20 Best Proxy Server List 2017 which are free to use


So, We AshikTricks is back with a rocking post on the best proxy servers list. Today, we are sharing proxy sites list which is completely safe and fast to use. Moreover, all proxy servers listed below are totally safe and free to use and has good speed also. Well, if yo don’t know much about the proxy server, then let me explain about it in short. Basically, with the help of proxy server, you can easily unblock blocked sites. It does not matter whether it is blocked by your ISP or your college, you can easily unblock any website easily. Recently, we have also shared free movie download sites.

  • Do your college/school authorities block all the useful sites like youtube, torrents in their network? Want to access those blocked sites for free using school’s internet?
  • Does your company block Facebook in the workplace network? Want to check your facebook feed on leisure time?
  • Does your government block any useful website in your area? Want to access those?

You are in the right place, we will teach you how to access blocked websites using these free proxy servers.

Moreover, proxy sites is one of most trending keyword now a days. Many guys are looking for proxy server list to unblock blocked sites.

best proxy server list

You might be familiar with the situation of wanting to visit a blocked website. I was on one such occasion recently. In my school network, youtube is blocked by the administrator, and I urgently wanted to see one video. I am sure you have faced this too. Almost all schools block many sites in their networks, same is the case of the internet network in many workplaces. If you are looking for a best proxy to use, then this post is for you. In this post, we are sharing best proxy servers 2017.

Moreover, at times, certain governments ban several web pages for various reasons.

But what if you wanted to access such a blocked website? For good reasons, of course. In today’s tech controlled world, NOTHING is impossible. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.Also, check out best movie streaming sites list.

The answer to our problem is accessing those sites via some free proxy servers. Apart from visiting blocked sites, best proxy servers have some other uses too. It helps us to visit websites anonymously. It will also help you to watch youtube videos that are blocked in your country or region. Now, you might be thinking that from where you can get free proxy servers list? So, below our team has listed 20 best free proxy sites.

Using these free proxy servers is pretty easy, you enter the blocked URL and you will be taken to the URL using a web page made by the proxy server for you. Suppose you want to visit youtube, that means you have to enter youtube.com in the URL box in the server’s home page. The server will then display youtube for you. Youtube will be under the impression that the server is visiting them and not you. This ensures security. So, I guess you are eagerly waiting now to check out our free proxy sites.

Like torrent and movie downloading websites, there are many false/fake proxy servers out there (some even have malware), and it takes an expert to suggest you a good and best proxy server. That is why today we are listing out 20 best and free proxy servers list 2017. So, I am sharing my best free proxy server list which I personally use and our team recommends you to use these proxy servers only.

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20 Best Free Proxy Server List | Proxy Sites

1. Filterbypass.me (My Favorite)

Filterbypass ranks first in our list of proxy sites. This is because of its ease of use, awesome website, and completely free services. It’s homepage has the URL box where we have to enter the URL which you wish to access. We also have some options to choose, like if Javascript and cookies should be allowed and if the connection needs to be encrypted etc. Once we click the “surf” button the website opens another window where the site which we wanted to access is displayed. It does not have too many ads and it has no pop-ups or adult ads. Moreover, it has always been enough to satisfy my needs and that is why I recommend this to everybody as a first choice. 

2. proxysite.com

proxysite.com is yet another best proxy server which is listed on #2 in our latest proxy server list. Its site UI is what impressed me when I visited it for the first time.It has a really nice responsive UI, similar to professional websites. The proxy website provides us with several servers from the US and Europe. If one didn’t work for you, another will work surely. They have normal ads and no pop-ups. Moreover, it is the best anonymous proxy server. They even give us the option to manage cookies and to edit the user agent ( you can browse as if you are from a mobile device. 

3. Unblocker.us (My Favorite)

Unblocker.us comes third on our list of best proxy sites. It also has an eye-pleasing UI. The homepage has the URL box where the blocked URL is to be entered. Once we click on “proxy options” we are given several check boxes, each having options like the type of encryption, whether client-side scripting should be allowed etc. Like the previous ones , this one also has non-irritating ads.

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4. youtubeunblockproxy.com

youtubeunblockproxy.com ranks fourth in our list of free proxy server list. This is because it is reliable. Although it has a crappy design, the website does well on reliability, it always gives us the right results. The URL box is on the homepage and once we give the URL, we get options like the one i previously discussed. This website does have pop ups and that is irritating. 

5. proxy.org

proxy.org is different from the one we have discussed so far. It is like a directory of free proxy servers around the world. In its homepage, they give us a detailed information about proxy servers, how they work and why it is necessary to use them. In the sidebar, they list the famous proxy servers. The user can choose any one of them. This makes proxy.org the first website I would visit to find a good proxy server. 

6. proxify.com

proxify.com comes sixth on our best proxy servers list. This one is the only paid proxy server in our list. You must be wondering why I included this in the list. this is because if you are looking for a professional service of proxy servers and if you are willing to pay for it, then proxify is what you should get. They also give you a free 3 days trial, if you are satisfied you can buy their service for a fixed sum. There are 3 variants of their service, namely Proxify basic (personal use) , Proxify pro (commercial use) and Switchproxy (professional use, support multiple systems at a time).

