Samsung in its galaxy note series. Then if you are willing in a purchase of Medium end and the Low end goes for at least 3 ” and larger which fits in your pockets as well as firm in your hands. Make sure your smartphone screen has some protection costing like Gorilla glass to prevent your smartphone from the accidental drop downs.

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Wrapping it up: So remember that this bigger the screen better for reading, surfing and gaming.

  1. High end Smartphone: 5″ or larger AMOLED, Capacitive, Multi touch, Gorilla glass protection.
  2. Medium end smartphone: 4″ or larger with Capacitive, Multi touch
  3. Low End smartphone: 3″ or larger with , Resistive, Multi touch

6. Camera and Memory. 

Ok, Here we go Camera is becoming as the life blood for any of the smartphones so most of the best Android phones have at least a rare camera. Make sure you have a decent camera along with flash light for great shots even in the area where the light is not at the water mark. 5MP rare with flash + 2MP front camera is more than enough for the normal users.  On the other hand the Inbuilt and external memory is for storing all your personal and android files, make sure you have sufficient  room for the storage in the Phones memory which will soon overflowed if you install certain apps and games. For medium users 4GB inbuilt + 8GB of External memory.

Wrapping it up: In the High end devices no one will lacks, where as in the medium end minor features and  in the Low end major features lacks.

  1. High end Smartphone: Up to 42 MP Rare + 8 MP front camera and 16+ GB inbuilt + up to 64 GB External SD Card
  2. Medium end smartphone: Up to 8 MP camera + 3 Mp front camera and 4-8 GB inbuilt + up to 32 GB External SD card.
  3. Low End smartphone: 3-5 MP rare + 2 MP front camera and 2 GB inbuilt + up to 32 GB external storage SD card.

7. Connectivity and Other options:

Connnectivity features in best android phone 2016

Connectivity is the useful factor which connects your phone. When it comes for connectivity common modes like GPRS, EDGE,  3G, 4G-LTE (Long Term Evolution), WiFi, BlueTooth, NFS (Near Field Communication)..etc In the high-end devices you will find all these connectivity options. These are important when you totally depend on the Internet you should n’t ignore these things. Internet connectivity like EDGE and 3G are very essential, but 4G is not essential till next 3-5 years until 4G spectrum will spread throughout the India.  So make sure you have all the essential connectivity in order to make it best android phone.

Wrapping it up: Friends connectivity is the ultimate reason behind the purchase of the best android phone. Go for the smartphone which has more latest connectivity options and features.

  1. High End smartphones: EDGE, 3G , 4G, WiFi, NFC, Bluetooth, GPS, Infrared port, Wlan port
  2. Medium End Smartphones:EDGE, 3G, WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS,
  3. Low End smartphones: EDGE, WiFi, Bluetooth,

So these are the most important factors for deciding the best android phone in the 2017 era. The final decision is left to you to choose the best android smartphone according to your requirement.

Friends if you still have any suggestions and queries in selecting the best android phone then feel free to ask via comment our Ashik Tricks team will guide you. If you like this article don’t hesitate to share with your friends and relatives as a like, share or tweet doesn’t cost you any bucks.


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