10 Best Browser For Mac OS 2017 | Every Mac User Should Know!


Today I’m going to share the best browser for Mac OS. The Internet is transforming as the lifeblood for many of the entrepreneurs. Without The internet, we can’t imagine a life, which makes a damn near the world end if the internet dies. Web Browsers are the basic requirement other the for any of the device to access the internet. No matter which platform you are from, you can browse the internet if you have the best browser and a stable internet connection. Suppose if you are a MacBook Pro user like me, which is a beast in terms  productivity. I hope you will love most of these awesome web browsers for mac.

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Best Browser for Mac OS X

As everyone knows Mac is the giant and legend in the Computer industry, with its fluid user experience and stunning technology which makes it robust. Even the Bill Gates the present CEO of Microsoft Inc, once appreciated the Steve Jobs for his creativity in the Mac OS X. It makes the Mac supreme in the desktop field, but when it come for surfing the internet you need to have the best browser for Mac for better browsing. Though the Safari is a top notch browser, still the other Web browser are in the game.

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Best Web Browser For Mac OS X In 2017 | For iMac, iPad and MacBook

It’s is really hard to list the best browsers for Mac, but we have collected the top web browsers which remembered with its Quality, Performance and User Experience. Here we go.

1. Chrome Web Browser

best browser for mac

Yes, Chrome is the top notch web browser for Mac that what I recommend. There is no other browser as popular as Chrome in the web. Though, Chrome is not made for  users who loves to utilize each drop of their battery. As many users reported bad battery backup after using Chrome in their Mac. But still Chrome has thousands of useful extensions, which forces many users to install it in their Mac. Here we trigger some of the best features of Google Chrome, which makes it as an extremely popular browser not only among OS X users only but among other operating systems like Android and Windows too.

Things that makes Chrome Robust Browser:

  • Minimalistic design is the key to the Google Chrome success.
  • Fluid user experience one can expect from the browsers.
  • Tones of best chrome extensions are available for this best web browser for Mac.
  • Smooth rendering of Web pages and a clutter-free environment.
  • The Safe browser with the great reputation as a Search Engine from the big G!
  • Includes all the features of a best Web browsers.
  • You can open many Tabs in this browser without freezing.
  • What more needed for the best browsers.

Download Google Chrome For Mac

2. Mozilla Firefox

Best Internet browser for Mac

Mozilla Firefox is another browser for Mac which worth for mentioning here. Mozilla is old yet still in the game of best browser for android. It is also a great choice as a browser for your Mac Systems, that has many advantages built in. You can easily perform any work when you assign to an  Add-on. Overall I can say it is one of the best browser ever made.

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Some features of Mozilla Firefox:

  • A wide variety of Add-ons was available to increase your productivity.
  • Smooth rendering technology makes it fluid user experience.
  • Improved Tab Browsing options included.
  • Packed with Spell checker to improve your language Quality.
  •  Easy and quick restore.
  • Integrated search engines like Google, Bing..etc
  • Live Bookmark and Live titles included.

Download Mozilla Firefox

3. Opera

Opera is another brilliant choice as  a browser for almost any operating system. You guys know Opera is the is first and fore choice for mobile users, it have not set back in the desktop platform. Opera Browser is best browser for users who are having slow internet connection as turbo mode of this browser is simply amazing. As, it can help in increasing loading speed of pages by multiple folds.

Features of opera Browser for Mac:

  • Smooth browsing experience along with easy navigation.
  • Easily you can preview the Webpage by moving the mouse cursor to the Tab.
  • You can download torrents easily with inbuilt browser option.
  • Opera Email is inbuilt to manage your emails in one client.
  • Opera note is included to manage all your notes including the Evernote.
  • Various mouse gestures supported for great user satisfaction.
  • Reload page every x minutes as per you schedule.
  • packed with RSS-reader with the Email client.

Download opera browser for Mac OS X

4. Torch – Chrome Browser Younger Brother 

Torch browser is another one of the best browser for Mac OS X, it got a spike in its popularity all of sudden because with its unique design and awesome features. This browser is somewhat similar to the Google Chrome along with modifications. You can download the torrents without any torrent clients. I’ve listed some f the quick points why this torch browser is the best browsers for Mac OS.

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Torch Browser highlights:

  • It supports each and every extension that available in the Google Chrome Web Store.
  • Torrent downloading supported within t browser.
  • Packed with Social Bar to get all your social updates notification instantly.
  • Smooth web surfing experience as in Google Chrome.
  • A wide range of themes available for Torch browser.
  • fast, simple and safe browser for Mac.

Download Torch Web Browser for Mac

5. Maxthon

Maxthon is one of powerful web browsers for Macbook OS X ever made. It is simple yet powerful software to access the internet in the Mac OS X. It has many features including the  Syncing as like Google chrome to sync all your favorites, bookmarks, history at anywhere. It is best browser for users who are looking for a browser in which they can install their favourite chrome extensions but don’t want to use Chrome.