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7. newipnow.com

newipnow is yet another awesome free proxy service which is listed on 7th position in our free proxy sites. Their website has a minimal design but gets the job done nonetheless. In the homepage, we get the URL box and an array of IP addresses along with their location to choose from, as simple as that. They also provide anonymous private proxies for a fixed sum, if you are interested. 

8. dontfilter.us

dontfilet.us has a very simple and minimal UI. It also has ads taking up most part of the page. Nevertheless, they get the job done efficiently. They also provide the popular options like if scripts should be removed, page should be encrypted etc. It’s one of my favorite proxy server which I personally like to use too much. I am damn sure that you will love this proxy server after using it once.

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9. ninjacloak.com

ninjacloak.com ranks ninth in our free proxy servers list. It has a simple black design with information about proxy servers and the URL box in the homepage. They also provide options like “NO COOKIES” “REMOVE SCRIPTS” etc. 

10. 4everproxy.com

4everproxy.com ranks last in our list of best and free proxy servers. This website is similar to proxy.org. This website is a proxy server directory. So, it is the last site in the list of free proxy server websites. It lists all the working proxy servers around the globe on their home page. Their UI has a nice blue design. Due to some of these special features, we have listed this site in the best proxy servers list. 

11. UnblockMyWeb.com

Unblock my web is another free proxy server which is listed on 11th in our free proxy server list. I had personally opened YouTube on this proxy server and it worked perfectly. Though there are some crap advertisements on this site but its speed is good. We recommend you to use this proxy server after enabling Ad Blocker otherwise it can make your surfing experience worst as there are some redirect advertisements on this proxy site also.

12. FastUSAProxy.com

Fast USA Proxy is another best proxy server which is too much responsive and has good speed also. Moreover, a number of advertisements is bearable and will not affect user experience at all. You can enjoy this proxy server and can bookmark it too. I personally liked its speed that’s why listed it in this proxy sites 2017 list.

13. Anonymouse.org

Anonymouse is one of my favorite proxy servers and that’s why it is listed here in the free proxy server list. It is one of a fastest proxy server but it has a disadvantage. The only thing which we do not like about this proxy server is that it does not support secured (https) sites in its free plan. You have to subscribe to their VIP membership to access secured sites otherwise it’s a fast and safe proxy server.

14. KProxy.com

KProxy is another best proxy server which is free from crap advertisements. I had used this proxy server to visit some of the popular sites like YouTube and Google and it worked like a charm. It’s too good there is no speed limit and there is no crap advertisement as well. So, if you are looking for free and fast proxy server with minimum ads then this proxy server is exclusively made for you.

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15. TheBestProxy.info

Here, we come with another best proxy server which is totally free to use. I had tried visiting YouTube on this proxy server and it was loaded quite fast. The only annoying thing was the language of the page. So, you can simply change Language from YouTube settings. I guess it’s Netherlands by default but you can change it to US, UK or any other country easily.

16. 4everproxy.com

4everyproxy is one of the most popular proxy sites which provides a list of its partner site of proxy servers which are totally safe and easy to use.  It is one of the best proxy server which is totally free to use in our proxy server list. The only thing which bothered me a little was a number of ads on pages. Due to a high number of ads page becomes unresponsive sometimes. Though, you can use this proxy server by enabling Ad blocker.

17. CrazyProxy.org

Crazy proxy is another free proxy server and has some good features due to which we had listed in the list of free proxy servers. Crazy Proxy server is the fast proxy server with few ads on the header only which will not affect user experience at all. So, using this proxy server is simply fun. Moreover, pages which are loaded with this proxy server are quite responsive unlike to other proxy servers.

18. IPSwitcher.us

IP Switcher is another good proxy server. There are 2-3 advertisements on its homepage only. Once, you will start visiting any site there are no ads at all then which makes page quite responsive. It’s one of my favorite proxy servers and is one of a best proxy server as well. Moreover, the speed of this proxy server is blazing fast too. Due to some of these features, I added it to this post of best free proxy server list 2017.

19. HidetheInternet.com

HideTheInternet is another free proxy server but it’s quite difficult to use. So, I don’t recommend you to use this proxy server without enabling Ad blocker as there are much pop up ads with every click which has made me quite annoyed but its speed was quite good and that’s why I had listed it here.

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20. RapidProxy.us

Rapid Proxy is last proxy server currently in our proxy server list. It is quite a good proxy server too which you can try. But, let me warn you about this proxy server that it has many pop ads which are quite annoying. So, don’t forget to enable your Ad Blocker before visiting this proxy site.

So our proxy sites of 20 best proxy servers end now and I hope you will find them best too. I have listed all of these proxy servers after testing them once. So, if you are having any problem in using any of above proxy servers, then you feel free to comment below and I will reply to each and every guy.


That’s it, I have provided you this list of 20 best proxy servers from my experience and research. What are you waiting for? Choose your favorite proxy server from this list, enter the blocked URL and click that “surf” button and browse the website that you so longed to visit. I hope, you liked this post of list of proxy servers.


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