10+ Best Chrome Extensions 2017


Here we are sharing some of the best chrome extensions 2017. Today we can’t image a life without internet, do you imagine How horrible it is? I don’t think it would be happen in the future. When it come for internet browsing browsers are the baseline for anyone, when you’re connected to internet. As you knew Google Chrome stands first, by eaten all his competitors. Google chrome occupies the 35 % of the Web Browsers market. Due to 68000+ best extensions available in the Chrome Web Store, confused what to choose? Here we have the best google chrome extensions in order to get maximum benefit out of it. When you spend your most of the time connected to internet. So here have some cool chrome extensions, based on the user rating and some of them are personally tested by Ashik Tricks. Go and install these best chrome extensions 2017 to make your work smarter and better. You can also download the Google Chrome Offline Installer.

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best Chrome extensions

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Top Best Chrome Extensions 2017 

What is Browser or Chrome Extensions?

Browser extensions are the small tools to your Internet Browser which perform specific functions that assigned by the developer. The extension installation procedure is too simple, that within few clicks you’ll able to install the extensions for your Google Chrome without restarting unless in Mozilla Firefox, which requires the restart. Extensions are similar to the plugins in WordPress, Both reduces the Workload of the users and boost your productivity.

Example: If you don’t what to see the Ads while you browse the internet, then you can use the AdBlock Plus which is best chrome extension to block ads.


Why and When do You Need These Best Chrome Extensions?

As I mentioned above, extensions plays a prominent role in reducing your workload and makes easy to browse the internet. Suppose you need to block all the ads for distraction-free browsing, it is very difficult to block ads without a good extension like AdBlock+. In this criteria, the necessity of the extension will emerge out. So these are the circumstance that needs the best chrome extensions 2017.

Giveaway: Don’t use more than 10 extensions in your browser which may slow down your overall browsing.

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 How to Install these Google Chrome Extensions?

You can install chrome extensions with few click, let me tell in-depth. All you need to have is a Google Chrome latest version and working internet connectivity to make it work

Install best chrome extensions

Search for your desired extension like AdBlock Plus etc. Then hit the enter. or directly enter the Adblock extension page.

  •  Then you need to click on the +free button to install the chrome extension based on your choice.

Adblock install Chrome extension


  • Then you’ll prompted with pop-up asking to Add the extension or not. Click on Add

Pop up Adblobk best chrome extensions


  • Again you need to click on the “Add to Chrome” then a click add on the pop up that reappears.

Add adblock to chrome



That’s it now your Extension will successfully installed to your Chrome. Let me tell which are some of the best chrome extensions.


Watch Video to make easier to install Chrome extensions

Google Chrome Extensions List 2017

# 1. Pocket – Best Google Chrome Extension For Students

If you’re a great reader like me, then this is the best chrome extensions for you. We already included Pocket as the best app for the college students due to its eye-catching features. With the help of Pocket, extension lets you read all you favorite article even if you are in offline. The pocket web app is available in the chrome store which is considered as one among best chrome apps, using this you can read all you online articles offline even in your desktop. If you upgraded to the premium, You can sync of your articles across various platform whenever and where ever you need.

Pocket Features:

  • One click or simple Keyboard shortcut to save the webpages for the Offline reading.
  • Sync across all platform like iPhone, Android, and Desktops.
  • Best part it is Free unless you upgrade for a premium to unlock most out of it.

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# 2. Adblock Plus (ABP) – Best Adblock for Chrome 2017

The internet is full of distraction. If you surf the internet you’ll come across the lot of ads. For the sake of Making money online people bombarding there, a blog’s with ads. Don’t worry is the best chrome extensions which block all the ads while you browse the internet.  So this extension is the best in class for blocking the ads in internet.

AdBlock Plus features:

  • Blocks all anonymous Webpage ads.
  • Blocks YouTube and Facebook ads.
  • This is the most advanced Ads blocking tool which blocks the many types of ads like Popups, Autoplay Sound-Video playing, Expanding ads..etc
  • It protects your privacy in the internet.

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# 3. Ghostery – Best Chrome Privacy Extensions

You need to maintain you’re privacy while browsing the internet. Then Ghostery is the extension helps you to keep all you details private. Ghostery user-friendly best chrome extensions 2017 which hide all you’re tracking info private in one click!

Ghostery Features:

  • You can block all the Scripts, Documents and other from the company or third party that you won’t trust.
  • It is the King of all extensions that protects you privacy over internet.

