10 Best Battery Saver App for Android 2017 (Updated)


Today I’m sharing some of best battery saver app for android 2017. Android smartphones are increasing gradually in volume by winning everyone’s heart, because of tones best android apps are available in the play store. One of the biggest drawbacks of owning the android smartphone is its Quick Battery draining issues. On the demand of our beloved readers, Today here we’re sharing hand-picked best battery saver app for android 2017 to save your battery from quick draining problems. So it’s common among all who owns a best android smartphone. With the help of these android battery saver apps, it is the easy and quick way to save your battery life. If you root your android phone you will get a the “Root Access” , by which you can boost your battery life by breaking the firewall.

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Best battery saver app for android 2016


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Do you know that more than 50% smartphone buyers consider battery life as an important factor while selecting their android phone? So the android apps developers are in the race to convert their battery saver apps into as money stream by providing the Pro or Prime version apps. Though it is not a great deal of owning best android phone, but when it come to keeping up the battery life, most of them fail. So we have the some best battery saver app for android 2017 to get your smartphone out of quick battery draining circumstance. If you are student you can check out our recent post about best college student apps which will help you for great extent if you are student like Me:)

What is the Best Battery Saver App For Android 2017

Although these apps are used to save your android phone battery life, I recommend you to use any one among these android battery saving apps to make your android phone experience smoother.

#1. DU Battery Saver

Best battery saver app for android

DU battery saver is the greatest android app for saving your battery. Though it a most powerful android app for extended smartphone battery usage. According to my testing, it saves my battery up to 50%. If DU battery saver is installed in your smartphone, It’ll destroy all your battery killer services and background app to make your battery for the long run. There are some different modes are available to make your smartphone battery usage lesser than before. After considering all these reason, I’ll add this in the list of best battery saver app for android 2017.  You can also check out our new post on the best video player for android, I’m sure it’ll help you.

|| Download DU Battery saver ||

#2. Juice defender 

Best android battery saver - Juice defender

JuiceDefender is another great automated paid best battery saver app for android. Which is robust in terms of performance and options. Many features like different user profiles, Scheduling, advanced WiFi/3G data management, deeper and enhanced GPS control to maintain battery fluctuations to constant. Juice defender is available in three version a FREE, Plus (1.99$), Juice defender Ultimate (4.99$). Though in my opinion its worth for upgrading. Just I’ll say try this app once.

|| Download Juice defender ||

#3. Battery Doctor

While I started searching for Best android battery saver apps, I encountered Battery Doctor which is another great name when it come to android battery saver app. Battery Doctor is a user-friendly android app that featured with real-time information while it alerts you to turn off your smartphones data, WiFi, and other battery enemies to save your battery from being emptied. Another great option is that it tells how much battery left, Uptime and battery level zones..etc which makes it great in terms of best battery saver app for android. Hence, we include Battery Doctor as a member in the best battery saver app for android 2017 list. Android battery life is one of major problem for android mobile owners now a days and that’s the reason we have decided to post about best android battery apps 2017.

|| Download battery Doctor ||

#4. Battery Defender

Best android battery saver 2016

Battery Defender is similar to that of the battery doctor. This great app which is specialized in extending your battery for 15-20 minutes by disabling all the battery killer service like Data, GPS, WiFi. Sync..etc. It also enables the “sleeping feature which terminates all background apps to boost your battery life. Overall Battery defender is best battery saver app for android 2017. 

|| Download battery defender ||

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#5. Easy Battery Saver

Best battery saver app for android 2016

Easy battery saver is another android battery app for saving your battery in an android phone. It is like to that of the DU battery saver and Juice Defender, It shows you the battery status in your homepage with pretty accurate value. It is user-friendly, light yet powerful to save your battery. It has all other features that must have in order to become best of best.

|| Download Easy Battery Saver ||

#6. Avast Battery Saver

avast battery saver - best battery saver android app

Avast Battery Saver app is another best battery saver app for android. As, you know that Avast is one of best anti-virus for android, but this beast app developer has decided to come up with something which is needed by android users, so Avast mobile inc. came with this best battery saver app for android in market. According to their app given details, Avast Battery saver app can increase your battery life of your android mobile by 60%. Avast Battery Saver has 4 different profiles from which you can choose your required profile like night, home etc. Using this app, you can also check CPU & RAM usage and can also check which app is consuming most of your android phone resources, so that you can remove them or can choose a alternative app.

|| Download Avast Battery Saver ||

#7. 3x battery Saver

best battery saver app for android 2016

3x battery saver is another one of best battery saver app for android which is live in market now. This battery saver is too much popular especially in countries like Japan where even Juice Defender is not that much popular. Unlike other battery saving apps, it will not disconnect you from internet but it will close all those apps which are taking your battery juice instead of disconnecting you from internet.

|| Download 3x battery saver ||

#8. Battery Optimizer & Cleaner by McAfee 

Battery Optimizer and Cleaner by McAfee is another one of best battery saver app for android which you can try out now. It’s size is very small as well (5.6MB only). This battery saver app for android has a lot of features like battery saving recommendations, auto extend, call helper, battery usage monitor. Moreover, this app has a quick boost button which will optimize RAM, battery and CPU processes to further boost performance and battery life.

|| Download Optimizer & Cleaner by McAfee ||

#9. CM Battery Saver

cm battery saver

CM Battery Saver is one of popular battery saver for android in the market currently. Some of top features of CM Battery Saver are clean and innovative design, one tap to save batter power, Smart charge screensaver, powerful app management. Moreover, if you are low in memory, then this app is best for you as size of CM Battery saver for android is 1.9 MB which is too much small.

|| Download CM Battery Saver ||

#10. Green Battery Saver

Green Battery Saver is another free battery saver app for android which you can  try out now. Using this app, you can get almost exact details of battery backup of battery of your android phone. This app has its unique algorithm which is completed in three steps using which you can improve battery backup of your android phone easily.

|| Download Green Battery Saver ||

Wrapping it up,

Battery life is one of the important aspects to consider before you choose your smartphone. Though if you’ve the smartphone and Quick battery draining issue, you need to install these best battery saver app for android 2017 to get rid of this problem. So we strongly recommend you to install any one among these android battery saver apps to resolve all your battery related issues with a single app.

We hope we provided the best battery saver apps for android 2017. We recommend you to bookmark this page because we’ll update this post more often about best battery saver apps for android.


  1. Craig’s Battery Saver

    More powerful than greenify and du battery saver combined, it supports all new high end mobile devices

    It also alows remote activation via sms to turn on wifi/gps/mobile to allow apps like Where’s?my droid to get pinpoint accuracy for lost and stolen phones!

    1 click press to clean up autostarts, built in task manager..

    Root only but once you use it, your phone will run as smooth as the day you bought it!

  2. Very nice list of all 10 application. this is great menu for use to choose a battery application. I want to understand about this app completely and this is very rare app in internet that’s why this is very difficult in understand. I will also go to link to know about its knowledge. Thanks

  3. Some part of apps are so important for our Android phone such as battery saver application. With it my phone battery till work for more time. I also use this app for my android phone after your recommendation. Now i will recommend to my friends or family’s member for green battery saver application.

  4. Great list of application for mobile. I most like Avast Battery Saver – Best android app to save battery and Battery Defender . it’s both work for me great. I have been using after your recommended. Thanks for coming again hear with some new tips..


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