5 Best Sites to Create Video Presentations Online


So you want best sites to create video presentations online, right? We all know what the purpose of presentations is. Presentations help us to convey our idea to a large number of audience. Even if you are a poor verbal communicator, you can take hearts of your listeners by a beautifully designed presentation. Looking for sites to watch free movies online? then check out these free movie streaming sites.

All of us know that there is a bunch of presentation making tools present including MS Power Point, Open Office Impress, etc. Still, why people want best sites to create video presentations online?

It’s because you don’t need to have a dedicated utility to play video presentations; only a video player is enough. The best thing is every OS comes with an inbuilt video player.

So, now let’s swim in our real matter.

Best Sites to Create Video Presentations Online


Note that the tools I am going to share are not desktop utilities but all of them are websites. You need an internet connection to create and download video presentations on them.

Let’s start with the first site.

#1. Knovio.com


If you just search for the best sites to create video presentations online, Knovio comes within the top five results. That means this one is a popular tool.

You can’t use this tool as an anonymous user. Proper registration is needed to get your hands on the video presentation maker of Knovio.

The user interface of this website is simple that you can create a breathtaking video presentation in minutes. Even though you don’t prefer learning by yourself, Knovio website provides you some tutorials using which the learning curve becomes less crooked.

As in a video editor, you get a lot of tools here. Knovio is an incorporation of a video editor with a presentation maker.

Oh, do you prefer apps and software over online tools? Knovio will make you happy anyways. Why because they have both desktop and app versions as well.

It supports most of the popular video formats. Don’t worry about the quality as it supports 1080 p full HD resolution as well.

A pro version is available in case you want advanced features.

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#2. PowToon.com


PowToon is so far one of the best sites to create video presentations online. As no strings attached like a pro or premium version, you will get the most out of the tools.

Here also, you have to create an account to use their amazing presentation maker. PowToon is not other video presentation maker. You can create animated interactive videos to allure your audience.

More than 1611000 videos have been created on PowToon so far. Isn’t it a great figure?

Quoting the company itself, you won’t take more than 20 minutes to create a beautiful video presentation.

The possibilities of PowToon are not limited to presentation only. Making use of the unlimited awesome features, you can create best-looking website videos, social clips, explainer videos and product promos as well.

Even though PowToon is a free tool, their support team is always there for you. Have some time to contact them. They will resolve any of your problems related to their presentation maker.

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#3. WeVideo.com


Here comes another tool to create video presentations online.

I think your quest to find best sites to create video presentations end here. Why because WeVideo is the only tool you want most probably. It has got enormous features and immense user base.

The interface is intuitive and simple. You don’t feel confused while using the creating interface of WeVideo as it keeps the features straightforward. As a result, even inexperienced hands can produce wonderful video presentations.

The cloud support is another feature that makes WeVideo the best-in-class. Whenever you upload media files to their server, you can access that file and keep on with the editing from any device anywhere in the world.

And, WeVideo team believes in creativity and imagination. That’s why they haven’t integrated any automation feature. You should design everything.

One can sign up for their personal, educational or business accounts. The first two types are free while you need to pay for business accounts.

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#4. ClipGenerator.com


Clip Generator is suitable for creating small video clips. And it does the job pretty well actually.

You can guess it to be full of features as it got a spot on our list of best sites to create video presentations online.

They have two different versions meant for personal and business use. Clip Generator is available free for personal usage. But you have to pay a few bucks for business usage.

The process is very simple. Just create an account, select music, and then add photos and video clips. That’s all. You can share the same clip to any social network from the platform.

#5. Animoto.com


This one is probably the popular one among these best sites to create video presentations online as it is being used by more than 13 million people.

If you are a blogger like me, the very first thing you should notice to judge the reliability of a website is its matrices like TF, CF, DA, PR, etc. Surprisingly, this website tops in all of my matrices examinations.

Creating video presentations using Animoto is simple. As the first step, create an account (both free and paid versions are available. It’s up to you whether to select free or premium).

After creating the account, you will be given a lot of predesigned templates. Just choose one and a sound track. The default content can be customized by adding your own multimedia files, texts or stickers.

If you are creative enough to make video presentations from scratch without the help of a template, there will be no things to hold you back.

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Wrapping Up Best Sites to Create Video Presentations Online

I hope you got a useful resource with a list of five best sites. If you have any doubt regarding this post, you are free to exploit our comment form.

This article took some time to complete as quite a bit research was needed. So, can you do me a favour? Will you share these best sites to create video presentations online with your friends?

You are awesome :).


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