How to Download & Install Bobby Movie Box (For iOS)


Over the past few years, video streaming has become popular due to the improvements in internet speeds. For the same reason, we have seen a steep increase in the number of movie streaming apps as well. Do you have a decent internet connection? Are you searching for a good video streaming app for your iPhone or iPad? Then, your quest ends here as I am going to help you download Bobby Movie Box for iOS. Don’t worry! I will not ask you to jailbreak your brand-new iDevice. All you have to do is just follow a few simple steps.

Download Bobby Movie Box for iOS

How to Download Bobby Movie Box for iOS

I have broken down the process into simple steps to help you comprehend what to do and what not to. So, are you ready to get into the real business? Here you go!

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N.B.- You need to make sure the fact that the device you use has iOS 7.0 or later versions.

Step 1: Take your iPhone or iPad and, unlock if it has any lock. I hope you installed applications from official app store that you don’t need any guide in doing the same.

Open the app store from the list of apps.

Step 2: Now, search for Bobby Movie Box there. You will get the required app on top of the results. Simply, download it and wait some time to finish the process. There you go!

How to Download Bobby Movie Box for iOS

Are you too lazy to search for the app? Don’t worry! Use the link given below from your iOS device to get into the app installation page right away.

Download Bobby Movie Box for iOS from Official App Store

That’s it. You can enjoy interesting movies and TV shows using this app from now on. Use the search field to find videos that suit your interest.

What if you don’t like to install apps directly from iTunes store?

Oops! That creates a chaos!

Not at all! I have an alternate method to install Bobby Movie Box for iPhone in which you don’t have to open the app store.

Alternate Method

Follow the steps I have given below to install Bobby Movie Box on iOS without using app store.

Step 1: Pick up your iPhone and unlock it. As I said earlier, you don’t have to open the app store.

Step 2: Visit this page. Make sure you open that page from your iPhone or iPad. As we are going to install the app directly from the web page, it is mandatory to visit from your iDevice.

How to Download Bobby Movie Box for iOS

Step 3: Once you get there on the webpage, you will see the image of a mobile on the left hand side of the screen. Don’t hesitate to tap on the same.

What if you can’t visit the web page from your iOS powered device?

Can you see that QR Code, given beneath the download link? Simply, scan the same using your iPhone or iPad. You will be redirected to the page within no time.

Step 4: You have to be patient enough to see the process completed. The waiting time solely depends on the speed of your internet connection. The slower the speed, the more the waiting time will be.

Once the installation finishes, you can see the app in the list. Just open the same.

Step 5: You need to grant the permission to trust the enterprise developer now. Apple has added this functionality in iOS to prevent third-party adware and malware from peeking into your device.

In order to trust the enterprise developer, follow Settings >> General >> Profiles. Finally, check the option that says untrusted enterprise. Now you can open Bobby Movie Box for iOS and enjoy streaming high-quality videos like a cakewalk. With that being said, I want to give you an overview of the features of Bobby Movie Box.

Features of Bobby Movie Box

Read the features of the app which I found enticing below.

#1. Easy-to-Use Interface

How to Download Bobby Movie Box for iOS

Bobby Movie Box has got an impressive layout. You can search for your favourite videos using the appropriate field given there. Moreover, you can also find unlimited video content classified into different genres on the application.

#2. Minimum Buffering

I want to say zero buffering but still I am going with minimum because I don’t have an idea about the speed of your internet connection. I have tested the app with a wi-fi connection of speed 512 kbps and it rendered zero lag.

#3. High-Quality

If the speed of your internet connection causes no issues, the video quality will be the concern for everyone. For good speed, we expect better quality. You don’t have to worry about it as Bobby Movie Box on iOS gives the best-in-class quality to cheer you up. It is possible to choose the quality you wish to see using the selector.

#4. Bookmarking Feature

Sometimes we have to spend considerable amount of time to find a particular video. When you have to go for another task after finding such a video, you can bookmark the same to watch later. All you have to do is a tap on the accurate place. That’s it. I hope you are familiar with the favorite button on music player. The bookmarking works on the same principle.

#5. Regularly Updated Content

How to Download Bobby Movie Box for iOS

The people behind Bobby Movie Box regularly update new videos that you can watch refreshing content every day. The frequent updates never make you think that the app is outdated.

Wrapping Up

I hope you know how to download Bobby Movie Box for iOS now. As explained in this article, you have to execute a few taps. That’s all. In case you encounter with any issues while installing Bobby Movie Box on iPhone, you can rush to the comment form and explain your problem there. I will try my level best to help you out as earlier as I can.

Moreover, I expect you to share this article with your social media friends and followers. They will thank you later for doing so.


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