How Much Data Does Apple Music & Spotify Consumes?


Hello, Welcome Readers! Team of Ashik Tricks is back with a new post on how much data does apple music and spotify use. As,Here I am going to provide you the best answer to your question : How much data do Spotify and Apple Music use. If you want to know that Spotify app kills mobile data, Apple Music use data, then this post is completely for you. In this post I will tell you that both apps is using data or not, if they kill data, then how much? All of your confusion will be clear. Recently, we have also shared how much data does facetime use?

Are you having these questions in your mind?

  1. How much data does Spotify use?
  2. Does Spotify use a lot of data?
  3. What is spotify data usage per hour?
  4. Does Spotify download music?

If you are having above questions in your mind, then this post is for you. As, you will get all answers in this post of above questions. So, let’s get much data does spotify use?

Spotify and Apple Music Data usage:

Personally, I use both this app on my phone. One day one question stroked in my mind that is, Does Spotify kills my mobile data. I have never care about mobile data because I have always the unlimited plan. But I wanted to know the complete reason. So I have researched and got a correct answer about both this app data usage.

I have divided this section into two part, one for Spotify App and another for Apple Music for better understanding.

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How much Data Does Spotify use?

You already know about Spotify app, that provides online music. Yes, it is a music streaming app. If you want an answer for does Spotify use data? then the answer is Big yes. Because online streaming is provided to you through the internet, So the some of your data either mobile or wi-fi will be used by the Spotify app. But the question is how much data does it use? So I will say it depends upon many factor like music quality, how much music you are listening and etc. There are many of my friends asked me that how much data does Spotify use per song. If you question is same then the answer is “It depends upon song that you have listened through Spotify app”

So to get the exact usage of data by Spotify we need to get some calculation. Before calculating spotify data usage, I want to point out that Spotify provides songs in 3 different qualities, that are

  • 96 kbps
  • 160 kbps
  • 320kbps

The last one 320kbps that is higher quality provided by the spotify app, but it is available only for the premium paid users. Now calculate how much data does spotify use for listening a song.

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Approx Data usage by Spotify:

Suppose you are listening to a song of 3 minutes in 160kbps quality. So here 160kbps denotes that Spotify will kill 160kb per second.

160kb*60second=9600kb per minute. That mean it will kill 9600kb per minute. If the song is one minute then your 9600kb data will be used by the spotify.

So data usage by Spotify totally depends upon the song quality and also on the length of that song.  Therefore, by using above calculation you can easily calculate how much data will be use by Spotify per minute, per song and also per month.

For a month, data usage of Spotify. Just consider how many song you listen in a day and secondly take an average minute of the single song. After considering these both you can simply calculate the total listening minute in a month. Then according to the song quality, you can find out approximate data usage by Spotify in a month.

For example, let’s suppose you daily listen to a single song through the Spotify app. Now let’s suppose the average time of a single song is 2 Minutes.

Total minutes in a month = 30 *2 = 60 minutes.

Now find out how many seconds in 60 minutes. That is 60*60=360seconds.

So you have totally listen 360 seconds in a month. Now the data usage by Spotify in a month can be calculate according to the quality of songs. If you have go through 160kbps quality then

360*160 = 57600KB in a month. You can convert this KB into MB easily. Just divide KB by 1024.

57600/1024 = 57MB approx.

If you are going with higher quality songs then the data use will be increase it is obvious.

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How to save data in Spotify?

Above we have calculated how much data does Spotify use per second, per song, per minute and also we have calculated for a month. But if your more data is killed by Spotify, then here is a solution for how to save data in Spotify. If you want to save data, then it is recommended that listen song in worst quality do not go for higher quality. One more tip, after listening the song exit the Spotify app completely, do not let it be open. So that you can save you data.

How much Data Does Apple Music use?

As above we have calculated how much data Spotify use.  Now it’s time for Apple music. Same as Spotify, Apple Music also kills mobile data. But there are also more activities like automatic download can increase data usage in Apple music. So you can also save your data in Apple Music

There is two way to decrease data usage in Apple Music

Make Available Offline

If you are music lover then you must do it.

  1. Locate to the song which you want to listen.
  2. At right corner of songs name, you will get an option by clicking
  3. Now choose make available offline.

So that all of your songs will be stored in your memory and all will be available to listen anytime by wasting any byte of Data. So hence you can save your data.

Disable Automatic Download

Apple Music automatic start downloading songs that increase more unusual data usage. So to save your mobile data you can disable automatic download. Here is the step by step guide to disable it.

  1. In setting locate to iTunes & App Store.
  2. In your Apple ID, you can see Automatic Download.
  3. Off the Music for Automatic Download.


Wrapped up:

Thanks for being on this post. This post is full of knowledge. Hope you have learnt many things today. If again you have any doubt or you have more information regarding Spotify data usage and apple Music data usage, then feel free to comment inside comment box.

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