How to Login for First Time/ Activate Internet Banking In SBI


The digital revolution has taken over banking sector as well that you don’t have to wait in the long queue to deposit money or check your balance. As, you know that Ashik Tricks always comes up with solution of common problems of our real life.

There was a time when people had to wait long hours to check the balance and withdraw money. But the internet and modern technology have made everything easier now. If you are an internet banking user, you can check whether an expected payment is received or not. Unlike the tedious effort of going to the branch, it hardly takes about one minute.

So today, I am here with an article on how to log in for the first time in SBI internet banking.

How to Activate Internet Banking In SBI

activate internet banking in sbi

Don’t you have an internet banking account? I think you are a person looking forward to having one. Internet banking is going to help you a lot I must say, especially if you want to send a lot of money to other accounts.

With net banking, you can send money to other people using the method of NEFT or IMPS whether or not they have internet banking.

Everything seems too sluggish at first, so is internet banking. So, you may think an internet banking set up is very tedious. But in real it is not.

You can seek help from this article as I am going to show how to login for first time in internet banking SBI.

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How to Login for First Time; SBI Internet Banking

You should get something done before logging in for the first time. We all know that a username and a password are needed for logging into anything.

Where can you get it? Do you have any idea?

Well, read this article to find more about how to activate internet banking in SBI and get temporary login credentials for the first time usage.

I have given two methods here. You can use any of them as per your convenience.

Method 1: Activate Internet Banking In SBI by Visiting the Branch

Here, you need to visit your bank branch only one time in order to get the temporary username and password.

Step 1: As I said earlier, you need to have login details. That’s why you must visit the nearby State Bank branch. Consult with an officer and tell them you are there to open an internet banking account.

Here, you must remember that an SBI bank account is needed for opening online banking. If you don’t have a regular bank account, you can’t even have net banking, let alone activating it.

When you tell them the purpose of your visit, they will give you a form to fill. Don’t worry! It is a basic form needed to activate online SBI banking. You will have to fill it with your name, account details, email, phone number, etc.

The form filling will not take the whole day. As you return the same, you will be provided with the net banking kit in which you can find the temporary username and password for your SBI net banking account.

Step 2: I know you are ready to log into your account right away. But you should wait for a day (24 hours) to get the temporary credentials activated. That means you will not be able to sign into your account if you try within that given time.

After a day, just go to

Step 3: On the website under personal banking, you can see a Login button. Two buttons are there, but you must go with the first one.

activate internet banking in sbi

Step 4: Now, you will get another page devoid of any login form. But don’t worry! And, click that large Continue to Login button placed in the middle of the screen.

activate internet banking in sbi

Step 5: You can see a login form now in the display. As for any other account, username and password function as login credentials.

activate internet banking in sbi

If you don’t want to risk yourself with a physical keyboard (chances are you may click multiple buttons at a time), just go with the virtual keyboard feature that can be turned on by clicking Enable virtual keyboard checkbox on the right-bottom part of the form.

Step 6: Now that you have logged into the account with the temporary details. Hence, you will be asked to choose a username. You should bear in mind that username can’t be changed once selected. Along with the username, the webpage asks you to enter the kit number as well.

activate internet banking in sbi

Step 7: Then, you need to set up the login password. This will be the one you should enter along with the username in order to sign into your account.

activate internet banking in sbi

Step 8: Here, you have to setup Profile password, security question, date of birth, country and phone number.

activate internet banking in sbi

Profile password is mandatory for you to take actions like sending payment.

Step 9: Click Submit and you are done. That’s all it takes to log in for the first time in SBI internet banking.

Method 2: Activate Internet Banking In SBI without Visiting the Branch

Earlier, SBI used to have the first method only. But they introduced this method because people don’t have to visit the branch.

You can follow the steps given below to start and activate internet banking in SBI.

Step 1: Have you noticed a New User Registration link on the homepage? (Check the first image for details). Click there.

activate internet banking in sbi

Step 2: Click okay and you will get a form.

activate internet banking in sbi

Don’t forget to fill them correctly.

activate internet banking in sbi

Then follow the above-given method from step 3.

This method is for those who don’t want to go to the bank branch for net banking account activation.

Have You Activated Your SBI Net Banking Account?

I hope you now know how to activate your online SBI account or how to login for the first time in SBI net banking, don’t you?

The process is way too easier than it seems. You have to make only a set of keystrokes and a few clicks.

If you face any problem, let me know in the comment section down below. I will try to help you solve it as soon as possible.


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