5 Best Sites to Create CV/Resume Online For Free


CVs or resumes get extreme importance when you pass out of college. Almost every company providing decently paying jobs wants you to document your skills and qualifications via CV. Recently, we were getting many mails from our readers requesting us to list best sites to create CV online for free.

But the fact is literally no one knows how to write an ideal resume that will eventually end up gifting you a job. If you ask any interview board member about resumes, they will say almost 80% of resumes they get from job aspirants are poorly written in an unprofessional manner.

Do you want to know how to cope up with this issue? Here comes out the list of best sites to create CV/resume online. Recently, we had also shared new and completely free movie download sites.

Best Sites to Create CV/Resume Online

best sites to create resume online

As I said earlier, CV has a great importance in your career. Imagine a situation of a job interview where the interview board has got resumes from two aspirants with the same qualification. It’s obvious that they will call the one who has a professionally written CV.

So don’t take risks by writing manually and ruining it. Make use of these best sites to create CV/resume online.

#1. CVMkr.com

best websites to create resume online

This is not another prank website that was designed to make income. CVMakr is one of the best sites to create CV/resume online.

CVMaker supports about 17 languages, so you may even get a chance to create a CV in your own language. The dropdown menu to switch between languages is shown on the homepage itself.

Although a login/ sign up button is given, you don’t have to be their registered member to create a resume on CVMaker.

Over 7,000,000 CVs have been established and downloaded using this website. You can have a look at the figures given on the first page.

Another great advantage of CVMaker is its ability to host resumes. That means, along with several downloading options, you can showcase your own online portfolio with the help of them.

If you want to save your resume online and make occasional changes, you must create an account because that option is only allotted for members.

It supports most of the common document file formats including .doc, .pdf, .rtf etc.

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#2. Resume.com

best sites to create cv online for free

Resume.com is one among the best sites to create CV/Resume online. Just like the first one I have mentioned, this website also allows you to host your CV on their servers.

After publishing your resume, you will be provided with a unique URL (something like http://resume.com/username. You can redirect anyone to this link for showing the resume.

There are some impressive figures given on the homepage. More than 1,300,000 members, resume.com has published 1,300,000+ CVs so far.

You don’t have to sign up to use their resume builder. But if you are someone who wants to create a resume online that can be edited from anywhere in the world, you should sign-up for an account.

To start the creation process, click on Create a resume button on the homepage. The next step is to select a predesigned template from about 25  ones. You can choose anyone according to your purpose. Then, type your first name and second name.

That’s all. You will then see the resume builder on which editing and adding sections are like a walk in the park.

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#3. DoYouBuzz.com

best sites for creating cv resume online free

Do you like resumes with a little colour to it? Or are you on the bandwagon of creating old school boring black and white resumes?

DoYouBuzz perfectly fits for those who want to create a coloured resume that can take any HR’s breath away. As a job aspirant, I hope you already knew about LinkedIn. It is a portal of professionals where we add professional information. You can import details from LinkedIn if you want. Alternatively, adding details manually is also possible.

Unfortunately, you can’t create a resume until you become a member of DoYouBuzz. Becoming a member is so easy that you need to fill a form with your first name, last name and email. If you like to sign up with FaceBook, you can click on that specific button above the form.

Two choices are there after the completion- either you can download a hardcopy in ms office, open office, PDF or you can share your DoYouBuzz profile with others that serve as your virtual CV.

What do you think about DoYouBuzz? Is it one of the best sites to create CV/resume online?

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#4. OnlineCVGenerator.com

create resume and cv for free online

This is one of the best sites to create CV/resume online without registering. The initial loading takes some time as it makes use of graphics (flash) more than any other website in this list.

On the homepage, you will not be disappointed with any signup or sign in links. Instead, you can directly click on Start Your CV button. As it uses Flash, no waiting time is needed for every click. Every page loads abruptly as soon as you click.

But you can’t import details from any site like FaceBook or LinkedIn. That means you should fill each field manually. It is not a tough row to hoe. Their system makes it easier to fill each and everything at once.

The sections are of four parts- Basics, Education, Jobs and Skills. After filling each part carefully, you will be lead to Finish section. There is an option to save your CV in PDF format.

#5. HowtoWriteaResume.net

sites to create resume online for free 2016

To start creating your CV on this best website to create a resume online, you should register for a free account. Unless and until you signup, it will not be possible to create one.

Simply click on Start Now button from the homepage. That’s all. The website then walks you through the entire steps needed to land on a perfect resume. I hope you will find this one of the best sites to create CV/resume online helpful.

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Wrapping up Best Sites to Create CV/Resume Online

I hope you have got the best resource of online resume creators. Each website is manually picked by me so that I can ensure the quality.

Do you think of any other best website that can’t make up to this list? Kindly let us know and we will review your suggestion for sure.


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