How to Install WordPress Manually on GoDaddy Hosting

    WordPress is best CMS among of its opponents like  Blogspot, Joomla, Drupal..etc. When it comes for install the WordPress in your Server, it varies upon the hosting company you have chosen, overall the process is somewhat different and the results are same. For hosting Godaddy is cheapest hosting ever I seen in my blogging […]

Interesting facts about Facebook That Every one Should Know

Facebook  Facebook  Facebook  Facebook…!!! How many times you heard about this giant in your Lifetime? As Technology blog admin it is necessary to be active on Facebook in order to reach most. So here we are sharing the Interesting Facts about Facebook 2015. Facebook is one among the most used and social media rather than its competitors like Twitter, Google+..etc. […]

How to Create a free Blog using Blogger

Today we’re sharing a guide on How to Create a free Blog in order to show your online presence. Blogging is becoming as the main stream to Make Money online for many of the Webmasters and geeks. It is essential to create your own blog to expose your identity in the Internet. Some of the beginners […]