Best iOS Emulator for Android to run iOS Apps


Best iOS Emulator For Android

We all know that the world is divided into iOS users and Android users.Being an Android user myself I love certain iOS apps and want to use them on my phone.But since Apple phones are expensive, not all can buy them.ios emulator for android

How can this dream of mine and yours be fulfilled now? Well, the good news is that you can absolutely use any of the iOS apps with your Android phone now! Yes, we can run iOS apps on Android mobile/tablets. Recently, we have also posted best android launchers.

Let me tell you everything you need to know about running iOS apps on Android. To fulfill all your dreams of using an iOS app in an Android phone, you need to use the best iOS emulator for Android in your phone. You can also check out free recharge apps for android.

What is an iOS Emulator?

An emulator is a software that allows you to use the features of one system on another system.This will enable you to run softwares of the other system that you emulate.

In this case, your Android phone works as a host to emulate iOS in your smartphone.iOS apps are designed in such a way that they are only compatible with iOS devices.An iOS emulator is a software that converts iOS applications to APK applications.The best feature is that it is platform independent.

The best iOS emulator for Android till date is iEMU emulator.So, here is the perfect guide to enjoy iOS apps and games on your Android device. First let me share the basic requirements to download the best iOS emulator for Android, that is the iEMU ios apps on android phone

Basic requirements for iEMU emulator for android:

1.Your Android phone or tablet must have at least 512 MB RAM: I know all of you must have an Android phone with at least 512 MB RAM.Since this is the best iOS emulator for Android that allow you to use high-end apps of iOS devices you need a pretty good performing phone.

2.The storage required for the iEMU application is almost 61 MB: You need at least 61 MB of space to install this application.This is not huge as compared to the facilities you’ll get by installing the iEMU emulator, the best iOS emulator for Android.

3.The Emulator requires the Android version 2.3 or higher one: You might surely have a better version of Android with you.Else you won’t be able to run this best iOS emulator for Android.

Making sure you have all these features in your Android phone/tablet, you must now download the iEMU emulator application to enjoy your favorite iOS apps and games in Android. But before that, let us know the main features you are going to get once you download the best iOS emulator for Android.

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Features of iEMU application:

1. You will get all the features of the iOS on your Android device.

2. It supports all gamepads.

3. There is no cost of downloading involved.

4. The apps have been tested and verified.No major issues are being reported.

How to download and install this iOS Emulator:

Step 1: Firstly, download the iEMU apk file from download button.

Download iEMU Emulator for Android

If you are downloading it in your PC, then as soon as it gets downloaded,  transfer it to your Android device using Bluetooth or a USB cable.

Step 2: Using file manager, install the iEMU apk file in your Android device.

Step 3: This process may take a while.The apk file will be installed as padiod in your Android mobile/tablet. Click open the padiod icon and you can now use your iOS apps and games

Note that the iEMU emulator only supports .zip and .ipa files. Hope the download was a success.Now you can enjoy all your favorite apps and games which you always wanted to use.

Final Words

Most of you guys have dreamt about owning an Apple device.But it is not affordable to all.But with the iEMU emulator, one of the best iOS emulator for Android you will get all the features that are available on the iOS devices. This is the best iOS emulator for Android that you can use on any of the Android phones that come with the requirements mentioned above.Now it’s time for you to enjoy and fulfill the dream of using your favorite iOS apps.



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