Best Texting App For Android Phone In 2017


Here we are sharing the best texting app for Android 2017. As you knew Communication is the actual purpose behind the Android phone usage. When it comes for Communication text messages is an old yet my favorite mode of the communication with my buddies. So it is important to have the best texting app for android smartphone for the folks who love to spend their time in the texting. The arrival of the Social networking site like Facebook, Twitter made the texting set back. In order to get texting back its position, today we decide to list some of the best texting app for android with emoji for enjoying the smooth texting.

Best texting apps for android

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What is Texting?

Texting is the shortened form of Sending and receiving the messages/SMS/MMS. Texting is similar to that of Facebook chatting. With the arrival of the Social Networks, almost texting is ruined. So still some of the folks not aware of the Social media’s uses the texting, for this kind of the people’s best texting app for android is essential.

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Why Texting App is Necessary?

It is necessary to have the best texting app for android phone because, the default texting android apps are not up to the mark, even it lacks Emoji’s which adds the essence to the texting. Here we have listed the top 3 best android texting app for optimum benefits.

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Free Best Texting App For Android With Emoji 2017

Though texting will the extent in next few years, I’m still insisting text messaging over other modes. For the sake of our readers, we’ve some of the hand-picked some of the best Texting app for android.


# 1. Tetra SMS – Best Texting App For Android

best texting app for android


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It is the recommended and best texting app for android, it quite neat looking best App for your android phone. The reason I like this app because of its customizable features like Autosave the Images and Videos, Delivery report, Themes..much more. It also have the Quick reply option when the message arrived which impressed me. The cons are the Landscape mode is not available for this app. Since the Landscape mode is suited best for the Tablets so I don’t bother about it. Overall this is the best texting app for android in the current Era.

>>> Download Tetra SMS <<<


# 2. Go SMS Pro – Best Android Texting App

go sms pro


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Go SMS is another great for texting since a long time. It had many features with the well user interface can run smoothly in your Android 5.0 (lollipop). It is the Second best texting app for android which is paid as well as Free. In the free version, it has Encryption, Sticky conversation, dual SIM management..etc. Whereas in the Pro Version you will get most out of it like Cloud message backup, Advanced privacy options and the huge list of free themes from the GetJar. Overall it is the best texting app for android 2017.


>>> Download Go SMS Pro <<<

# 3. Chomp SMS – Best Texting App For Android With Emojis

best texting app for android

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Being the best texting app for android this app is the great alternate and best texting app for android ‘s default messaging app. This app comes with 800+ pre-loaded Emoji’s and many inbuilt features like passcode app lock, Automated SMS scheduler, backup and restore SMS, Group  chatting….etc much more cool features are hidden in this SMS App. On the other hand it has Quick pop up  reply, Notification Icon, LED Colors…etc. Great and best texting app for android with Emoji.

>>> Download Chomp SMS <<<

Final Words,

These are the best texting app for the android phones. Still there are some best SMS/MMS Apps like Google hangout, 8 SMS, HoverChat, etc Which are considered to the best but according to my personal experience with these apps are amazing, I’m truly fall on love with these apps, friends try these apps I sure you love these. So we’ve listed some of the worth installing best texting app for android to get most your of your texting.

Which one you will prefer and why  let me know your opinion regarding this best texting app for Android. Feel free to drop your opinion below.



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