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Features of Maxthon Browser:

  • Sync and see favorites anywhere and anytime.
  • Various Mouse gestures supported for better experience.
  • Block Ads with ad hunter add-ons that come packed with Maxthon browser.
  • Multi screen supported for seamless multitasking.
  • Magic fill to save your username and password safely.

Download Maxthon Mac Browser

6. Camino Browser – Made For Mac OS

Camino is another great cum best browser for Mac users which powerful enough to rank in this Web browsers for Mac list. Camino grown as better browser among the Mac users with its unique design and great performance. I’ve pointed the reasons behinds it is ranking here. Unfortunately, the support for this browser has been ended in late 2013 after 10 years of their service.

Edit: This browser is permanently discontinued , still you can their latest version of Camino browser from their official site.

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Some features of Camino Web Browser:

  • Only available for Mac users.
  • Specially designed for Mac users which make it perfect for Mac.
  • Old browser for Mac started in 2005 to serve as a browser.
  • Best user interface and smooth experience.

Download Camino Browser For Mac

7. Apple Safari –  Pre-installed Browser in Mac OS X

best browser for mac

Apple Safari is the top best browser for Mac that come pre-installed in every iMac or Macbooks. It one of the favorite browser, that I’m personally using it in my Macbook Pro I’m totally satisfied with it I recommend this as must use web browser for mac. It is great software with stunning user experience and great support. The reason why I’m listed this Browser in last position because it comes with all the Apple products, I’ve listed the alternate for these. Moreover, Safari is best browser for guys who are looking for a browser that will not eat up their macbook’s battery. Though, Safari seems to be laggy sometimes but it’s completely worth it as battery backup is unbeatable in this mac browser.

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Features of Apple safari browser:

  • Best performance and great user satisfaction.
  • Lesser battery consumption when compared to Chrome and Firefox.
  • Faster than Chrome and Firefox up to 1.7X times.
  • Sophisticated privacy and security encryptions for your online security.
  • Third-party cookie blocking for to be on safer side.
  • Browse seamlessly across any devices (Apple devices)
  • Easy sharing with Share Menu.
  • Great extensions for available in the Apple Store.

Download Apple Safari for Mac

8. Flock Web Browser

Are you a social media lover? If you want to be active at social media while doing your other work in browsers like content writing, SEO, Graphic Designing etc., then Flock Web Browser is best web browser for mac 2017 to install. You can check latest notifications from sidebar in the browser window. Actually, this browser is discontinued browser, but still you can download Flock web browser from third party links.

Features of Flock Web Browser:

  • Based on firefox latest version.
  • Drop page to share on social media instantly.
  • Supports more than 20 social networking sites.
  • Super fast uploading of images to sites.

Download Flock Browser for Mac

9. Omni Browser

Omni Browser is one powerful web browser for mac which is completely free to use. Undoubtedly, it is features-rich browser with a lot of amazing features like side-tabbed browser. But this browser is a bit slow and consumes comparatively high amount of RAM. Due to this reason, startup time of this browser is comparatively high and you may also face lag at the time of switching between different tabs and some random crashes too.

Download Omni Browser

10. RockMelt Browser

RockMelt browser from Yahoo is one of most featured rich browser for mac ever made. RockMelt is best for guys who are looking to sync their data on various computers easily. Moreover in RockMelt browser, you can also install Chrome extensions. RockMelt has a very powerful search bar which can be very effective. Overall, it’s a free web browser which you can download from third party sites.

Download RockMelt Browser

Final Words,

So in this post, we have shared our personal experience about best web browser for mac. I recommend you to install any two browsers one for Personal and other for professional uses if you are an online entrepreneur. We recommend you to bookmark this page we’ll update this whenever we found some important information about these mac web browsers.


  1. @Ashk

    Hello There!
    Apple safari browser is my favorite . I didn’t try Torch browser yet. Is it really better than google chrome?


  2. As a long time Mac user [c 1986] I miss the features and sustained reliabilty of its first 15 years. I’d recommend Puffin as a lightweight yet full-function browser, and especially for mobile use. It can also display websites that use Flash.

    Safari is OK, but lacks some of the interface touches that made Mac famous. More importantly, it effectively destroyed Flash by eliminating it as a function in Safari, although owner Adobe was doing a good job of ruining it by misrepresenting its intended use.

    • Yea! I agree that Safari lacks some features but it consumes very less amount of battery in comparison to any other browser like Firefox, Chrome.

  3. Google Chrome sucks. At my firm, any new viruses that appeared on their PC laptop was because of Chrome. I’ll never use it again. Also, it no longer uses Java. It bites.

  4. Safari eats up too much RAM. I have 16GB and with a few open tabs, I am always having to use a memory cleaner to get back some RAM. Safari is very fast and I don’t get hesitations (usually), but the amount of RAM it will eat is alarming.

  5. Stay away from Maxthon. It apparently send encrypted info about your browsing behavior to its mother company in China.


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