How to Recover Data from Samsung SD Card on Mac

Have you ever faced a data loss with your Samsung SD card? Recovering the deleted or lost data from any memory card is a Herculean task, let alone Samsung.

Sometimes, we may accidentally delete data on the SD card that it creates a worse scenario due to the absence of trash bin. Hence, the files get deleted directly without entering the trash.

That’s where you need to carry out SD card recovery. And, it’s easier said than done, isn’t it?

But no! Today I have a solution for your data loss from SD card chaos.

The Best SD Card Data Recovery for Samsung SD Card

How to Recover Data from Samsung SD Card on Mac

Chances are you heard about Wondershare at least once. They have been serving the worldwide computer users for quite a while now. They have a file restoring tool that helps us to recover data from Samsung SD card on Mac.

Do you want to know the features of Wondershare Data Recovery? Here you go.

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 #1. Versatile Data Recovery Solution

Though I focus on the SD card recovery only, the tool from Wondershare is intended to recover data from any location on your computer. You can restore data from your formatted partitions, removable media, local disks and what not!

So, you will never have a heart attack after deleting an important file accidentally if you keep a copy of Wondershare Data Recovery software with you.

#2. Easy-to-Use Interface

They have kept the interface minimal that you won’t find it hard to go on with the SD card recovery. The step-by-step process doesn’t need a geek’s brain to carry on with the restoration.

#3. Supports Windows and Mac

Yeah you are going to read about how to recover data from Samsung SD card on Mac. But that doesn’t mean the app supports Mac only. In case you are a Windows user who is desperately searching for the best data recovery solution, you must try Wondershare.

#4. Multiple File Format Compatibility

Sometimes we have to recover documents, some other times videos and it varies. So, multiple file format compatibility is inevitable for such a tool.

And, Wondershare product supports almost all the file types so that, you can recover any file if found deleted accidentally.

#5. Trial Period

Yeah, data recovery tool from Wondershare is a premium one. But they provide you with a free trial to test their features. Clearly, you won’t get the entire features with the free variant. Still, it’s worth to decide the usability of the full app.

#6. Deep Scan for In-Depth Search

Say you want to retrieve a file from Samsung SD card which was deleted long ago. Most of the time, the interface will not display the same with ordinary searches. Once you enable deep scan and continue with the search, you can recover any file irrespective of the time it got erased.

#7. Preview Panel

When you get multiple files of one kind with the same name, recognizing the right one would be a tough row to hoe. That’s where the preview pane of the Wondershare software comes into play.

You can click on the files from the results to get a preview of the same on the above tab. And, it will help you realize which one you want and which you don’t.

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How to Recover Data from Samsung SD Card on Mac?

I know you are waiting for this section, don’t you? As the process involves the use of Wondershare data recovery software, you must download it.

Follow the steps given below for the successful SD card recovery.

Step 1: As I said earlier, download the software and install it. If you think it would be a great investment, you must purchase the premium plan.

Step 2: Once the installation finishes, open the software. You can start the retrieval process in five different ways.

sd card recovery

Wizard mode: – It will ask you a set of questions and start the recovery based on the responses you provide.

Lost File Recovery: – When you go with this, you can restore deleted or formatted files with their original file name and path.

Partition Recovery: – Helps you to recover data from your damaged, erased or reset partitions.

Raw Recovery: – Have you faced any data loss due to a virus or Trojan attack? Then, you should definitely choose this one as it digs deep into the raw partitions of the HD.

Resume Recovery: – You may have to restore a number of files. In case anything urgent comes your way, you can save the search and use Resume recovery for restoring the files from that already done search.

As we are about to do SD card recovery, choose the first one.

Step 3: There, you need to select the local disk in which the search will be done. You must plug the Samsung SD card into the Mac machine and choose the same from the window at this step.

samsung sd card

Step 4: Click on the dropdown menu at the bottom to pick the file type. In case you had no idea when the file you want was deleted, I recommend turning the deep scan option on. Then, hit the Scan button.

Step 5: After a while, you will see some files and the preview pane on the top helps you stumble upon the right one. Once you set your selection, press Recover, browse to a directory and hit Save. There you go!

deleted samsung sd card data

That’s it. You have recovered the lost file like a walk the park.

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Final Verdict

See! Isn’t it simple?

I have explained how you can recover deleted data from Samsung SD card on Mac only. You can proceed to the same process on their Windows software as well.

Taking efficiency and detection rate into consideration, you can’t find any similar tool that can beat Wondershare Data recovery, be it for Windows or Mac.

If you think this review spares some value, don’t forget to share it with your friends so that, they won’t have a heart attack on accidental file deletion.

Do you have any doubt? Feel free to use the comment section down below.


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