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# 4. Pushbullet – Best Extension For Google Chrome

Pushbullet is the great extension that acts as sync zone between your computer and android smartphone. Using this extension user can share or send notifications, links, web pages between your PC and android phone. In other words, it acts as a junction between your computer and smartphone. Overall I can say it best chrome extensions 2017.

Pushbullet features:

  • You can automatically see all the Notification for your android phone in your Desktop.
  • Even you can reply to the Text messages with texting android apps.
  • One click to sending links and webpages to your android phone.
  • Send files and other stuff to your android phone without any hassle.

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# 5. HTTPS Everywhere –  Best Security Extensions For Google Chrome 2017

If you surf the internet you’ll come across many spam and virus-rich websites which created to attack the users who visit those sites. In order to fight against those scam sites, there are a best chrome extensions named  HTTPS Everywhere which makes your browsing most secure and safer. HTTPS sites are secure and safer than the HTTP sites this extension is also the part of best chrome extensions.

HTTPS EveryWhere features:

  • The advanced rule set to make your browsing safer.
  • One click block all HTTP sites.
  • Also available for Firefox. download here.

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# 6. Hola Better Internet – Best Firewall Extensions For Google Chrome

In most of the work space like office and school, they blocks some of the social medias like YouTube, Facebook for distraction free working, As a tech geek we need to break the firewalls to unblock these social giants. When you’re in this situation I’ll recommend this as the best google chrome extensions for unlocking these sites, with one click. You can also upgrade for premium to make most out of it.

Hola better internet features:

  • Best ads free VPN (Virtual Private network) service for faster browsing.
  • Unblock all blocked sites in School, College and office.

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# 7. Grammerly –  Best Grammer Extension for Chrome

No one is perfect in this world, Almost all the person commite mistakes. If you weak in the english and it is not your primary language the you’ll often make lot of mistakes. This is the best chrome extension which corrects your common grammar errors like incorrect sentence formation, In appropriate punctuations..etc. In the premium version you’ll notice lot of advanced options like vocabulary and plagiarism. This extension is most suitable for blog admins, writers  who spend hell time in writing their content. The best part it is also available in free version with limitations. if you run any online business then this extension deserves the best chrome extension for business.

Grammarly features:

  • With contextual checker.
  • Grammer and spelling checker.
  • In premium you’ll get Vocabulary enhancement with plagiarism checker and much more.

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# 8. StayFocusd – Best Chrome Extension 2017 

As I mentioned above Internet is the room for distraction, For Webmasters and bloggers it is a challenging task to focus on their work when they connected to the WWW. So this best extension for google chrome is boon for the folks who make a living out of the internet. Even if you are student who collects all the Study materials over the Internet then it is the best chrome extension for Education and for Students.

StayFocusd features:

  • Best chrome extensions for productivity.
  • Ads free chrome extensions.
  • Boosts your productivity up to 2x.

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# 9. Gmail Offline – Best Google Chrome Extension For Gmail

Gmail is transforming as a medium of communication today. It is necessary to have at least one Gmail account for browsing the internet in the current era. This extension is helps the users to read all your emails in offline. Confused how will it works? It works same as the Pocket does. It downloads all your email when your connected to internet when you where in offline you can continue reading from the downloaded files. This is the Best Chrome extension for Gmail.

Gmail offline features:

  • One click to save for offline.
  • It enables same user experience even in offline.
  • Powered by the Internet giant Google.

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# 10. Panic Button ! – Best Google Chrome Extensions 2017

The name itself says panic!. Let me tell you if you are browsing the internet while you in School or Office, unfortunately some enters, What you’ll do? for those situation this Panic button extension will be you helper from HideMyAss. It hides all your opened tabs with just one click!

Panic button features:

  • One click hides all opened tabs.
  • Advanced password encryption to maintain privacy.
  • improved speed and page options

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Wrapping up,

If you agree you are smart, then you need to make your work stress lesser with these best extensions for Google Chrome, All you need to install these extensions and enjoy happier, easier and safer surfing. You can appoint these best chrome extensions 2017 to perform your works efficiently. Though these Google chrome extensions are useful, don’t use more than 10 extensions. It may diminish your browsing performance. I’ll recommend you to bookmark this page about best chrome extensions 2017, we’ll update it on regular basis.


  1. Hi Ashik,
    Nice post List is awesome Now chrome is most popular browser and you share nice post keep up it
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  2. Great list… Another fun extension is Emotie which gives you quick copy/paste for unicode emoticons ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  3. Excellent article, Ashik. Such extensions certainly help cut down the time spent on unproductive stuff while working or browsing. Thanks, Niraj


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