How To Fix This Copy Of Windows Is Not Genuine Error

Today I’m pretty excited to share the common error named this copy of windows is not genuine fix. Windows is the far better Operating System that what I recommend for any kind of business works, for personal needs go for Mac. Though windows is the legend in the industry it has huge errors list which makes the […]

10 Best Browser For Mac OS 2017 | Every Mac User Should Know!

Today I’m going to share the best browser for Mac OS. The Internet is transforming as the lifeblood for many of the entrepreneurs. Without The internet, we can’t imagine a life, which makes a damn near the world end if the internet dies. Web Browsers are the basic requirement other the for any of the […]

Use Pendrive As RAM In Windows For Optimum Performance

Today we are sharing a tutorial on how to use Pendrive as RAM in your Windows computers. Most of us are using the Desktop in our daily routine whenever we are busy with a couple of works we’ll notice somewhat sluggish experience unless your PC is of top notch. As you knew MacBook Pro is remembered for its superior […]

How to Boot from USB Drive to Install Window 7, 8 or Mac Os

Most of you heard about boot from  USB drives to install window 7 or 8 even Mac Os. This is not a rocket Science, Here let us study about it, The immense growth of the technology made almost every thing possible and made many things compact and powerful like usb Drives , usb Drives are very useful […]